Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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The desire to find out more about the person who interests us can often be overwhelming.

We usually try to do anything within our power to find out as many details as we can about that person, but usually our resources are limited, and bring us down to talking to their acquaintances or people who know something about them, or going through their social profiles.

Another, less known means for discovering details about a certain individual is astrology.

Astrology can even help us determine whether a person is compatible with us or not. We can determine the potential for a relationship with a certain individual by comparing the planetary positions in our natal charts and determining the aspects our planets make.

If the aspects between our planets are predominantly beneficial, so will the relationship between the person and us be. With good aspects between our planets, we can expect our relationship with that person to be harmonious and lasting.

If the planetary aspects are predominantly malefic, that is not a good sign because it minimizes the chances for a harmonious relationship.

With such aspects, the relationship is likely to be filled with conflicts and arguments, and is unlikely to last.

To make such an astrology comparison, we need to make the natal charts for both people involved. That means that you need to have your exact birth data (i.e., the exact time of birth, and the place and date of birth), as well as the birth data of the person you’re interested in.

Acquiring such information is not always easy, but fortunately, you can also use their horoscope sign and have not as precise but also valuable results.

By comparing their horoscope sign traits to your horoscope sign traits, you can get a picture of your basic compatibility, and the possibility of a lasting relationship.

Their horoscope sign will also tell you a lot about their personality as well.

In the text below, we are making a comparison of the essential traits of a Sagittarius man and a Cancer woman, to discover how they get along.

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men are true optimists. You will rarely find a Sagittarius man who is desperate about the situation he is in, regardless of the harshness of the circumstances he might be encountering.

Nothing can convince them that things will turn out bad at the end, and magically, things always seem to turn out fine for them, no matter how desperate the situation appeared at first.

These men can be very frivolous and light-headed. They can be haste and thoughtlessly take actions which can lead them into problems and possibly cause damage. They seem to be unmoved by the set of events their actions are causing and usually don’t consider changing their attitude or character.

Even the Sagittarius men who have gone through disastrous events caused by their actions, usually don’t consider improving themselves and behaving differently. They keep pushing their luck, and luck usually stays on their side.

Sagittarius men are usually sports types, although being under the influence of the planet Jupiter, which symbolizes growth and expansion they might be prone to overeating and gaining weight as well. They often have periods of exhausting training and sports activities, changed by periods of overeating with minimum physical activities.

These men often have a good appetite, which in years cause them to gain excessive weight they are not able to get rid of easily due to lack of physical activities.

These men are often medium height to tall, usually with muscular built, and with heads that are slightly larger than usual. These men have a relaxing way of approaching women and people in general, and that is the main reason why women find them very attractive.

They are not pushy and usually approach them with a friendly attitude, often not expecting anything but a pleasant and amusing chat.

The secret to their success with women, and they are usually very successful, is their unobtrusive approach, which allows women to get to know this guy and realize they like him.

Another thing with these men is that they usually take some time to commit. They enjoy the process of conquering the girl, even dating her, but when it comes to some serious talk, they tend to get scared and pull back. One of the main reasons is their love for their independence and freedom.

It takes a lot for this man to give up on his freedom. He needs to be head over hills in love with a woman to make such a decision.

Sagittarius men usually have luck in life, and are usually successful and financially well-off. These men travel often and often end up living far from their place of birth, at least for a period of their lives. They are very intelligent and knowledgeable. They are interesting to talk to and have great social skills and skills of communication.

These men have a lot of friends and acquaintances and always eager to expand that circle. Sometimes they can appear superficial, and in many situations they are.

They usually possess great confidence and faith in their abilities. They also don’t give up, and don’t let the circumstances discourage them. They sometimes possess a blind faith in a positive outcome and that is what often helps them to achieve success.

These men are in constant movement. If they don’t travel they have a lot of outdoor activities they need to perform, and try to spend as less time possible at home. A typical Sagittarius is not a home type and is not a loner.

He needs company and if there’s no one of his close people around he will quickly begin a conversation with a complete stranger, who will most likely become his next friend.

These men are fun to be around, but are not the greatest choice for a long term commitment. They are often promiscuous and don’t let anything to limit their freedom, not even the fact that they are married to you. One exclusion is when this man is so madly in love with you that he is willing to give up on everything just to be with you.

