Sun Square North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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The planets here become very important for good or painful attitudes, determined by the nature of the planets and their aspects.

An empowered strong planet well positioned for merit aspects.

Since he thinks so, he falls into despondency and grief to the person who tries to pull him out, since then he will use a receptive listener for all his past grievances, fears and worries that he has not even verbalized yet!

Sun – Meaning and Info

If the Dragon’s Head rises above the Cauda Star, it is a sign that a strong hail will fall. We change the positions of the Sun and Moon using the formula designed to calculate the position of the Wheel of Fortune.

That is, it is more likely not something that actively characterizes us, but something that we are tuned in internally, to which we subconsciously reach out, this is our downside.

The sign containing the South Node indicates the ways in which the soul’s memories of past incarnations are still too rooted in the activity of the lower mind.

Hence, the key words are the inclusion of a common flow for the North Node, an integration factor.

And a person does not have such strength to fall in love or stop loving a certain person, although reason, friends and parents say the opposite.

But if a person has evil planets in the Big Trigon, then his life will be like stagnation, isolation, cowardice, stupidity, and the absence of real life events will appear.

What she will do specifically for this and what to invest in the concept of good and worthy can be said separately, but Leo does not exchange for details – he is global, constant and active.

The connection do you think, the colosseum of ancient Rome, that everything was calculated without error?

Financial problems are tangible in this axis, and they are gradually being solved, thanks to their own hard work.

Emotional and often directs his energy to creative activities. You may flare up at times, especially if provoked, but generally not inclined to hold a grudge against anyone.

In the area of ​​the northern node, life requires a person to exert a specific direction, indicated by the position of the house node and the sign.

The opposition of the Sun of one partner and the Moon of the other often speaks of the attraction of partners to each other.

Besides the signs, the squares and trines of the rulers of the houses to the Nodes are also not shown here. The squares of the lunar nodes to the radix Private questions Forum.

If the Sun and Mercury in at least one horoscope are in different signs and not in conjunction, then the overall picture looks no longer so sad. The “nodal” individuality is squeamish about selfish habits. The position of the house of the North Node indicates the path of rebirth of the current life.

For an individual explanation of the horoscope, the location of the nodes, their belonging to one or another astrological house, plays a huge role.

As ruler of the house, this aspect of Neptune may explain this woman’s lack of children. The North Node in conjunction with Saturn usually helps to get rid of some of the restrictions imposed by Saturn.

North Node – Meaning and Info

Astrological interpretation of the Lunar Nodes is rooted in the primordial, ancient opposition of life and death, light and darkness, top and bottom.

The Saturnine may seem to his tender partner to be too cold and rejecting his feelings, especially if Saturn and Venus are conjunct, square, opposition and quincunx.

The suppression of these aggressive instincts only leads to acquiring more and more enemies, with the process of reverse urbanization which you must fight, and to increasingly inadequate responses to external stimuli.

Mistrust in secret knowledge and unusual abilities of people usually does not leave a person until suddenly extraordinary circumstances burst into his measured life.

All bitter conditions from past incarnations must be thrown out of consciousness until a new seed of peace is discovered.

You need to be able to protect the hearth, and not sit at work, pursuing a career day and night. Relationships with loved ones are uneven and not always clear to other people. Thanks for your feedback!

Or can they be interrupted by mutual consent without sanctions? There is a planet by which you can determine the direction of action of this configuration.

The following statement also has a similar meaning, but instead of interpreting it as a character trait, the author interprets it in Romania after World War II as a bodily affliction, which, however, can be overcome, provided that the benefic planet is aspect with the Node. He can play a good listener in order to be accepted by society, but he rarely accepts the advice given to him.

If Ketu is in the II or VII House, there is a possibility of getting a fever, or suffering from fire. Luna Uranus square can generally give incomprehensible diseases, strongly non-standard sexuality or sexuality dangerous for a partner, again, the Moon Uranus compound can act in a similar way.

