Sagittarius in 1st House – Meaning and Info

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Born between November 23rd and December 21st, Sagittarius is an active and extroverted character. Its planet is Jupiter and its element is fire. He is passionate and always looking to grow and develop.

Sagittarius was born in winter, but anything but dreary.

He is a true optimist and believes in the good. He always tries to lead by example. He believes in fixed ideals and tries to live by them. The Sagittarius born is very sincere and honest.

Sagittarius – Meaning and Info

Open communication is important to him and even if he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, it can happen. The zodiac sign simply doesn’t like petty things and nagging people and simply sees red.

The zodiac sign is always active and in motion, downright dynamic and fiery and always looking for freedom.

Cosmopolitan and thirsty for knowledge, the zodiac sign seeks its goals and is sometimes spontaneous.

Curious and intuitive, he throws himself into new adventures and is always cheerful.

Sagittarius goes through life carefree and prefers to rely on his mind. Sagittarius is intelligent and inspiring because of his philosophical and quick-witted manner.

The zodiac sign is perceived as cocky and stubborn due to its extroverted streak. Sagittarius likes to show off his knowledge and thus has an instructive effect, while he simply likes to communicate.

Often he does not notice how much he is wandering and gets lost in his thoughts. If the Sagittarius gets into a thought, then he becomes downright fanatical and it is difficult to catch himself again.

You’d think he doesn’t think before speaking. The Sagittarius is simply very honest and doesn’t mean it at all. His interest in the philosophical wisdom of life is sometimes so pronounced that he almost seems hypocritical.

It’s his way of taking care of himself inside. Yoga, meditation, religion and esotericism are just a few ways to take care of your mind. Love is its mystery.

There is something magical and imaginative about it, but only as long as it remains passionate and fresh.

Jealousy and, above all, the typical daily grind drive the zodiac sign to flight and make it run away. He needs a little space and, above all, freedom of choice, because Sagittarius just doesn’t like being patronized.

What Sagittarius values, however, is passion. He loves the closeness and warmth of togetherness. To keep the fire fresh, you need ways and possibilities. Why not just travel the world as a couple.

Sagittarius dreams of a better world and tries to lend a hand towards this goal. He likes to combine all of his skills in order to get the most out of his knowledge and skills.

It is only essential that he is enthusiastic about his work. To turn his calling into a profession, that is his greatest wish.

He likes to combine his professional pursuits with his private plans and here, too, quickly loses sight of reality.

In the end, this unfortunately leads to disappointment and dissatisfaction, which spreads to his field of work.

This makes the shooter a strenuous colleague, as he doesn’t mince his words and express what concerns and moves him.

The Sagittarius man is a real adventurer, always looking for something new and always making plans. For him, monotony is pure boredom, because he needs the kick and the tension.

The zodiac sign is also very afraid of missing out on something. He travels so much that sometimes he doesn’t even notice how exhausted he actually is. Less is more.

In friendship, the Sagittarius man offers many varied activities and ensures a lot of fun. He is a real entertainer and is always full of energy and positive energy.

He is generous and a real magnet for women. His urbane character is extremely attractive and makes every woman crazy about the world traveler.

Even if the women’s hearts just fly to him, he does not give his heart away so easily.

The Sagittarius man waits for the one great love, because his freedom is dear to him and sacred. He knows his worth and knows how to use his charm.

That makes him a little heartbreaker with no bad intentions. Playing with the ladies’ feelings or even hurting someone is not the plan.

1st House – Meaning and Info

Character, demeanor, appearance. The 1st house in the horoscope, together with the ascendant, represents the “beginning of the horoscope”. This “beginning” also reflects the (new) beginning of personality, i.e. the beginning of our life.

Therefore, this area symbolizes our earliest environment and the first impressions and influences of our existence. How these are represented is indicated by the planets in this house and their aspects.

In general, the 1st house in the horoscope reflects the “I” and shows how the personality relates to itself and which basic characteristics it possesses.

On the one hand, how strengths are used and, on the other hand, how to deal with weaknesses in character and personal peculiarities.

