Virgo Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The sun sign is our rational and conscious side of personality while the moon sign reveals our subconscious and irrational side.

The sun sign traits are the thing that is most visible to the people from our surroundings while the moon sign traits are the ones which are known only to us and the people who are closest to us.

People with sun in Virgo and moon in Capricorn have the earth element emphasized in their personalities.

These people are down to earth and stable. They know what they want and it is not easy to get them off their track. They don’t get easily discouraged by obstacles either.

These people are practical, rational, and they take their time when making their decisions.

They usually don’t rush into things and make sure they know all the details before deciding what to do.

These two signs are not very emotional and these people can appear cold and calculated. They express their emotions and devotion through actions rather than words.

They are good providers and make sure nothing is missing in any part of their lives. They are fixers of things and do a great job. Their mind is very practical and they see the easiest solutions to any kind of problems.

They are also very tidy and organized. These people could be very controlling because they want to make sure everything is perfect and they don’t make any mistakes.

They often have a tendency to tell other people what to do.

Their advice is motivated by their best intentions but they are unaware that they jeopardize other people’s right to make their own decisions and even to make mistakes.

These people often consider themselves perfect. They might not be consciously aware of that fact, but they have a very high opinion of themselves and their value. Being confident and valuing yourself is a good trait, but these people often exaggerate.

They have some excellent abilities and are very intelligent, but these traits might lead them to believe that they can mess in other people’s lives convinced that they know what is best for these people.

They often have a domineering character which makes other people succumb to their will and desires.

Their attitude of “knowing it all” can cause people to fear expressing their opinions in their presence because they don’t know if these people will approve their actions.

That leads to insincere relationships with others.

These people could also be very judgmental and prone to criticizing the behavior and actions of other people which causes issues in their relationships.

People usually don’t like critics and they need to put up with them on a daily basis when they are in some kind of relationship with these people.

Although they have the right to tell others what they think about their behavior and actions, at the same time they usually don’t allow others to criticize them and comment on their actions.

They often cannot accept any possibility of being wrong. These people often have a problem to apologize to people and say “sorry” even when they are aware that they should.

These people need to learn to stay out of other people’s lives and let them make their own decisions even at the cost of making mistakes and suffering as a result.

It is their life and they are entitled to that freedom. They should also stop criticizing others and become more tolerant of their behavior.

Others accept them as they are, and they need to begin doing the same with other people.

They are usually very ambitious and often manage to reach the success they strive for. They are excellent for jobs where good organizational skills and a practical approach is required.

These people are detailed and make sure their job is done in the best way possible. They are very precise and make sure all deadlines are met.

These people love the security money provides for them. They love making it and they don’t spend it on futile matters. They prefer saving and investing it in real estate which could increase their income and is a way of saving their money through material possessions.

They are reliable and responsible. They are usually direct and straightforward.

These people are very intelligent and often have interests in history and archeology. They are persistent and enduring when it comes to accomplishing their goals.

Good Traits

The good traits of Virgo sun and Capricorn moon:

– enduring, detailed, precise, organized, practical, determined, straightforward, direct, reliable, responsible, intelligent, persistent, good with money, ambitious, successful, stable, down to earth, serious, good providers, etc.

Bad Traits

The bad traits of Virgo sun and Capricorn moon:

– judgmental, critical, putting their nose in people’s matters, intolerant, unable to say “sorry”, consider themselves perfect, domineering, calculated, cold, unemotional, prone to nagging, controlling, etc. 

‘Leo’ Sun ‘Capricorn’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with sun in Virgo and moon in Capricorn are serious and stable. They consider long-term commitments more like a sort of duty than a joy.

These people are not very emotional and tend to express their emotions through gestures and actions rather than words and physical expressions.

They are very practical people in general, and that refers to their relationships and marriages as well.

They are prone to looking at commitments as some kind of contracts and evaluate their potential partners through a set of self-made criteria.

They usually don’t enter into relationships using their hearts, but their minds. They take time to get to know the potential partner or spouse and pay attention to the red flags if there are any.

They don’t rush with making their decision and like to have their options open.

It is not likely for these people to fall head over hills in love (not unless they have some other elements in their natal charts).

These traits make them appear a bit boring and calculated to their potential partners (which they often are), but at the same time ensures the durability of the relationship and diminishes the potential of committing to an unsuitable partner.

These people make sure they prevent mistakes from happening as much as possible.

They can be prone to nagging to their partners for not doing things the way they expect them to.

These people often have a controlling nature and desire to put their partners into a mold (they are often unaware of that fact).

Because they have a set of strict rules and behavior they tend to respect, these people could be very annoyed when someone enters their lives (like a partner or a spouse) and jeopardizes that routine behaving completely differently.

That irritates them and causes them to criticize and judge their partners’ behavior and actions.

In turn, their criticizing and nagging often irritate their partners and becomes a source of conflicts and arguments. Their partners consider the nagging as a form of intruding their free will and their right to behave as they please.

The only solution is to compromise and finding in the middle, which is often very hard for these people.

They are reliable and responsible and make good partners and spouses for long-term commitments. They are not the most exciting ones though.

These people are not prone to adventures and taking risks of any kinds.

They love to play it safe, and they make a good connection for a partner who has the same preferences.

Their ideal partner is someone serious and reliable as they are. They don’t like to step out of their comfort zone if they don’t have to.

These people can be strict towards their children. They have high ambitions and usually transfer them to their kids. They expect their children to be successful and accomplish the tasks they set for them.

They make sure their children respect them and respect authorities in general. Their children are well-mannered and usually not spoiled at all, which is rare these days.

They take good care of their family and are excellent providers. Their partners can rely on them completely.

Best Match For ‘Virgo’ Sun ‘Capricorn’ Moon

The best match for a Virgo sun and Capricorn moon is another earth or water sign with an influence of earth element.

These people are too slow and calculated for air and fire signs, and it is best for them to avoid one another unless they have some intertwined compatible aspects between their natal charts.

They are also not a good match for a partner who is overly emotional because that person cannot expect to receive an adequate emotional response from these people who are way too rational and controlled for such expressions.


People born with their sun in Virgo and moon in Capricorn have a controlled and stable nature.

They always know where they stand in life and make sure they consider all the details before making a decision about something.

They don’t let anything to chance and can be considered calculated and overly rational. They are not very emotional and they express their devotion through actions and not with words.

These people choose carefully their partners and take their time to get to know them and notice all the red flags before eventually committing to them.

That is how they diminish the chance of making the wrong choice of partners.

They are very organized, detailed, precise, practical, and often prone to controlling others.

They often have a set of rules they make others follow and get upset when they refuse. They are prone to judging and criticizing people’s behavior at the same time not letting others say anything bad about theirs.

They are good and reliable partners, although a bit boring. They are also good parents, but a bit demanding and strict.

They expect much of their children and often put pressure on them with their expectations.

These people are very ambitious and usually succeed in accomplishing all their goals.