Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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It is in our nature to wonder about endless spaces of the universe. Since ancient past, we have been trying to figure out what awaits us in future.

Besides this inborn need to see what lies ahead, we have always been trying to understand why we are here in the first place and why we act the way we do.

We have never been able completely to understand our own nature and that is, perhaps, what drives us and motivates us.

Our ancestors were looking at the same starry sky as we do today, in order to find some answers.

The idea that the secret of our existence and nature lies hidden in the stars is as old as human civilization is old.

Numerous religions, belief systems, spiritual paths, but also scientific approaches have been trying to find some answers out there.

Astrology is one of these paths, a mixture of an alternative and a scientific discipline.

It is very old. Long ago, it was greatly admired and astrologers’ advices were highly valued on royal courts.

Rulers and leaders would often turn to their astrologers, in order to decide the next move or to know about their own destiny.

Today, astrology is still being practiced all around the world.

Western astrology, which is the one we talk about, is one of astrological systems still present.

Sun Sign

Although astrology is a complex discipline, people usually identify it with natal astrology.

Natal astrology is one of the branches of this pseudo science. People are mostly interested in their personal destiny and of those people they find dear.

Natal astrology analyzes the influence of planetary movement on lives of individual people.

The base of any astrological analysis is a birth chart. Birth charts are graphic images that represent planetary position taken in specific moment in time, the time of someone’s birth.

Place, date and the exact time of birth are sufficient data required for creation of a birth chart. Once the chart is created, an astrologer analyzes elements found in there.

The first one is the Sun. The Sun represents the center in Western astrology, since it is based upon the Solar system.

Therefore, it is the core point of any natal chart. The Sun represents life and vitality, strength and growth, progress and creation. It is a powerful masculine principle that also represents stability and authority.

In a natal chart, the Sun represents one’s Ego and defining personality traits, temperament and attitude. It represents things you cannot change or hide. This is the reason why people tend to identify whole personalities with native zodiac signs, Sun signs.

The Sun sign is, however, only one of the elements that constitute one’s astrological personality, although very strong and important one.

Sun in Pisces

The Sun sign defines your personality in a nutshell, meaning it determines your basic traits and characteristics. It does not mean you are only your Sun sign, but it definitely makes for a great part.

People born under the Sun in Pisces are Pisces people, but their native sign is influenced by others signs and aspects in each one’s personalized chart.

That is what makes the difference and explains why all Pisces (or any other native) people are not the same.

Pisces is a Water element sign, flexible, mutable and changeable. Pisces are mysterious and usually introverted. They seem to travel between the realms of dreams and reality, being romantic, very imaginative, spiritual and intuitive.

Pisces are commonly talented for arts, since their emotionality is so rich and deep that it requires an additional channel of expression, especially because Pisces are often too shy and quiet to show them directly.

This is a calm personality and the one that observes the worlds through pink eyeglasses. Pisces do not like facing difficulties; well, no one actually likes it, but Pisces see to avoid all confrontation.

They cannot handle negativity, being too emotionally fragile and empathic. They easily absorb negative energy from around, but also the positivity.

Pisces are the most understanding and tolerant sign of the zodiac, because they clearly see through people and truly feel what others feel.

They are helpless in it. It is an amazing gift, but also a weakness, since Pisces commonly lack strength to reject anyone, so they end up wasting energy on other peoples’ problems, suffering deeply because of it.

Moon Sign

The Moon is inseparable from the Sun, as seen as an element of astrological interpretations.

The Moon represents the other, hidden side of one’s personality, the emotional and intuitive one.

Many astrologers would describe the Moon as an inner guiding voice. Its shine is subtle, not as flaming as the Sun’s light. The Moon is more mysterious and more difficult to recognize on the outside.

This subtle Luminary represents sub conscious mind, intuition and emotions. It defines us as feeling beings, the ones with the power of empathy. The Moon sign is like an especially designed channel for your emotions.

It is unique, because it is influenced by other elements in your birth chart.

