Virgo Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Regardless of if you believe in horoscope reliability and astrological accuracy or not, you have been probably reading newspaper short horoscope predictions, at least occasionally.

It may appear nonsense, but those random short articles are just a reflection of what is more detailed astrological image.

Indeed, you have all right to doubt newspapers’ horoscopes; they are too wide and could be too generalizing or random.

Astrology is a pseudoscience that does its best to see individual human destinies in stars. However, there are astrologers who claim it could also be applied to the existence of all things in our reach in this world; animals, plants, objects, even destinies of countries and states. The basis of any astrological analysis lies in birth charts.

Birth charts are especially designed diagrams that show the exact positions of planets in the time of someone’s birth. It the most important tool for any astrologer.

By interpreting natal charts, astrologers are able to tell how certain positions and interrelations of planets and stars affect an individual’s life and his or her destiny. They could even tell a person when he or she is about to find their true love, grow professionally, getting physically better and so on.

Of course, it depends on numerous factors. Such predictions should never be taken for granted and perceived isolated. One’s cultural background, personal experience, all sorts of conditions in life, the degree of their personal trust in horoscopes and astrology all have great influence on what would happen.

Actually, astrological aspects of your birth are undeniable, but there are hundreds of ways to interpret them.

When it comes to astrology and love life, it is, perhaps, the most intriguing and interesting part of this rich field of exploration of person’s deepest and well-hidden aspects of personal birth chart.

Some people would like to know when will they get married or have kids and with whom, others prefer it to be something unexpected. Astrology could give interesting guidelines to both.

Compatibility of typical representatives of zodiac signs is what we deal with here. We do not offer deep personal analysis, but interpretation of interrelations of male and female zodiac signs.

We talk about typical astrological profiles, so it could be a fine guideline to learn something more about yourself, your current or potential partner and see how you fit astrologically. Let us begin.

Virgo Man

Virgo man is a sworn perfectionist, whose driving force is his goal to improve and perfect everything around. He is sensitive about things that are not in order and about injustice. He cares about himself in all aspects, from his health and physical stamina to his appearance, home, profession, love and everything else.

He is obsessed with all sorts of sundries. Virgo would not leave a matter to rest, if he sees a chance to make it better.

This zodiac sign is not fixed, so nature of Virgo man is changeable. That said, while he is firm in his mission to make everything perfect, his mood and attitude can vary pretty much. For example, a Virgo would constantly reconsider his decisions and actions, in order to find out if those were the perfect ones. He is instable in love, until he finds a partner he considers perfect, which is a difficult task.

However, Virgo man would rarely accept less than that. He should be more realistic and make himself simpler about finding compromises.

When Virgo man falls in love, he actually spends a lot of time asking himself if what he feels is actually love or not. He could become very confused and frustrated by such doubts, while on the outside he would appear reserved and cold.

It happens that, at one moment, he is one hundred percent sure it is the right things and then, in the matter of days, he changes his mind.

He is difficult to deal with, especially when it comes to love. You have to fulfill his high standards and expectations, but, at the same time, he does not want you to be anything more than he is. He is not competitive by nature, but could be a bit vane. Virgo man is strict, loyal and devoted when in a relationship.

Even if he realizes he did not make the right decision, on entering a relationship, he remains loyal and tries to either clear things out or leave.

While he is neat, meticulous, hardworking and very efficient in professional area of his life, he is a good, loyal and supportive friends, Virgo man is not known to be particularly exciting lover.

He is demanding about all sorts of things, but that does not turn into an erotic fantasy in his bedroom. He needs a partner to awaken his deeply hidden flame and his creativity, which is present in other areas of life.

With Virgo in company, family or in a romantic relationship, one could be really satisfied or deeply irritated. Virgo is an intelligent man; he cares about big plan questions and could be quite a humanitarian.

However, it could make him distant from his closest environment. He is loyal and good friend you can always talk about intellectual subjects and questions of some higher purpose.

Virgo man is definitely the most appearance and cleanliness obsessed of all zodiac men. He could spend hours in a bathroom. His clothes are always freshly cleaned and ironed; he looks just perfect. He is fit and groomed all the time.

Virgo finds pleasures in lot of things, from very expensive ones to modest and inexpensive. He has an eye for art and fashion and his style is usually classy.

Another type of Virgo man is more artistic and a bit extravagant and eccentric, but he is still neat, almost obsessive cleaner, demanding and strict. We cannot say Virgo is a warm personality.

However, he has a mission not to help an individual, but the whole world. His inborn perfectionism is his greatest driving force and at the same time, a curse, because of disappointments he cannot avoid in life.

Virgo Woman

Virgo woman is much like her male counterpart. She is gracious, feminine, but very strict and with high standards. Virgo woman is, interestingly, less obsessed with her looks than a Virgo man. She prefers natural beauty; she cares about her health, her body and her mind.

