Sagittarius in 2nd House – Meaning and Info

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The second house of money and property. It is related to what you own and what you are buying, your income and financial prospects. It is home to moving things, the things that you carry with you.

The second house speaks volumes about your attitudes towards money and possessions, it tells how the objects you prefer surround yourself with.

Sagittarius – Meaning and Info

The Sagittarius lady masters her everyday life full of optimism, self-confidence and a playful ease. The good mood and belief in the good help a lot. Outwardly, the Sagittarius woman looks like she knows exactly where her life is going, even if that is not the case. But in the end she finds the way to her goal and that’s only thanks to confidence and faith.

What the Sagittarius woman doesn’t like at all is when you try to dictate and patronize her. After all, she is an independent woman and knows what is good for her and what she can do.

Her freedom is at least as important to her as her independence. Because of this, the zodiac sign just doesn’t like to attach itself to partners or relationships. What distinguishes Sagittarius in particular is their optimism, their ingenuity and their power to develop visions.

This brings them great advantages in the creative field and also wherever people with imagination and problem-solving skills are needed. Sagittarians are rarely really doers themselves – they develop ideas, not energy.

To implement the ideas that emerged on the drawing board, they need people who can implement what is going on in the minds of shooters. Sagittarians need people around them who think and think for themselves.

Long explanations are not Sagittarius’ thing. If an idea is being implemented, shooters are devoting themselves to a new project, a new development, a new vision. You can develop a real obsession or act as driven to outsiders.

Constellation: Sagittarius – German Sagittarius. In ancient times, the constellation of Sagittarius was interpreted as an image of the centaur Chiron. Chiron, half man, half horse, was one of the teachers of Hercules, Achilles, Aesculapia, Orpheus and many others. In the myths, the centaurs were wild creatures determined by their animal nature.

Chiron was in contrast to this picture. He was cultured and educated, a teacher of medicine and the inventor of the bow and arrow. So Chiron became the first marksman and masterful ruler of this weapon.

Chiron was immortal, but was so badly wounded by a poisonous arrow that he was in constant pain that he preferred to wish himself dead. Despite his excellent healing skills, he was unable to find an antidote and heal himself. By grace, Jupiter will then move him to the starry sky.

Sagittarians look ahead and aim at their targets. You are therefore very progressive and want to improve things and achieve even bigger goals. Sagittarius people have their visions, believe in projects and sometimes also in utopias that they want to realize.

They are endowed with a special pioneering spirit and develop a great wealth of imagination with which they can put their goals into practice.

Shooters can actually bite into a target. They will then not rest until they have achieved what they have set in mind. Frustrations tend to spur them on to try harder, to be more resourceful, to be more persistent.

Sagittarians do not know very well when it is time to end a project prematurely or to let something go.

Driven by their visions, they can pursue a goal up to self-abandonment. This can go beyond your strength and stealthily rob you of energy in a long way.

Sagittarius also appear inconsistent in their drive and in a certain way always unsatisfied, because when a goal is reached, they immediately look for a new one. It is difficult for you to stop and enjoy what you have achieved.

It always goes higher, better, faster, further. That makes Sagittarius-born competent experts, but also easily ailable beings when the competition is ahead.

The fact that others are better or have found a solution to a problem even faster is a creeping poison for those born in Sagittarius, because it spurs them on to ever greater achievements. It is a challenge for shooters to evade this pressure to perform.

2nd House – Meaning and Info

To some extent it gives an idea of ​​your ability to make and manage money. The second house often shows which activities and projects will be most profitable for you.

Almost every traditional astrological textbook, as well as many “humanitarian” text or text movement “New Era” interpretations of the 2nd house primarily associated with money.

Such things as the money you make are discussed at length; you are working to make money; you will have a lot of money or a little; what would you do with the money, etc.

We live in a society where money is important. “The poverty rate” is measured in euros (introduced from the register of this sentence) as we are is ultimately the result of the struggle for existence and our financial affairs greatly affect this level of comfort, and the freedom we achieve in the struggle for that to survive.

