Raccoon – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Raccoons are medium sized mammals, which are native to North America. These animals are known to be playful. Nothing can stop them to do what they want. They are very skilled and easily escape danger.

If there is some food they want, they will do the impossible to acquire it, even open doors if needed.

These creatures live in swamps, marshes, ponds, prairies, deserts, mountains, cities, and forests. They aren’t picky about their shelter and their diet.

They could be found in holes in the ground, or in someone’s barn or attic. They eat almost anything, such as plants, animals, insects, as well as trash from garbage cans. They are very adaptable and intelligent animals. 

What does the Raccoon Symbolize?

Raccoon spirit animals have a different symbolism. They symbolize intelligence, secrets, disguise, curiosity, courage, confidence, self-defensiveness, skills, adaptability, exploring, adventures, flexibility, balance, protection, family, theft, illusion, etc.

The Meanings of Raccoon as a Spirit Animal

The Raccoon totem animal can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Curiosity and adventures. Raccoons are very curious animals and enjoy exploring their surroundings. They often end up in strange and even dangerous situations. These animals can cross great distances in their adventures and explorations. This totem animal might be teaching you to be more adventurous and develop your curiosity more because it could open many new insights and opportunities for your progress.

Exploring. The raccoon is an animal which enjoys exploring and discovering what is around the corner. The raccoons are always doing something and are always in movement. This totem animal is teaching you of the need to explore the many possible options before you make a choice about something.

Courage. The raccoons are very brave animals. Courage is one of their main characteristics. They could be dangerous when someone confronts them and they can fiercely defend what they think belongs to them. As a totem animal, the raccoon teaches you to stand for your beliefs and don’t allow anyone take what you think is rightfully yours.

Self – defense. Raccoons know how to defend themselves. They teach us of the need to defend ourselves when someone attacks us.

Adaptability. The raccoon symbolizes adaptation because it can adapt to any living conditions. It settles for whatever food and shelter it can come across. The raccoon spirit animal teaches us of the importance to adapt to the current circumstances and not make a big deal about them. It teaches us to relax and wait for the circumstances to eventually improve.

With a raccoon as your totem animal, you are most likely a very adaptable person and you are able to overcome any obstacle you encounter.

Disguise and secrecy. The raccoon has a natural fur mask on its face. It symbolizes transformation, disguise and secrecy. It reminds us of the masks other people use to hide their true selves from others, or our own mask which we show to the world. The raccoon teaches us to use this mask wisely and in the right moments, as well as how to unveil the masks other people have.

This totem animal could be calling you to make changes in your personality and become the person you desire to be.

The raccoon could also be teaching you to keep your ideas and plans to yourself or someone might steal them from you.

This totem animal could also be revealing that you sometimes do something wrong and getting away with it, or manipulating others with your charm.

Theft. Raccoons are no strangers to thefts. They seek opportunities to grab some food in front of someone’s eyes. They easily steal birds’ eggs or they can raid your bag, car, camp or even go through the garbage to get some food. This spirit animal is possibly bringing you a message about your personality. Maybe you have some stealing habits and you are not aware of them.

For example, you might “borrow” someone’s clothes or other things and forget to return them to the owner, or you steal someone’s time and energy, etc.

Maybe you steal someone’s ideas and present them as our own.

These are all situations of theft, but we are just not aware of that. Ask yourself if you are exhibiting such behavior and stop doing it.

Skills and abilities. Raccoons are skilled animals. They have a great sense of touch and very sensitive paws. Their hands can do miracles, such as opening doors, jars, and untying knots. With the raccoon as your totem animal, you are most likely very skillful with your hands. Your profession could also be related to using your hands.

Hygiene. Raccoons wash their food when they have a chance to do that. They love water and love playing in the water. With the raccoon as your totem animal, you most likely pay a lot of care to your personal hygiene.

Flexibility. Raccoons are very flexible and easily change plans according to the current circumstances. They teach us of the importance of living in the moment and being relaxed and confident about the fact that you can easily manage any type of situation which comes your way.