She is very intelligent and she needs a constant supply of food for her brain. She is a bit of a would-be scholar.

She is reasonable, precise, resourceful, dedicated and modest in nature. Her mission in life is to astound everyone with her knowledge and intellect. She is very down to earth and practical. Virgo woman would plan everything to the last detail. If things do not go according to her plans, she becomes disappointed, irritated and depressed. Just like Virgo man, she is a perfectionist.

Virgo woman would not accept less than perfect. However, she is more vulnerable than Virgo man is, when it comes to failure.

Virgo woman loves to be in control of all things. She is a very systematical personality and usually successful in what she is doing.  Her mind is creative and inventive, yet practical. Dreaming and fantasizing about things that she considers out of reach is a waste of time for a Virgo lady.

She uses her creativity to invent all sorts of solutions for dealing with possible failure and disappointment that goes with it.

She is independent and strong, well-mannered woman, not afraid of success. She is an idealist, diligent and hardworking. She also has a sense of some higher purpose in life. Virgo woman does not abandon her plans and is not very flexible.

She enjoys simple and beautiful things in life, such as art exhibitions, libraries, long walks and so on. She is kind of an introvert and is not particularly sociable.

However, you could always ask her for help and support, but you have to ask her. She fails to see if someone near is in need of saving, but she would see to help people on a bigger plan. She needs a partner to match her intellect, but she does not like him to be better than she is, in any sense.

This is the dark side of Virgo woman nature; she could be envious of others and jealous.

In love, she is sensitive, gentle, but idealistic. This means that there would be all sorts of things her partner says, does or shows that would irritate her. You should be ready to please a demanding Virgo. Like a Virgo man, she is not of an adventurer, when it comes to sex life. For her, it is more of a duty and a regular part of romantic life routine.

Virgo woman usually keeps to herself when in a larger company. Actually, she prefers meeting with only one friend at a time and she is mostly interested in intellectual talk. Virgo woman could be shy, but it is more likely that she is indifferent.

Shallow talks and funny subjects are not her cup of tea and she could be pretty arrogant about her own intellect and knowledge. She always knows the best for everyone.

Love Compatibility

While, obviously, Virgo man and Virgo woman share many characteristics, this could be a tense relationship, exactly because of that. Both idealists, both demanding, both perfectionists; it is hard to please either Virgo man or a Virgo woman. They are like a mirror to one another, but they are, like all human beings, imperfect.

That leads them to constant state of disappointments and they have to learn life is just like that.

This is quite difficult to achieve when they both have the same point of view. At the same time, it keeps them together, which is good. Usually, Virgo man and Virgo woman stay together and learn about life together.

They go through the very same mistakes and achievements side by side and, thus, gradually become more aware of what they actually like about their partner, except from what they see as their own reflection.

This relationship is not particularly fiery, but rarely they are dissatisfied with their sex life, which is, for both, more of a considered obligation. Well, it is just something that couples do.

They will enjoy it, but it would never be particularly creative or different. They are pretty much okay with that. There are many other things they deem more important than sex.

Two Virgos understand one another. There are no difficulties considering job, money, social activity or else. They have many shared interests and could spend a lot of quality time together. After the stage of amorousness, they begin noticing what they do not like about one another and those would be so tiny details that other people find them ridiculous.

If they successfully get over it, they have a happy and harmonious future together. It is very likely they would get married, start a family, have a peaceful and comfortable family life.

They are modest and very down to earth, so they could appear boring to other couples they occasionally see. They do not mind it at all; their life is perfect for them.

Marriage Compatibility

They are compatible, just as we have said. They would easily recognize one another and it is more likely they less hesitate to enter such a relationship, because it seems safe for them.

They have a lot of understanding for one another, so there are no initial problems about why he or she does not want to say ‘I love you’, or so.

Once married, Virgos would like to have children and they are likely to become very strict parents. Their kids would, no doubt, get the best education, but they would probably lack some warmth in their family home.

Two Virgos fit well together and, while their connection appears too monotonous to others, they find it pleasing.


Two Virgos are less likely to be friends than to become lovers and partners. In this case, this could be monotonous relationship they do not find particularly interesting.

However, when they need a philosophical, intellectual talk about the world problems or so, they know who to turn two.

They could spend hours in such a talk and rarely would another sign understand their passion for the greater good and perfection.

Cool Facts

Virgo and Virgo are definitely a cool couple; they are very intellectual and interested in the same things.

You could meet them visiting a beautiful vintage bookstore, visiting some quiet and relaxing destinations and carefully planning a period ahead.

They have booked their summer vacation rental just after Christmas, so they can turn to improving their home or else they have already planned for after holidays.


While two Virgos’ relationship could seem uninteresting to others, it could be a harmonious and peaceful combination.

Moreover, they do not care about what others think, but see to improve what they consider not as perfect as it should be.

They really enjoy making plans together and there not much tension between the, considering their ideals are the same, as well as their energy and pace are.