First of all, when the horoscope progresses and transits come into contact with these points, it coincides in time with the entry of a person into some important life stages.

The owner of the Moon Capricorn at the South Node is unlikely to believe love in general, and if there is, then the format of cooperation for some purpose.

Sun Sextile North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Potentially the weakest point in any horoscope is the South Node, as it represents the steps we have left behind.

The spouse who is being abandoned is in a catastrophic situation, for he feels that a part of himself is being cut off from him.

At times, he resent his inability to bring opposing parts together within him.

Where the South Node operates, a person’s social programs work out quickly and perfectly, and these types of social relationships are well known to him, but for him they are standard, you can fully use them within reasonable limits. North Node, Rahu, Dragon’s Head – mission, task, skills and qualities that need to be acquired in this life.

Lunar nodes in Pisces and Virgo provide information on the ability to listen and focus, or about organizing and caring for others as a means of accomplishing anything. In a past life, a person was simply a reflection of other people, because he wanted to please and please everyone, reconcile everyone, and find some kind of compromise for everyone.

Moreover, the principles found must be unshakable so that the individual feels that he is creating something solid. Location III, V, X or XI House means fame and prosperity, the birth of a son or other auspicious event.

The emphasis here is on planetary configurations using the Midpoint, Cardinal Points, Antis and Contrantis, and some hypothetical planets.

Next, we will consider the general meanings of the aspects of the progressive Moon to the planets of the radix, however, it is worthwhile to understand that not only the archetypal meanings of the planets in the aspect themselves have their meanings, but also the sign and. Fairy of a small forest A multi-colored creature She fell in love with a rake For idleness, punishment.

A recommendation to learn to focus and concentrate on your business, without wasting energy senselessly. You must learn to nourish and nurture and turn your attention to home and family. Then coldness, lack of love and connection in the relationship between children and parents manifests itself.

Both the one and the other Node, being associated with the Sun, acquire an unlucky meaning, as in the case of Salvador Allende, in whom the Node accompanied the Sun and Mars in the sign of Leo with John square moon north node Lennon, in whom Mars and the Node were also in the same solar sign, or with the last Russian Tsarina Alexandra, who had the Sun, Moon, Mars and Knot in the same place.

I want to share my talent, I am drawn to share feelings with others, to join a group of people of the legal code of Hammurabi with ordinary life interests, to take care of the problems of my society and find solutions to these problems.

However, if both Mercury are in inharmonious signs, even if they do not form squares with each other, it will be rather difficult for partners to find a common language didymotics in the Ottoman Empire that this exception can only be such an arrangement of the planets in which one Mercury is in an air sign, and the other is terrestrial for both these elements are inherent in a rational principle.

He must stop struggling for his survival and concentrate on those positive thoughts that will help him develop his personality.

The knowledge we have gained must be integrated so that it becomes the basis of wisdom. Ire, if you read the message, I would say that I would not waste time on such a square marks the transition from the southern hemisphere to the northern one, and vice versa for the southern node. In past incarnations, the individual was very sensitive to his environment.

Here you can immediately pay attention to the fact that Karma came again from Venus, the ruler of Libra and the South Node, although there are more significant confirmations of this through other positions in the horoscope.

Pluto does not yield an iota, fights until victory or death, the last point of the conflict should be behind him, his last word, by all means.


The conjunction of Mars of a woman with Venus of a Man creates a lot of uncomfortable situations, and, on the contrary, Mars of a man in conjunction with Venus of a woman against the background of general confusion still gives its owners the opportunity to feel like a man and a woman.

And what is the meaning of the signs of the lunar nodes? Also, the Moon eclipses the Sun when it forms a connection with one of the two Nodes.

Most soon because many are so fixated on spirituality and enlightenment. The desire to prove yourself is contrary to the general direction. The conjunction of any planet with an ascending lunar node makes the function of this planet more pronounced.