Red Bird, Cardinal – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Birds have been amongst the most appreciated spirit animals since old times. Birds’ symbolism is abundant in meanings; in general, they always represent concepts related to the ideas of freedom, soul, all-seeing abilities, wisdom and higher purpose.

Humankind has always been fascinated by birds’ flying skills, since the very idea of flying is something we dream of.

Throughout the history of civilization, we have been trying to invent various types of machines and gadgets in order to reach heights our bodies are unable to.

Birds are capable of flying to heights we people cannot without help.

Since birds fly high up to the sky, people have always been ascribing them certain magical characteristics.

Various types of birds symbolize different things, but all of them are associated with carrying messages and foretelling future.

Seeing particular bird species has the meaning of its own; for example, seeing a white dove means peace and harmony, seeing a raven is commonly interpreted as a bad sign, eagles represent strength and freedom and so on.

In this article, we will reveal what does charming, adorable red cardinal symbolizes and what are its spiritual and totem powers.

Birds’ spiritual energy and symbolism

Birds carry special symbolism depending on a culture and tradition, including spiritual, folk and religious beliefs. These feathered creatures play an important role in various mythological stories and legends.

Birds are present in art and literature; bird motifs are commonly used as a metaphor. In many systems, birds are related to human soul.

For example, in Ancient Egypt, birds represented souls of deceased people, incarnated to this form in order to travel to their afterlife. Christian meanings are similar to these of Ancient Egyptians’. Chinese associate birds with the power of sun, while Buddhists often use bird motifs as a symbol of Buddha himself.

There are many mythological birds in our culture. The mighty Phoenix, for example, then Hugin and Munin, Nordic god Odin’s eyes and ears.

Overall, birds have been present in our lives all throughout human history, not only as animals sharing the same habitat with us, but also as symbolically powerful creatures, totem and spirit animals. Birds’ symbolism varies greatly, depending on particular species.

Their color, behavior, sounds they produce, places they live all influence cultural depiction and spiritual interpretation of birds. Tiny red cardinal is one of the most beloved and appreciated North American birds.

Red bird symbolic meaning

Cardinal, a little woodlands’ fellow, make people feel joyful seeing it. This red-feathered bird inhabits woods and swamps of North America and is to be found in parks and gardens.

Its feathers are of bright, vibrant red color, so the bird is literally eye-catching. Cardinals live all over America, from Mexico to Canada.

These little birds may appear gentle and soft, but, in fact, these birds are bold, endurable, persistent and tough little fellows.

They are neither afraid of winter snows nor harsh frosty temperatures. Cardinals make amazing melodies and bring joy to peoples’ lives.

Passion and richness

Cardinals are symbolically associated with love and passion. The very first association is red color of their feathers. Red color is the ultimate symbol for passion, for fiery, burning love and deep emotions.

This color also represents courage and energy. Cardinals are also associated with royalty and luxury, because their beautiful red coat really does look amazing.

Just as purple color was reserved only for royalty, red color was always been associated with luxurious lifestyle, expensive fabrics and designs.

Therefore, cardinals also represent richness, wealth, fortune and deepest passions for pleasures in life.

True love and harmony

Red birds, cardinals, symbolize love, as we have mentioned above. They also represent devotion, loyalty, honor and strong bonds. They are not migratory birds; they stay in their homeland even during the coldest months.

These birds are not only bond to their habitat, but also to their families. The behavior of these birds is something amazing.

When a cardinal family has their youngsters, the male one makes sure they have food and shelter. Cardinal parents take good care of their youngsters, both; they are unwilling to leave young birds on their own.

Cardinals are also known to be organized birds. They represent harmony and peace in life.

They do not change partners, so they ultimately represent true love and devotion, life-long relationships and so. Therefore, red birds also represent romance, pleasure, tranquility and balance in life.

They would do everything needed to provide good life for their family, just as good people would do. In Native American folklore, cardinals are seen good omens for love.

For example, if a single person sees a cardinal, it means he or she will soon fall in love.

Hope and fortune

Red cardinals sing their beautiful song all over the year. Not even winter cold affects their spirit and the warmth of their beautiful melodies.

Red birds represent the life itself, perseverance, persistence, endurance and natural cycles.

They are harsh and able to adapt to their environment with ease. Red birds give us hope of the new spring, figuratively speaking.

They symbolize hope and are believed to bring good fortune to anyone who sees them or hears their call. Cardinals are well protected by their beautiful red coat; they represent the strength within the beauty.

Not all adorable things are fragile and easily damaged.

Good luck and glory

Cardinals are one of the most positive symbols all over. There is nothing negative about them; these little birds are believed to be bringers of good fortune, prosperity, luck and well-being.

They give people hope good times will eventually come.

Since they are also associated with luxury and wealth, red birds also represent glory, heroism, nobility and generosity. They are associated with all the positive and good sides of royalty.

Red feathers of a cardinal represent the flame of life; the flame of courage and bravery within our souls. They inspire pursuing dreams and heading to a glorious future.

Red bird spirit and totem powers

People whose totem animal is adorable cardinal are thought to be lucky ones. Cardinal totem is protective, calm and passionate spiritual guide.

If this beautiful bird appears in your dreams or if you see it, even is an image or so, it is a lucky sign. Cardinals’ energy is ever flowing.

This totem animal is particularly devoted and loyal guide; it would never abandon you, just as real birds never leave their homeland. Red bird totem will always be by your side, offering you support and love.

The abundance of cardinal symbolism proves this one is a totem to be wished for.

Red bird totem will guide through all phases of your life, with a lot of understanding and support. It will never let the flame within your soul disappears, helping you get stronger and successfully overcome all of the challenges.

You will learn how to use your own resources, skills and talent to build a harmonious and happy life. Cardinal totem will give you motivation, inspiration and strength to move forward in your life.

Since the bird is believed to be a lucky animal, cardinal totem will surely bring you joy and fortune.

Superstitions about cardinals tell about their lucky symbolical nature. Native Americans believe cardinals announce or predict lucky events.

Since these birds usually lay about twelve eggs and they stay at the same place for all twelve months of the year, according to Native American folklore, if you see a cardinal, something good will happen to you in next twelve days. Cardinals are significant to Christians, as well.

Their red feathers are commonly associated with the blood of the Christ himself. Cardinals are commonly associated with winter and Christmas celebration, so they are believed to bring laughter, joy and harmony to peoples’ homes.

Cardinals symbolize grace, honor and pride, in a positive way. If cardinal is your spirit animal, you will learn to appreciate your self and to value all of your talents and embrace your traits.

Moreover, you will be able to accept yourself the way you are, in order to change things you believe need improvement. Cardinal totem teaches us honorable way and respecting all life.

Cardinal people are self-confident, bet never greedy, envious or arrogant. They do not restrict themselves of showing their deepest feelings and are not afraid of life. Cardinal people are intelligent, self-reliant and proud, but also good friends, passionate lovers and devoted parents.