But from the point of view of psychology, the interpretation of the 2nd house on such a purely physical level is not satisfactory. Traditional texts attempt to broaden the interpretation by adding the term “own resources” and, but this phrase is unclear.

But despite the tendency towards psychology, the interpretation of the second home in many texts is reduced almost exclusively to money.

Indeed – the 2nd house contains information to justify the self-esteem that manifests itself in the first house. It’s about self-esteem.

In fact, nothing else can fuel deep self-actualization in addition to the estimates and judgments you take within yourself.

These assumptions and estimates have your basic “possessions” – your view of yourself. Be yourself – this means that your luggage experience is fluid, spontaneous, very agile and few inferences.

Do you have “I” – is a completely different experience and although you cannot really be yourself, you really identify yourself with these objects in your world, which symbolize the earthly connection of your feelings. Everything around you that could be called “your” really helps you gain independence – your car, your house, your toothbrush.

The first house is too spontaneous for him to be really self-centered. Unusually concentrated on “I” – a more appropriate term. And here is the second house – it’s a natural domain of selfishness – me, mine.

Egocentricity enjoys a dominant position in the research topics of even 20th century psychology. Shame and guilt – the predominant emotional illness of our time – the inner feeling of worthlessness or something inconsistent and often this feeling does not appear clearly or is not consciously perceived.

It was out of this area that you should begin reassessing and changing interpretations of the second house. Money is the most important measure in our society, so the interpretation of the 2nd is particularly worthwhile on the house, but we must remember that ruthless, forced, the pursuit of money, and replacing emotional self-esteem, indicates existence in the locks Soul of such feelings of shame or guilt.

The second house shows a characteristic of our attitude towards work. Although later we will show that the sixth house shows the mental approach to the work of the association that is revealed in a person’s ability to understand the tasks assigned to them, the second house shows a fundamental characteristic: our basic nature of self-organization (that is the basis of the organization of work).

The second house also symbolizes the awards we expect to receive for our work – physical joys and those joys that objects give us outside of our body. Enjoying food, luxurious clothing, and beautiful interiors – all of that fun home away from home.

This is not a review of the 5th house artwork, the fun doesn’t relate to others and originality we have in the 10th and 11th houses. No, it is pure pleasure, sensual pleasure ordinary earthly beings. Second house determines the sign of Taurus and the planet Venus.

Sagittarius in 2nd House – Meaning and Info

The person with Sagittarius in house 2 is a versatile and gifted person who easily arranges his financial affairs. These people are very lucky, which makes up for their generosity and easy attitude towards money.

They often become employees of social funds, patrons of art, finance charitable and religious activities. They have a tendency towards science, especially historical and natural.

Have a broad soul, easily share with the world everything they have. But sometimes they are not attentive enough and grateful for the gifts they receive in return from both nature and people, believing that sooner or later they will be able to continue paying their bills.

To contain and control the enthusiasm of Sagittarius, this type of person must take into account the group ethics of the twins, which allows to approach the analysis of what is happening from the mental side.

People of this type are warm, open, friendly. The world is perceived as a lighthearted tale, but sometimes some are carried away and flirted. In low development, these people can be somewhat scattered in their desires, seeking to attract as many people and objects as possible for their benefit.

With a positive direction, people with the 2nd Home in Sagittarius are inclined to idealize the surrounding world, to seek and spread the idea of ​​universal well-being.

In order for the representatives of this group not to be discouraged, it is necessary to change the situation, take trips, in which, by the way, they can also make good money. They are an easy type of people, who bring joy to others with their energy and a positive attitude towards life.


These people are festive fireworks, appreciating joy, brightness, and the free expression of emotions, while trying very hard to wrest from their surroundings anything that might prevent them from remaining in a complacent frame of mind.

Financially, they have amazing talent and luck, and they easily solve even the toughest problems.

But such ease in making vital decisions can play a cruel joke on the representatives of this sign, turning them into self-confident and frivolous tyrants, or apathetic and bored lazy.