Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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If you are trying to discover more about the person you like, you are on the right path.

Astrology can give you a lot of precise insights into someone’s personality, but it can also reveal the potential of a relationship with a certain individual.

Usually when we like someone we try to find out as much as we can about them, and our main sources of information are that individual’s social profiles. They can be useful, but often give uncertain information prone to misjudgment, that is, our subjective estimate and conclusions.

To do an astrology analysis of a person’s character, you need to make a natal chart for the person who interests you. For that, you need to have their birth data, i.e. their precise time of birth, as well as their place and date of birth.

The planetary placements in their natal chart and the aspects they are making will reveal a lot of details about their personality.

If you want to see how you two would get along, you need to make your own natal chart as well and compare it to the chart of the individual who interests you.

The planetary placements in both charts and the mutual aspects they are making will give you a picture of the nature of your relationship with this person.

If your planets are making predominately negative aspects, prospects are that the relationship between you two won’t be a good one, and will be filled with conflicts and disagreements.

If the planets between your natal charts are making positive aspects in general, it is a good chance that the relationship between you two could be harmonious and lasting.

When you don’t have the birth data necessary to make natal charts, you can use the traits of their horoscope sign to discover their general traits. You can also use the traits of your horoscope signs to determine your compatibility.

In this article, we are comparing the traits of a Pisces man and a Scorpio woman to determine their basic compatibility.

Pisces Man

The sign of Pisces is a water sign. Members of the water family all share the trait of great emotionality. These men have strong emotions, but they usually hide them under the mask of disinterestedness. They remember past hurt for a long time and often allow it to interfere with their present life circumstances and relationships.

These men are not easy to know. They hide their true motives and they are secretive about their private matters. They hide their things even from the people who they consider their closest.

It is a need they have (as well as the Pisces women) and they are even prepared to lie and manipulate facts to protect it.

Pisces men are often afraid of getting hurt and purposefully maintain their distance.

They can also be very manipulative and deceptive to satisfy their needs. These men are not easily discovered when they don’t speak their truth. They are great actors and are also very charming (Pisces women also), which helps them get away with cheating or other deceptions.

All Pisces people have the gift of distorting the truth and even lying to get what they want, but not all of them use these abilities. They are capable of maintaining parallel relationships with different people and even leading parallel lives, without anyone finding out about it.

These men can be masters of deception. They often use tiny lies as a way of teasing people, which amuses them.

These men are usually very attractive to women. They appear sweet and innocent and women often have a desire to nurture them. They are not confident types and often rely on their partners support and encouragement to put in action into pursuing their goals. They often desire a strong woman by their side whose strength they could admire and depend on.

They need someone to lead them so they gain the courage to pursue their desires and use their abilities.

Pisces men are not very faithful, but when they fall deeply in love with some woman, they often become obsessed with her and can’t think of anything else. A typical Pisces man wants to merge himself with the woman he loves and he doesn’t want to spend a second separated from her.

He showers her with tenderness and openly expresses his emotions and great love.

This behavior is wonderful for women who desire their man to behave like that, but for women who are not used to that much emotions or which are not as emotional, it can appear quite intimidating and make them want to run away from this guy. This man needs to learn how to control his emotions and not smother the girl he likes with his attention.

These men are often insecure when it comes to their abilities and when they don’t get an appropriate response from a girl they like, they retreat and become distant. These men can react badly to disappointments and can exhibit self-destructive behavior.

They are prone to addictions to help them forget their problems and hurts. They often do drugs or drink a lot, as a means to ignore the issues they need to deal with.

These men (just like Pisces women) have a tendency of ignoring their problems, putting them under the carpet, and hoping that they will disappear. Many of them tend to do it for a long time, sometimes years, without considering dealing with these issues for good. That only makes their problems worse, but many of them reject dealing with them anyway.

Pisces men have a lesson in life to learn, to gain their confidence and confront the issues they encounter instead of ignoring them. Once they learn to do that, they will feel much better with themselves and their confidence will only grow.

They need to train their willpower and persistence and gain confidence in their abilities to succeed. Many of these men waste their talents because they don’t have the ambition or the courage to make the most of them and pursue their goals and desires.

