Roadrunner – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Roadrunners are fast running birds from Mexico, Central America, and the southwest of the United States.

They can run very fast, some up to 32kph. They are unique among other birds because they prefer to run rather than to fly. They can fly also and they usually do that when they need to escape potential predators.

These birds are up to 60 cm long. They weigh up to 430g. They have a prominent crest on their heads. They also have long legs with a pair of strong feet.

They produce various sounds for communication. Their usual habitats are shrublands in the mountains or arid lowlands. These birds are not migratory and they don’t move their breeding area at all.

These birds are opportunists, as well as omnivorous. They eat everything they find. They usually eat insects, like beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, or caterpillars, but they can also eat small reptiles and mammals, like lizards, snakes, rodents.

They also eat scorpions, spiders, small birds, snails, bird’s eggs, seeds and fruit, and everything else they can find. They usually forage on the ground.

When they hunt their prey they hide and they ambush the prey, running after it. Its speed enables the roadrunner to fight with venomous snakes such as rattlesnakes, as well as tarantulas.

These birds are loners or live in pairs. Pairs are monogamous and they spend their lives together. They are also territorial and defend their territory.

These birds have interesting courting rituals, where the mail dances in front of the female and sometimes brings her food offerings.

Roadrunners build their nests above ground, usually in bushes, cactuses, or low trees. Both male and the female incubate the eggs. Males usually do it at night. They also both feed the chicks.

Roadrunners are adapted to survive the cold nights in the deserts where they live by lowering their body temperature. During the day they accumulate the heat.

What does the Roadrunner Symbolize?

Roadrunners were considered as protective birds by some Native Americans, like the Hopi and Pueblo tribes.

They considered them as birds which were able to protect them from evil spirits. They used their feathers to protect newborn children and babies.

Many Mexican and American Indian tribes consider the roadrunner a fortunate sight. They consider these birds a good luck symbol. In many tribes around Mexico this bird is considered sacred and is never killed.

On the other hand, many Mexican Indians used the meat of this bird as a remedy for improving strength and stamina, and as an ailment for illness.

Roadrunners are powerful spirit animals.

They symbolize speed, endurance, stamina, good health, strength, ailment, courage, good luck, opportunities, skills, fidelity, monogamy, loyalty, support, teamwork, protectiveness, defensiveness, rituals, secret knowledge, ancient wisdom, good parenting, partnership, joy, happiness, humor, adaptability, etc.

The Meaning of a Roadrunner as a Totem Animal

The roadrunner totem has many different meanings. Some of them are:

Adaptability. Roadrunners are adaptable birds. They live in different habitats and are able to adapt to survive their, at times, harsh living conditions. The roadrunner spirit animal is giving you this gift.

You need to be adaptable and adjust to every kind of circumstances you could encounter.

Don’t allow anything to prevent you from moving towards your goals.

Partnership and monogamy. Roadrunners are monogamous birds and they are an example of good partnership and teamwork. They defend their territory together, and they both take care of their chicks.

This totem animal teaches you how beautiful and important a monogamous relationship and the teamwork between the partners regarding important joint matters is.

Good parenting. These birds are good parents. Both sexes take care of their young, and the males incubate the eggs and feed the chicks as well. This totem animal is teaching you to be a good parent to your children and of the importance of good parenting.

If you have a roadrunner as your spirit animal, you are most likely a good parent as well.

Courage. Roadrunners are brave birds, unafraid to attack venomous reptiles and spiders. This totem animal gives you courage and trust in your power to accomplish anything you desire, even be successful over much stronger opponents.

Opportunities. Roadrunners are opportunists, and they don’t miss a chance, especially when there is food involved. The roadrunner totem animal is teaching you to be on the lookout for opportunities to accomplish your desires and be quick to seize them.

The Roadrunner as Your Totem Animal

If the roadrunner is your totem animal, you are usually a lucky and happy person.

You are quick to notice and seize opportunities for your accomplishments.

You are also skilled in many areas. You are not afraid to confront your enemies because you have faith in your abilities to win them over.

You are a good partner and a caring parent. You are adaptable and not many things might bother you and turn you off the road.

What if a Roadrunner Appears in Your Life?

If the roadrunner appears in your life, that is a fortunate sign.

It could be an announcement of good luck coming into your life. It could also indicate some changes that will force you to adapt to them quickly.

Sometimes this bird appears as an announcement of some good opportunities for progress coming your way, aiming to make you pay attention to these opportunities.

In some cases, the roadrunner is a reminder to be better in your role of a partner or a parent.

If you have been neglecting your partner or your children lately due to other obligations, now is time to repay them and express your gratitude for their love and patience by spending some quality time with them.

Sometimes a roadrunner might indicate some enemy from your close surroundings you will need to get rid of soon.

When to call on a Roadrunner?

You should call on the roadrunner totem when:

  • You want to be a better partner and a parent;
  • You want to be alert and notice all opportunities for your progress;
  • You want to adapt fast to some new circumstances; 

Dreams about Roadrunner – Interpretation and Meaning

When a roadrunner comes into your dreams it is usually a sign of good fortune. It could indicate receiving some fortunate news soon, or a phone call from a good friend from a distance you haven’t heard in a while.

This bird in your dream could also be a sign of some fortunate new opportunities coming your way. Maybe the doors will open for you to accomplish something you have desired for a long time.

If you dreamed of a dead roadrunner, that dream is usually a bad sign. It often symbolizes missed opportunities and disappointments.

If the bird was running in your dream, that is a sign of success, usually related to some work-related projects.