This makes each one of us emotionally unique, although people often find similarities in the way they experience the world.

This is what makes our lives exciting and rich. The Moon also marks one house in your birth chart and thus determines the area of life that would bring you the greatest emotional fulfillment, but also the greatest vulnerability.

It all depends on the odds in your chart and your capability of processing all the impressions.

With good aspects, the Moon sign awakens compassion and empathy, makes you kind and understanding, but emotionally strong.

With bad aspects, its unstable nature takes the charge, making one insecure, moody, emotionally unstable and oversensitive.

The Moon sign also affects the level of your emotional openness and sensitivity.

Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a philosophical, mostly a rational sign, extremely curious and enthusiastic. Sagittarius is youthful, explorative and adventurous in its need to get to know the people as a whole better.

This sign enjoys traveling and does not like to sit still in one place. These are qualities that would also be found in the Moon, although the Moon is oriented towards emotions and Sagittarius is more reasonable, but greatly idealistic.

This makes Moon Sagittarius a romantic idealist. This person is in search for deeper purpose of his or hers own life, but also the deeper purpose of everything.

They are playful, cheerful and very positive individuals, never discouraged by negativities and troubles that come along their way. They have enough empathy to understand the people around them; the Moon in Sagittarius develops basic Sagittarius traits in a special manner.

These people have specific kind of strength that is both emotional and rational. They truly believe in ideals and they would never give up their search for ultimate values.

Moon Sagittarius people are curious, open minded and free spirited.

They are self-confident and they do not take things in life too personally.

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon Personality

This is a strange and interesting combination, since here we have a deeply emotional native with a touch of philosophical, curious mind.

Pisces themselves are curious, but mostly oriented towards mystical and more abstract, spiritual knowledge, while Sagittarius are oriented towards the real world and people in it, but also with the purpose of finding something abstract and ideal.

These two signs are a strange combination that makes for a colorful personality.

First of all, these people are positive and benevolent. They are interested in both what people feel and think.

Pisces are introverted natives, but open-minded and extroverted Sagittarius makes them more present in reality and more approachable.

Both are idealistic, though. However, Sagittarius Moon, which seeks for experience in reality, makes Pisces native to face challenges in life, which is something these natives see to avoid.

This makes for a balanced personality, in terms of reasoning the real life. Idealistic nature only makes them courageous and stronger than typical Pisces.

These natives are capable to handle emotions, seeing everything as an experience that offers a lesson to be learned.

They are kind towards people, honest and direct, but not edgy and sharp as Sagittarius itself might be.

Good Traits

Positive and open minded, but also empathic and compassionate.

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon are great friends, the ones who would listen to you gladly and offer you some rational solution, if you are in trouble.

They are very open to other people and ready to help; they see some bigger purpose in it.

Nothing is too hard for them to do. They are pleasant to have around and generally easy to talk to, which is strange for Pisces natives.

Bad Traits

The downside of this combination would be too much idealization.

Although they are quite strong and not easily discouraged, if aspects are bad, facing the reality and negativities that are inevitable could break them.

If a very critical situation manages in destroying their ideals, they would have really hard time to get back together.

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon in Love and Marriage

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon are ones that require intellectual and emotional stimulation as a package.

They would most likely not decide on getting married early in life. They are too adventurous on one side and too emotional sensitive on the other; they have to be sure they want it.

In marriage or a relationship, they are kind and loving. They like to talk a lot with their partner and are very good with children, which makes them amazing parents.

Best Match for Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon

The best match for these natives should be someone stable, firm in their attitude and stances, but kind and gentle.

It has to be someone intellectual, but also empathic, just as Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon are.

Their perfect match should definitely be more down to earth than they are.


Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon are interesting people whose company is gladly enjoyed.

They are benevolent and kind, not susceptible to manipulation, direct, but not too harsh on others.

They are reasonable, but posses enough empathy that allows them for much better understanding of people, which is what they are greatly interested in.