Sagittarius Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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If you like someone and you have tried everything to find out as much you can about that person, including going endlessly through their social profiles to discover details about their life and current emotional status, you have found the right page.

You can discover even more about this person, and even the fact if you two are compatible or not, by using astrology.

By doing a person’s natal chart, you can discover a lot about their personality and preferences, as well as their negative traits.

Also, by comparing the person’s natal chart planetary placements with your planetary placements, you can discover accurate details about the potential of a relationship between you two as well as the possible issues which can arise.

To make a natal chart, you need to have a person’s precise birth data (time, place and date of birth).

If you don’t have this information, you won’t be able to make a natal chart, but if you know the person’s birth date you can still see the approximate positions of their planets, and still be able to use them to make a comparison between you two.

If you don’t know the person’s birth date as well, then you can use their horoscope sign, and compare the traits of their horoscope sign to the traits of your horoscope sign to determine how compatible you two are.

This comparison won’t give you as precise information but they will be valuable enough because you will discover the basic compatibility between you and this person.

Here we will make a comparison of the traits of a Sagittarius man and a Sagittarius woman, to see how good these two get along when they are together. 

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men are very interesting and fun companions. They are very sociable and love having people around. “The more, the merrier”, is often their motto.

They are not at all shy and don’t have difficulties in approaching people. They enjoy meeting new acquaintances and many of them they have friends all over the world, or at least in several countries.

These men are very communicative and have a lot of interesting stories to tell. That makes them fun to be around, and people enjoy their company.

One of their favorite activities is traveling and exploring different cultures. They try to travel as much as possible, and their work is often related to traveling. These men (and Sagittarius women as well) often travel to distant locations all around the world.

Their ruling planet, Jupiter, rules distant travels and far-away places and it is the one of the main responsible for the Sagittarius people foreign voyages. They collect many interesting stories on their many trips, expand their horizons and gain knowledge about different people and cultures.

These men are very confident and usually have adventurous natures. They are prone to taking risks, especially when it comes to their business and money making, relying on their good fortune and blind faith in the positive outcome.

Their attitude and actions, although most of the times bring them to their desired outcome, can sometimes bring them into unpleasant situations or cause them damage.

These men are optimists and don’t allow anyone’s negativity to interfere with their positive energy and expectations.

People, who are constantly winning, criticizing and talking about bad things, are to be avoided according to them. These men don’t have a problem walking away from people who are a source of negative energy. They don’t have a problem openly saying that to these people.

Sagittarius men tend to surround themselves with people who spread around the energy of happiness and optimism just like they do. People love being around these men because they instill hope and optimism in them.

Sagittarius men always have a smile on their face. Even when the circumstances are not to their liking, they continue thinking positively and expecting the best to happen. Their optimism is contagious. These men are able to achieve great things, and they usually manage to fulfill their goals and dreams.

These men possess enormous energy, but they are also prone to wasting it as if it were limitless, thus jeopardizing their health and wellbeing. They tend to exhaust themselves both at work, and during their moments of leisure and pleasure. In general, these men are prone to excess and exaggerating in all areas of their life.

Jupiter, their ruler, rules excess and exaggeration, and is one of the main reasons for them being prone to such behavior. They are often prone to exaggerating with food, and often end up gaining excess weight.

Although they have good self-control, there are some situations where these men can’t or don’t want to control themselves.

One area of their life where they often feel compelled to control themselves is their relationships. These men are addicted to their independence and free way of living. Commitment and relationships jeopardize freedom and it is not easy to reconcile these things, so that every side can be satisfied.

The Sagittarius man often consciously avoids committing and chooses to end a relationship when the moment of decision comes. He always knows what he wants and if he is not deeply in love with a woman, it is easier to say goodbye than stay in a relationship where he will feel restricted and unhappy.

Some Sagittarius men agree to a commitment only if they are promised to be able to maintain their freedom and similar lifestyle. They prefer the open type of relationships where both partners are able to do their “own thing” from time to time.

When these men find the right woman and fall in love, the situation changes. In this case, they are ready to leave their previous lifestyle and commit completely to a relationship with one woman.