This house shows our self-image and what we want to represent to the outside world. It also shows how we react to our surroundings and how we deal with experiences.

In the 1st house in the horoscope we get information about which face we are showing to the outside world and how our surroundings perceive us.

Of course, our personal behavior also includes our behavior, which we learn more about in this house.

The first house suggests the way we assert ourselves. Whether we appear confident or insecure to the outside world and to what extent we assert ourselves.

After all, the sign Aries and the planet Mars are at home here, which is why willpower and strength as well as determination and zest for action are illustrated in this house.

In addition, the first house provides information about our appearance, as does the sun and moon in the houses.

In the first house we can guess a basic physical type, which also provides information about the physical constitution and state of health.

For example, we can recognize whether someone is more athletic, strong or lean and thus draw conclusions about their vitality.

The first house is a bridge between the “I” of the human being and everything outside of it. It shows the way in which we protect your inner world in interaction with the environment.

Since the first house gives short term types of experiences to the individual as a human being, it will definitely be directly related to our lives.

With some types of practices related to other homes, the influence of the 1st house can be ignored, but its basic effects cannot be completely eradicated.

Any type of experience in which a person expresses himself or where human consciousness manifests itself affects the first house effects. As a result, this house is the most important in analyzing our approach to life.

It is for this reason that the rising signs – the sign on the threshold of the first house – are so important in astrology.

It is one of the four most important factors in interpreting the natal chart. Any matter related to a person’s life requires understanding and considering the determinations of the Sun, Moon, and Saturn – signs, houses, and interplanetary aspects – along with an analysis of the status of the first house.

There are many specific indicators that we could (and should) be considered when considering certain situations in life, but each situation requires an understanding of the interconnectedness of the four fundamental factors. The twelfth house determines the sign of Aries and the planet Mars.

Sagittarius in 1st House – Meaning and Info

The first house of your personality and attitude to life – the most personal and important. It reflects you – your manners, style, stick character and temperament. It is home to outward behaviors, likes, and dislikes.

The first house shows how to present yourself to others and what they will see in it. He often points out your physical features, especially your head and face.

Sometimes it is called the House of Personal Interests – it defines what you want in life and how to achieve it.

Place in the natal chart where the house begins; it is the most important thing in the chart as it determines the location of all other houses.

In astrology, the first house is seen as a giant magnifying glass through which to study and interpret the rest of the birthday card.

The first house is the most basic area of ​​life experience. Traditionally there is the personality and body to pay special attention to the physical characteristics, such as the facial features.

For example, the sign of the lion, located at the top of the first house, can show a “regal” appearance, it can show a high forehead and mane of red hair.

Of course, our appearance affects our perception of other people, especially in such a sensitive human society as ours, but also for the astro-interpretation of the place; they lack depth, the essence is lost, they affect the status of Attach astrology to superficial discipline.

Infinitely more important that the first house describes the manifestation of individual consciousness, the awareness of the presence of the fundamental event, “I”, mystically associated with the existence of the physical body. The first house is about acquiring personal human identity.

Space identity is usually not available to human eyesight. It is where we feel the identity of ourselves, even when the nervous system and permeates every cell in our body.

We know that our hands are a part of us, but it is usually an arm or other part of our body, to only make them pay attention when they cause pain or when they are exposed to other kinds of influences.

Only in a critical physical condition do we really part with the old consciousness, but even at this moment there is a struggle between the short term state of heightened consciousness and our usual center of self-identification.


The first house primarily tells about such a sense of “I”, a conscious personality that is beyond visual access; tells the story that observes, feels, thinks, and is connected to a life – when life emerges from us and life from the depths of the “I”.

Labels, on the threshold of the first house, and planets in this home show the typical ways in which we create a sense of self. They disclose an automatic method of identifying “I”.

Yes, this house really brings many unique features that we spontaneously demonstrate under the pretext of non-technical “person”, and that is important. But the house has a more subtle function of defining boundaries and maintaining the integrity of the individual.