Part of Fortune in 1st House

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The Part of Fortune (or The Part of Fortune, as you prefer to call it) informs us about the immediate consequences, not of the individual’s actions, but of his behavior, of the use he makes of his will, his sensitivity and his individuality.

His position in sign and house gives part of the portion of joy, happiness and favorable circumstances that the person can get.

Part of Fortune – Meaning

It represents the wealth acquired (inherited) in other lives that serves to take advantage of the opportunities (consciously or instinctively) that the house offers us and the sign where it is located.

Work on the meaning of the sign should increase the qualities of the individual to work constructively on the affairs of the house.

Aspects show help or obstacles. The person will be made through the affairs governed by the house.

Fortune benefits through his position as long as the individual seizes opportunities and strives for his own development.

The aspects indicate whether or not you have help to acquire development, as is logical, the bad aspects will cause obstacles in order for the individual to strive.

In general, the position of Fortune is a pending work where we have great help to carry it out, it is necessary to develop the qualities of the house and the sign.

It is the opportunity for development through the affairs of the house where you are, also there we can overcome difficulties.

It represents material and personal goods, opportunities and trends that, as a result of other lives, we can consciously or instinctively use and take advantage of according to the House and the Sign where it is found.

Its position in Sign and House indicates the “luck”, joy, happiness and favorable circumstances in general that the person can obtain according to working with what these factors represent.

It is said that the individual instinctively works on what represents the House in which the Part of

Fortune is found according to the development of the individual and the nature of the Sign located in it, however and like everything in the horoscope, the native he can voluntarily work for his own development according to the help or limitations that the Party of Fortune has.

1st House – Meaning

In the following posts we will talk about the 12 astrological houses in the birth chart, the scenarios of the movie of our life, where we can appropriate and find the purpose of our existence.

We all know our sun sign. Those who were born at the beginning of January know that they are Capricorn, beginning June, that they are Cancer … but very few know of a sign that is equal to, or sometimes more important than our own birth sign.

It is the sign called “ascendant”, which has to do with the 1st house of our birth chart.

This is obtained from the exact time and place of our birth.

That is why, in ancient cultures, they said that it was almost more important to have an astrologer at birth than a doctor … children end up being born, it is the nature of life.

Meanwhile, the astrologer was waiting for his first breath, for the first contact with the “real” world, to paint the astral map that would mark the beginning of his destiny.

House 1 therefore, being the beginning of our existence in the material world, tells us about what we are: our self (ego), our body, our personality and therefore, how we show and perceive ourselves the rest.

To understand it simply, let’s make an analogy with a car and a driver, where the car would be the ascendant or house 1, and the driver would be our sun sign, who we really are.

It is not the same then, being an old man with arthritis and cataracts trying to drive a Formula 1, than having a family car and that whoever drives it has, in effect, 5 children and 2 dogs … nor is it the same to be a very elegant stratum woman 20 driving an old jeep from the 80’s that gets flat every so often, than being a farm worker driving a farm tractor.

That is why many times we feel driving the “wrong car”, and for the same reason, a little lost, strange, contradictory, believing ourselves to be this or that way while others perceive us differently … the struggle between our material ego and our spiritual self, our sun sign.

Being such an important part of our letter, it marks things that I cannot overlook, because they really are curious.

Let’s see some examples of what happens to certain signs or planets in the 1st house.

With Aquarius or Uranus: it can give births that are unforeseen, or that come early. Eccentric and physically particular people.

With Aries or Mars, the person can end up with a scar on the head or face, as Aries rules the head.

With Sagittarius or Jupiter, Cancer or the moon, there may be a tendency to fat or excess.

With Capricorn or Saturn, the person can tend to be skinny, very serious, fearful or extremely rigid and responsible.

Libra or Venus can make an exceptionally beautiful person.

These are just some data that reflect the importance of knowing and understanding our rising sign in depth … in a few words, it is the vehicle we have to travel the road of life, and if we do not know how to take care of it or how to handle it, screwed … not yet we have the ability to buy a new one to replace it.

Part of Fortune in 1st House – Meaning and Symbolism

House 1 has the potential to affect the entire map. In a practical sense, it means that the planet that governs your Ascendant sign represents a good part of your personal energy.

When analyzing house 1 on an astrological chart, we find some of the innate characteristics we were born with, perhaps being the most important worldly house.

Not only because it is the first angular house, but the planets contained in this house, as well as the ruler of the ascendant and the aspects formed with other stars and points on the map, provide a unique vision for the most original modus operandi that a person uses as a basis for his actions, those that are strongly felt and expressed – for better or worse.

In other words, the Ascendant, its ruler and aspects found there form a gear that guides us and helps us to navigate through life, successfully or not.

The angular houses show how we deal with the “here and now”, how we face reality. Planets located near these points tend to greatly enhance the astrological dynamics of an astrological chart.

At a higher level of understanding, the Ascendant is the exact moment when a new soul begins its journey in life, the cutting of the umbilical cord and independence from the mother’s womb (a theme from House 12).

Our appearance and interaction as individuals in the world is very important.

Because they are naturally linked to birth, the Ascendant and House 1 as a whole are recurrent energies whenever we start something.

When we take initiatives and start a project, for example, it is as if we are “being born again” in some activity or action, so the entire planetary complex that interacts with house 1 is important in this sense.

It symbolizes our spontaneous response to the stimuli of the world, being our “autopilot” mode when facing a new environment or situation.

The energy that circulates through this house also helps to protect us from the weaknesses imposed by our sun sign, balancing our primordial essence with important and complementary characteristics.

Thinking in terms of sunrise, for example, House 1 symbolizes the beginnings centered on the individual.

Complementing the interpretation of the Ascendant (which is the sign that is on the cusp only), the complete view of House 1 gives us more information about the characteristics of birth and the early stage of childhood.

From our first steps to our primary view of the world, it can be considered a theme of House 1.


It determines many characteristics that we spontaneously demonstrate and shows our natural reaction to new people and situations, so the sign that is on the cusp of the first house can bring a lot of important information, as well as the location of the ruler of this sign.