These situations don’t happen as often because typical Sagittarius men are not very emotional and don’t get attached to people that easily.

When these men make decisions, usually their brains and reason dictate them, and not their hearts. They are passionate and usually have a lot of experience with women.

One thing is certain: having this man in your life is never boring and brings adventure into your life. If you don’t mind adapting to his personality, he might be the right person for you.

Cancer Woman

Cancer women are very sensitive and emotional. These women are home types and very attached to their families; one of their major desires, even since a young age is to get into a serious committed relationship, get married and have their own family.

Many Cancer women marry and become mothers early in their lives for that reason. They are very nurturing and caring types, and enjoy taking care of the people they love.

These women are usually not very ambitious, and many of them settle for the role of a mother and a wife, and are satisfied in doing it the best way possible.

They need a strong man they can lean on, and expect his support. They can also be successful at work, but a typical Cancer woman doesn’t have a problem leaving a successful career to become a wife and a mother.

For these women, their family is a priority of all priorities. They are also very good at organizing the house matters, and are usually excellent cooks. They enjoy preparing delicious meals for their loved ones, and they often host parties in their house. These women are also excellent entertainers, with a great sense of humor.

Although having a fun and interesting personality, these women are usually shy around people they don’t know well.

They need a lot of time to get to know a person before they can relax and show their true personality. They behave in the same manner when they get into a relationship.

Their man needs to have similar traits, and be patient and sensitive because these women are easily hurt. When they are hurt by someone, they tend to retreat and often end communication with the person who hurt them.

These women are known to change their moods easily, and one of the main reasons for that is their sign ruler, the Moon. The Moon influences both nature and people, and Cancer people seem to be the most prone to its influence because it is their ruling planet.

Because of that, the mood of Cancer people tends to change with the phases of the Moon, when these happy and optimistic people suddenly become grumpy and negative. Fortunately, that doesn’t last long and before you know it they are back to their old self.

These women are not adventurous types (unless there is some other influence in their natal charts) and prefer spending their time in the comfort of their home in the company of the people they love. They also don’t like excess activity, and love to eat.

Their love for food often causes them to gain more weight which they cannot get rid of easily because of their lack of physical activity. That often causes them lack of confidence and insecurity.

She is an ideal woman for a man with similar qualities, and is a loyal and devoted partner who supports her man through every life situation. 

Love Compatibility

Sagittarius man and a Cancer woman usually don’t make a good match. The reason is the difference in their characters and life desires.

These men are usually not commitment types, while these women look for commitment type of guys.

The Sagittarius nonchalant behavior and often their irresponsibility and absentmindedness, will probably ward off these women from considering them a suitable match. If the relationship begins it probably won’t last very long.

The major turning point will be the commitment conversation which she will eventually initiate.

He might try to postpone the inevitable, but if he is certain that she is not worth sacrificing his independence and freedom, he won’t have a problem being direct and telling that openly, which will usually cause the end of the relationship between them. 

Marriage Compatibility

Lasting marriage union between a Sagittarius man and a Cancer woman is only possible if these two have some other bonding planetary placements in their natal charts.

Otherwise, this union doesn’t have a chance of being a lasting one.

It is usually a result of a temporary infatuation from one or both sides, and a desire of the Cancer woman to get married, even though she is aware of the red flags.

These two realize soon after tying the knot that they are not good for each other and they begin thinking about separation which eventually happens.


The friendship between a Sagittarius man and a Cancer woman is not a likely relationship because of their different range of interests and different personalities.

He is too extrovert while she is too introvert. He might be inspired to open her up, but his inconsistence and lack of interest might only hurt her sensitivity.

It is best that this relationship is kept on the acquaintance level. 

Cool Facts

Both the Sagittarius man and the Cancer woman have something in common.

They both enjoy eating.

Not all of Sagittarius men and Cancer woman are excessive eaters, but many of them enjoy a bite more than they should, and that is the reason why they often have a problem with weight and even obesity. 


To summarize all: the Sagittarius man and the Cancer woman are not a good match in any kind of relationship.

The reason: they are too different.

She is too sensitive for this guy, who can often act very insensitive and superficial towards people.

While others, who have similar traits won’t consider his behavior as something bad or even notice it, she might be very offended by some of his actions and distance herself completely from him.