Pluto Opposite Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Pluto completes the destruction of the boundaries of the human ego, begun by Uranus and Neptune.

Pluto’s function is transmutation, transformation, qualitative change, management and distribution of energy, energetic interaction with the outside world.

In its highest manifestation, the inclusion of Pluto is the reign of the Holy Spirit and the complete destruction of the kingdom of matter with its laws.

This is what in esotericism is called the second birth, the destruction of everything relative and temporary, symbolized by the Old Adam, and complete merging with the Absolute.

Pluto completely and completely burns all the boundaries set by Saturn. Together with the boundaries, the personality structure generated by them also disappears. Astrology attributes to Pluto the quality of a cold fire in which everything is burned.

The last human illusions, all remnants of the human ego, its ideals, hopes and the most reliable constructions of the human mind burn out in it.

Pluto – Meaning and Info

Pluto is the chief ruler of all folk mysteries, meetings, rallies, demonstrations, and more.

Together with Uranus, it destroys all the old, rotten, obsolete political world systems, creating new ones for each nation and state separately.

Pluto creates new international laws of coexistence, new laws of the internal life of the state and the people, new traditions for each society, forcing the individual to voluntarily or forcibly adapt to them.

Pluto is completely neutral. He does not recognize any personality cult, no idols, no idols, and no dictators.

His king, his god is only the law, the law is strict, merciless, but always just.

On the one hand, Pluto shows a person as an integral being, on the other hand, as a particle of space and a given society.

Pluto symbolizes the extreme stage of the individualization process, rebirth or rebirth, after which a person becomes more perfect. This planet is a symbol of the world mind, clearly reflecting the cosmic zodiacal order.

The kingdom and power of Pluto come and begin to act only after the fertilization of human consciousness, reason with the ideas of Uranus and their baptism by Neptune, forcing a person to voluntarily give up senseless resistance to what he cannot get away from, which cannot be avoided.

The interpretation of the influence of Pluto in the horoscope is still very problematic, because in the short period of time that has passed since the moment of discovery, too little material has been accumulated about its influence.

So far, it has been found that Pluto has very little effect through the position of its constellation in the signs of the Zodiac, but much more through its local determination in the houses of the horoscope, and especially strongly through its aspectual connections with other planets and elements of the natal chart. In addition, its influence is reflected at once on several generations of people.

After the discovery of Pluto, a whole galaxy of prominent scientists and astrologers-researchers (Pam, Alexander Volgin, Fritz Branhubner and others) began a detailed study of the influence of Pluto. They accumulated a particularly large amount of material during and after the end of the Second World War.

Already after the first speeches of these scientists at international congresses and conferences and after the very first publications of their work, it became clear that Pluto has an influence similar to the combined mixture of Mars, Jupiter and Mercury in various variants of both happy and unhappy nature, that it is the highest octave of the influence of Mars and symbolizes the collective.

The crowd, the masses of the people; power and might, violence and coercion; criminal actions, the quality of which depends on its spectrum with other planets and elements of the horoscope.

It has already been clearly established that people with potential will and spirit, with exorbitant, inexhaustible energy, are strongly influenced by the actions of Pluto.

Cosmic laws confirm that all planets affect the Earth and the sublunary sphere, people and the animal world, inanimate nature only in aggregate, and Pluto is no exception.

And this means that its harmful influence (conjunction, quadrature, opposition) on a person can be much mitigated as a result of joint action with the virtuous planets Jupiter and Venus, and vice versa, enhanced by joint actions with other pest planets (Mars, Saturn, Uranus ).

Midheaven – Meaning and Info

All natural disasters occurring on our planet, all disasters and events of a mass nature should be attributed to the direct action of Pluto together with some other pest planet.

Pluto’s atrocities are insidious, life-threatening, and more often than not irrevocable.

Research and analysis of numerous horoscopes of individuals and entire groups, peoples and states have shown that Pluto is the culprit of many misfortunes in their fate. It can drain entire generations with grueling revolutions and wars, epidemics and pandemics.

He can destroy entire empires, destroy nations with all material values ​​and spiritual reserves. But on the other hand, on the ruins of old empires, he revives new ones, even stronger and more powerful.

Instead of destroyed peoples, he creates new, even more viable, and talented than the previous ones.

Together with Uranus, they are the main participants in all reforms and perturbations of the old world, creating a new one, over which more than one generation of people will have to work, igniting new ideas in them and at the same time creating all the necessary circumstances for their implementation.

They are the main instigators of sudden and unexpected, original and unusual events on Earth, the quality of which depends on their cosmic status and aspectarium with other planets and horoscope elements, as well as on the qualities of the planetary transit aspects.