Family. Raccoons are very dedicated to their family and their community and they try their best to protect their family members. They are born providers for their loved ones. The raccoon teaches us of the need to connect with our family and spend more time with them. Maybe it reminds you to establish a better connection with your loved ones because you might have neglected them lately.

This totem animal could also be reminding you to assist someone from your close social circle who needs your help and protection.

Intelligence. Raccoons are very intelligent animals. With the raccoon as your spirit animal you are most likely very intelligent as well.

Healthy diet. Raccoons eat all they can find. This totem animal is a reminder to begin a healthier diet, and to stop eating junk food which is bad for your health.

Raccoon as Your Totem Animal

A raccoon spirit animal teaches us about the need to adapt to the current situation and circumstances if it is necessary for our survival or for the accomplishment of some goals. It asks us to look at all the details of a problem or some situation, not only its parts.

If a raccoon is your spirit guide, you are most likely a very curious person. You like to explore the details before you take actions.

With a raccoon as your totem animal, you are most likely a person who is pleasant to be around. Sometimes this totem animal indicates that you have a shy personality. Maybe you feel comfortable only around people you know well.

This totem animal also indicates that you are an intelligent person who loves exploring and learning new things. You are also very curious and adventurous and enjoy having new experiences.

If the raccoon is your spirit animal, you might possess a great gift to solve problems, usually because you see the whole picture and all the details of some situation and not only the parts. You do all you can to successfully solve the issue you have.

As a raccoon totem animal person, you are also very adaptable and use every opportunity to the maximum. You probably have a sensitive touch but you are also a person who cannot stand pressure.

If the raccoon is your spirit animal, you are probably driven to pursue your desires. You tend to use all your abilities to achieve success. Sometimes you misuse your charm to manipulate others into doing things they don’t want to do.

This totem animal could also indicate wearing a mask to hide your true personality from others. Maybe you use it to isolate yourself from people, situations and even problems.

This totem animal is asking you to stop doing that and confront the issues you have with these people or confront the problems you have. You have to start from somewhere.

The raccoon ensures you that you are more than capable do deal with any issue you have and that there’s no need to hide from them.

What if the Raccoon Appears in Your Life?

The raccoon appearing in your life could often be a sign that you need to release something from your life, like some past hurt, a situation, some person, a habit or belief you have. The raccoon is gently calling you to make space in your life for new things and people to come in.

Sometimes the appearance of a raccoon in your life could indicate facing some problems in the near future and needing to deal with them. It could also indicate finding solutions to some problems you have.

In some cases, the raccoon’s appearance could mean some new opportunities you need to use. The raccoon could also be a reminder not to focus on you as much and instead pay attention to others. This totem animal in your life is a lesson of self-care but also of the need to help and take care of others.

The raccoon reminds you of your abilities and asks you to be confident about yourself. It encourages you to trust that you can accomplish anything you can imagine and that you can adapt to all the circumstances you find yourself in.

The raccoon spirit animal is asking you to make some new opportunities to improve your life and go after what you desire.

When to call on Raccoon?

You should call raccoon as your totem animal when:

  • You want to make some significant changes in your life;
  • You want to transform your life;
  • You want to stop hiding your true self from others;

Dreams about Raccoon – Interpretation and Meaning

A dream about a raccoon is often a bad sign. Raccoons in dreams are usually a sign of betrayal and deceit.

This dream could indicate someone being dishonest or deceiving you. Maybe you are behaving in such a manner towards someone. Maybe this dream reveals that someone very close to you has some secrets from you.

Such dreams could indicate that you have some secrets or you have to hide something from others. The dream might be suggesting you to reveal your secrets to the ones that are close to you and seek help from them if you need it.

These dreams could be a sign that someone close to you needs your protection or care. They might also indicate secretly helping someone.

A raccoon in a dream could indicate being a victim of a robbery in the near future.