Midheaven in Aries

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The Midheaven, or MC or Medium Coeli, which means “the middle of the sky” is one of the most significant angles of our natal chart. Traditionally it symbolizes our career and status in society, our aspirations, reputation, aims and goals we have in life.

The opposite side of this axis is known as the IC or Imum Coeli, which means “the sky’s bottom”.

While the MC describes our public persona, the IC describes our private persona. This axis is always in alignment with the north and south. The other two angles of the natal chart are the Ascendant and the Descendant and are as equally important as the MC/IC axis.

The IC indicates the way we feel and think, and behave when we are by ourselves when no one is watching us.

This angle shows how we feel when we are alone with our thoughts, in our homes, our office, our bed, our bath, in books we read and the thoughts we write down on paper, in things that interest us that no one is allowed to know about, etc.

The IC also represents our family, the people we live with, our lifelong friends, etc. The IC marks the beginning of our fourth house, which is the most private space of our lives, and not somewhere we let anyone in.

The MC on the other side represents our public persona. It is the most open part of our personality. People who see you at work, or on screen, hearing your voice, or watch you present something on the internet, hear things about you from others, experiencing you in person, etc. see your MC sign in you. They see you as you desire to be seen by others.

The Midheaven doesn’t have to signify only our goals regarding our career, but also our spiritual and personal goals. People usually admire the qualities of the sign found on the Midheaven.

This sign usually indicates the career and life path, vocation, and reputation in life the person will be prone to seek. This sign also describes the person’s reactions to stress. It indicates the means we will most likely choose to earn our living.

This point in the natal chart is also important because it describes one of our parents, usually our mother, but in some cases it represents the father. The other parent is represented by the opposite angle, which is the IC, or Imum Coeli.

To determine the exact position of this angle, as well as the other angles and other house cusps of the natal chart, it is essential to know the exact time, day, and place of birth. These data are used for the calculation of the angles of the birth chart.

The Midheaven is the highest point in the natal chart and the highest point above the horizon at the time of our birth.

The Midheaven indicates the achievements that are visible to others; it indicates our public appearance and our accomplishments.

The MC and the IC are related to our childhood and the authority figures we had during growing up. The most important ones were our parents, grandparents, teachers, for some of us our priests, community leaders, and other adults which had influence over us.

These were the people who taught you consciously or subconsciously what is the right and wrong way to act. You developed and formed your personality through these interactions.

Both the MC and the IC represent your true self, although one is hidden and the other one is public. Both the person you would like to be perceived as by others and the person you prefer to keep to yourself represent the true you.

Midheaven in Aries Man

Men with Midheaven in Aries are very ambitious and determined to succeed.

These men strive towards leadership positions because they cannot easily accept being told what to do or controlled in some other way.

People might consider them very intolerant and inconsiderate, and focused solely on themselves and their goals. That is often true, and these people do tend to put themselves first when their personal goals and career are at stake.

They don’t care what others think of them and their only concern is to get what they desire.

These men are attracted to careers in innovation or doing something which no one else has done before them. They often have their own business.

To the public, they appear almost ruthless to achieve their goals, but for the people who are close to them, these people are kind and gentle souls who do their best to maintain harmony and balance in their private space.

People might consider them arrogant, and that is often true.

Midheaven in Aries Woman

Women with Midheaven in Aries are ambitious and go after their goals.

They don’t expect anything to fall into their laps and that is why they go out to get what they desire. They are confident and trust their abilities to succeed.

They often appear almost masculine when they are in pursuit of their goals. These women don’t like to lose and do all they can to ensure the success of their actions.

To the people at work, or to someone who doesn’t know them well, these women appear brutally ambitious and inconsiderate towards others.

To a certain point that is true because these women do care about themselves and their needs first when it comes to work and their important goals.

At home and in their private environment, the situation is different.

There these women exhibit a different nature, which is kind, considerate, and full of compromise and desire for harmony and balance.

These women are very energetic and full of initiative. They are motivated by success and often end up in leadership positions. 

Good Traits

The good traits of Midheaven in Aries are ambition, initiative, successful, confident, trust their abilities to succeed, focused on succeeding in their action, active, energetic, athletic, born leaders, adventurous, strong personalities, courageous, etc. 

Bad Traits

The bad traits of Midheaven in Aries are inconsiderate, overly ambitious, egoistic, arrogant, intolerant, focused on themselves, self-consumed, etc.