Damaged Pluto rules and directs fanatics of any suit, rank; various kinds of anarchists and terrorists, criminals who have neither logic nor principles, immensely thirsty for blood and sowing disorder and panic, fear and death around.

For people with a higher spiritual level, the constellation of Pluto in the natal chart can be very beneficial, raising their spiritual and idealistic aspirations, deepening and expanding the spiritual horizon, directing them to the path of science and technology or to the world of art.

The strongest influence of Pluto is found in conjunction with any planet or element of the horoscope, or with the cusp of any house of the horoscope, but especially with the Ascendant and Meridian (Midheaven), Descendant and Nadir, or when it reaches the middle of the horoscope house. In all other cases, its influence may be quite mediocre or even imperceptible. Features of the aspects Strong Pluto and positive connections

Being under the beneficial influence of the planet, a person can become an outstanding surgeon-oncologist, a famous psychoanalyst, or a healer of human souls, regardless of profession.

Harmonious connection personifies the ability to quickly forget difficult trials and losses. Such an individual boldly enters a new phase of life. He has no doubt that everything will turn out better there than before.

Defeated Pluto Defeated evil Pluto gives rise to a truly devilish desire for power in a person. For the sake of being able to command the life and death of his subjects, the ruler is ready to do anything: to destroy the flower of his people, to unleash a war.

The sphere of the planet’s negative influence is the shadow sides of society: the secret police, the black market, arms and drug trafficking, organized crime, and corrupt officials.

With a weak defeat at the household level, a type of chronic loser is formed, whom friends or relatives help out from alterations, while experiencing the full severity of the plutonic impact.

The culprit of the situation remains on the sidelines. Harmonious Aspects Provide excellent understanding of yourself and others.

The individual makes a brilliant career through valuable connections, eloquence, and confidence in his righteousness and competence.

Pluto’s Chosen One is constantly striving to transform reality for the better, to update it. Sometimes he has to play the role of “shadow government” in the team, and he copes with it excellently. Pluto’s positive impact is manifested in self-knowledge.

A person objectively evaluates his capabilities, knows for sure what he wants, and rarely makes mistakes with the choice of profession and life partner. Others appreciate his opinion, and not in vain. He gives really helpful advice.

The tendency to go towards the goal, sweeping away everything in its path, gives rise to endless conflicts. Colleagues will not help an innovator and enthusiast if he is overly demanding, impatient, and arrogant.

The habit of criticizing everything, unceremoniously pointing out flaws also does not add to the love of others.

At work, this can lead to dismissal, in personal life – to divorce. Pluto is a tough planet. It is useless to fight against its influence. He will still cut off what he sees fit. The only way out is to humbly accept the new conditions and try to adapt to them.

Pluto Square Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The conjunction gives the native a “Plutonian” personality and outward appearance. He endows you with a strong and dominating character, as well as a powerful will, coupled with a clairvoyant and highly penetrating mind.

There is a certain aura of mystery in him, due to the fact that within him there is a great conflict between a side dominated by primitive instincts and another that aspires to the highest spiritual heights.

On the other hand, he possesses profound energy that he can channel constructively or destructively.

Throughout his life, he will experience great crises or transcendental transformations and, at the same time, will be able to transform his fellow men.

Physically, he possesses much greater strength and endurance than they appear. As an example, we can find the former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

The harmonic aspects favor that the powerful “Plutonian” energy can be channeled in a positive and creative way. They provide powerful willpower, power of concentration, and great courage, coupled with enormous self-confidence. For all these reasons, this native is a born leader and organizer, with the capacity for initiative.

Also, very fighter and competitive, he bravely faces the challenges of life and reaches great influence and ascendant on the environment that surrounds him. We have an example in the German leader Angela Merkel.

Dissonant aspects do not cancel out good qualities, but they can bring out Pluto’s scarier side.

The native can be feared and behave like a dictator or a tyrant with those around him. He can be aggressive or antisocial, rebellious and dissatisfied as well as terribly individualistic. He will also possess ambition for power and recognition.

For all these reasons, he is very bad for marriage and for any other kind of union, be it social or professional. He is in danger of starring in clashes or conflicts with the law.

Example: the ex-mayor of Marbella and accused of corruption Julian Muñoz.


Because of the energy invested in the area of ​​life ruled by Pluto, and as a result of the power struggle that occurs where a person eventually begins to control what he himself most wants to control.

He is powerless to succeed, but he cannot get rid of it until he transforms himself. Paradoxically, when the Pluto realm is healed and loses its hold on you, it becomes an area where you can apply a significant amount of creative energy.

A person with Pluto’s predicament can be a Scorpio in the relevant area of ​​life, injecting poison to others – usually covertly, from around the corner. I call this syndrome “vengeful victim”, referring to the person in relation to