These men are good with money, but usually with the part of earning it. When it comes to spending money, many of these men don’t know how to handle that part well. They are prone to spending money recklessly and making the wrong financial decisions.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women are very confident and powerful personalities. They always know what they want and they know how to get it.

These women are very direct and many people get offended by their attitude and often harsh words. These women don’t have a bad intention, and often consider it a favor to the people they speak their mind to, because they believe that they could open their mind and help them realize something important.

These women are water signs, and are very emotional. They are also very passionate and that passion is visible in all their actions. They usually desire a strong and confident man by their side, but their dominant nature often causes them to end up with a man who doesn’t have a strong personality as theirs.

These women often have a tendency of telling others what to do and that bothers many people who don’t like to be told what to do.

On the other side, they don’t like to be told what to do either, and if they are in a relationship with an equally strong man, that becomes a power struggle and fight for dominance in the relationship.

When they make up their mind and decide something, almost nothing can prevent them from accomplishing their goal.

They are ready to put in all the necessary efforts to achieve their dreams. They can’t stand laziness and are always in some kind of action. These women cannot imagine defeat and loss, and nothing but success can satisfy them, regardless of how small it is. They are independent and they usually don’t need anyone’s help to achieve their goals.

Scorpio women are usually very attractive and magnetic women. Men are attracted to their mysterious and powerful nature.

Like Scorpio men, these women are interested in the occult and the hidden knowledge, and many of them make a profession in these areas. They are often gifted with psychic gifts and many of them have the gift of foreseeing the future.

Scorpio women are also good psychologists and they instinctively recognize a person’s true nature.

These women instinctively know when someone is lying and nothing passes their eye and instincts. When they are betrayed their reactions can be very destructive.

One of the things these women cannot tolerate is betrayal and deceit, and they often end up relationships with people who dare deceive them. They consider such behavior as a form of disrespect and they cannot tolerate people who don’t respect them.

They can also be very vindictive and revenge on the person who has hurt them in any way. Many of them revenge by completely shutting off from their lives the person who harmed them.

They have powerful will, which helps them to achieve things that many people aren’t able to. These women never give up and difficulties only stimulate their desire to succeed.

They love passionate men and enjoy physical intimacy. They are good wives and mothers, but they can be overly demanding and strict. Their children respect them because they stick to their words and demands.

These women cannot be manipulated easily by anyone. They manage to accomplish all their household duties and still progress in their career, which most of these women consider equally important as quality family life. 

Love Compatibility

A Pisces man and a Scorpio woman could have a great emotional bond. These two are very emotional beings and understand each other’s emotional needs. They both have a desire for a perfect love match and a complete body and soul merger with their love partner.

This woman has the power to support this man and help him make the most of his qualities.

The potential danger is when these two have addictive personalities because Scorpios as well could succumb to addictions.

If that happens, these two will have a hard time coming out of the spell of drugs or alcohol, which could eventually destroy them both. The Scorpio woman is usually the power force behind this relationship and the Pisces man is happy to have such a strong and emotional woman by his side. 

Marriage Compatibility

The marriage union between a Pisces man and a Scorpio woman can be a lasting one, providing that these two love each other deeply and have a desire to invest in this union.

These two are emotionally very compatible. The woman is usually the stronger of them both, and if they both agree on her taking on the leading role in this marriage, the union between them can be a successful one.

This man won’t be able to pull his magic on this woman and manipulate with her with his lies.

She sees through his deceptions and if he isn’t careful, the union could end sooner than expected. She doesn’t tolerate cheating and doing things behind her back, and if he plans on behaving like that with this woman, they won’t stay together long.


A Pisces man and a Scorpio woman make very good friends. Their friendship could last a long time.

They instinctively understand each other because they have many similarities and they possess a developed intuition, which helps them understand what the other is thinking. They enjoy each other’s presence and doing things together.

Cool Facts

Both the Pisces man and the Scorpio woman are interested in the secrets of the Universe and gaining secret knowledge.

They are very intuitive and often possess psychic gifts, which they use to help other people. They both often choose a career in these areas.


The Pisces man and the Scorpio woman have an emotional bond and understand and support each other.

These two get along well and they usually don’t need many compromises and work to maintain a harmonious and lasting relationship.