Midheaven in Aries – General Info

People with Midheaven in Aries are usually perceived as confident, independent and strong personalities. Many people consider them ruthless and inconsiderate when they are out to accomplish their goals.

The sign of Aries rules activity, adventures, adrenalin, hats, hat makers and sellers, carvings and wood carving, energy, metallurgical engineers, fire and things made by fire, firemen, force, forcefulness, gangsters, hairdressers, iron and things made of iron, ironworkers, leaders, leadership, manufacturers and manufacturing, metals in general, metal workers, military, military officers, opticians, physiotherapists, politics, politicians, political fanatics, surgeons, surgery, etc.

These people don’t ever give up; no obstacle could stop them from achieving their goals.

They are full of action and initiative and courageously go after their desires. They have a tremendous drive to succeed. They might be even considered inconsiderate and power and success seeking maniacs, by the people who don’t know them well.

These people don’t care about what other people think of them. They are focused on their goals and how to accomplish them is the only thing they are concerned about.

People consider these people arrogant and self-consumed, and they usually are like that.

They often envy their energy and powerful and unstoppable desire to succeed. They also admire their adventurous spirit and their athletic nature and abilities.

These people are born leaders and others naturally follow their lead. They strive towards leading positions in life and often end up as leaders in their career. These people are very confident and proud and love to be in the public eye.

Because they have their IC in Libra, these people are quite the opposite when they are alone or in the presence of the people closest to them.

On the outside, these people are very competitive and focused on their goals with a tendency to put their interests first without paying much attention to other people up to the point of being irritating.

At home and in their known environment, these people have a whole complete different attitude.

They love a balanced home and family life, where they can relax and rest from the everyday race and competition they experience in their professional life. At home and in their private space they love to be surrounded by harmony and a pleasant environment.

They avoid loudness, rude and obnoxious behavior when they are at home. They try to maintain cooperative and kind to the people they share their lives with.

Their family and friends consider them as kind, helpful, cooperative, and prone to making correct decisions based on critical thinking.

You are considered very polite and intelligent, and as a person who is good at defending their opinions with arguments. You are also considered as a person who desires respect and appreciation.

There is a chance that you had to share your parent’s attention with someone while growing up, most likely your siblings. In some cases, your parents were very busy and didn’t have much time for you.

You were probably waiting for their attention without demanding it. They probably treated you as their equal which suited you fine.

Maybe you tried to gain their admiration and respect by working on developing some of your talents such as artistic ones, intelligence, good behavior, politeness, kindness, helping others, as well as making peace between people in conflict, etc.

These circumstances while growing up made you fight for what you desire in life and ask for what you need instead of waiting for someone to remember and give it to you.

You learned that you need to put yourself first because no one else will do that for you. You shaped your personality into someone who doesn’t wait for things to fall in their lap but goes after them, and succeeds in getting what they want.

With Midheaven in Aries, you are doing best in careers which have some innovative element and are focused on the future. They don’t hesitate to take risks in their career and accomplishing their life goals because they are aware that risks are sometimes necessary to succeed.

These people are very confident and have great faith in their abilities. They are often their own bosses starting their own business from scratch and making it a success.

People with Midheaven in Aries seek challenges, action, and excitement in their career. They want to be the leaders and innovators which others will follow.

These people are good as firefighters, working with metals, fitness instructors, sportsmen, politicians, etc.

They desire a career which will enable them to grow and expand, and satisfy their need for adventure.

They are not good at following rules and adapting to discipline, which is why it is best for them to be in the leading role or being their own boss. 


People with Midheaven in Aries are determined to succeed and they manage to accomplish their intentions.

They are very ambitious and many people consider them arrogant and self-absorbed which they often are when it comes to accomplishing their life and career goals. They put themselves first and many people consider that selfish, but they know that if they don’t do that for themselves, no one else will.

These people appear completely different in the presence of their loved ones and friends. In their private space, these people are very considerate, tolerant, and strive for balance and harmony in their personal relationships.

People who are close to them know how good and compassionate these people are. They have a completely different persona and attitude for their private and professional life.

They are successful in areas ruled by Aries and all professions where adventure, courage, confidence, leadership skills, and energy are required. These people don’t like following rules and other people’s orders.

They are very independent and like to organize themselves. That is why it’s best for them to be in a position of authority or to be their own boss. They exude an aura of trust and reliability, and people are naturally drawn to their leadership.

These people are often athletic and choose a profession related to their physical fitness. Many firefighters have Aries on their Midheaven. Many of these people choose a profession in the military or in politics.