These men love women and are very passionate. They are often prone to multiple dating, and they have a lot of options for that because women find them very attractive.

These men are often absentminded and superficial in their approach to things and people. People who are more reliable and thorough might not like their attitude and find it hard to get along well with them.

When choosing between variety and quantity and quality, many of Sagittarius men choose quantity because it brings them more excitement and experience, especially when it comes to relationships with people.

They do have some lasting friendships, but often don’t have time to nurture these relationships.

Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman has an open approach to people, and men in particular. These women love being around people (just like Sagittarius men) and they are very communicative.

These women are energetic and adventurous. Traveling is one of their favorite things, and they travel for pleasure as well as for work purposes.

Sagittarius women are easy-going and accept people as they are. They don’t like others interfering with their lives and they try their best to stay out of other people’s lives. They are helpful, but they usually don’t put their noses into other people’s business uninvited.

These women are often not very feminine and some even have a bit of a boyish attitude. Many men don’t like their open demonstration of affection because it takes away the mystery and their desire to pursue them. These women need to learn to wait for the man to take the initiative instead of taking matters into their hands.

Of course, there are men who don’t mind women who directly approach them with their desires, but most men think that such behavior takes away their masculinity and kills the attraction.

The Sagittarius woman is interesting and fun to be around. These women often have a great sense of humor, and are good at communicating. They have a lot of knowledge on different subjects and a lot of interesting events from their experience, and are able to entertain people with their stories.

These women are usually sports types, and often good looking. Men are attracted to their looks as well as their energy. These women love their freedom and can be prone to changing partners, but unlike Sagittarius men, they are way easier to commit and be in a serious relationship than the men of this sign.

Their relationships and marriages are not conventional, and they choose partners who have similar traits to them. They love traveling and adventures, and their partner should be willing to follow them in their quests. If they have children, they tend to take them on their journeys even when they are very young.

Some of Sagittarius women even choose not to have children because they might restrict them in their movement and actions, which is something they find difficult to give up.

They are very intelligent and usually have a philosophical approach to life. The secrets of life and the Universe amaze them, and they love meeting people who share these interests.

These women (like Sagittarius men) are often spiritually evolved and they nurture their spirituality through improving their knowledge and being true to their deepest desires and goals in life.

Sagittarius women are prone to taking risks, but not as much as Sagittarius men.

They are optimists as well, and tend to maintain their happy and joyous approach to life. They spread happiness and good mood around them and people love to be in their company. They often live far away from their country of birth.

Love Compatibility

When it comes to love compatibility, the Sagittarius man and the Sagittarius woman are truly a good match.

These two understand each other perfectly because they have similar personalities and almost identical interests, goals, and desires in life.

They are both very sensitive to the question of their freedom and independence and easily find a solution to be in a relationship with each other without jeopardizing them much.

These two often have an open relationship, allowing each other to be with other partners, but if they fall for each other deeply, they easily decide to see exclusively each other.

It is easier for these two to make such a decision because they both know how much their freedom is important.

The good part is that they both share so much in common that they will both immensely enjoy in their mutual activities.

They won’t have time to get bored because they will be doing things they both enjoy doing. 

Marriage Compatibility

The Sagittarius man and the Sagittarius woman might be together without choosing to get married. This legal union is often an unnecessary burden, which they both tend to avoid.

When these two develop strong emotions to each other, their relationship can be very rewarding for them both because it will enable them to experience in couple all the beauties they were experiencing alone when they were single or not in a committed relationship.

Their union is a good one, and they both put in efforts to maintain it.

She will probably be the one to take the organizational part in their union because she is the more responsible of the two of them.

He will perform his duties, although he might need to be reminded eventually.


As friends, these two are also perfect together; they have so many shared interests and they enjoy spending time together.

They love traveling together, playing some sports, going out, talking, sharing experiences, etc. They will both inspire each other to embark on new adventures and will often enjoy them together.

Cool Facts

Sagittarius men and Sagittarius women are optimists who avoid dealing with negative people and avoid finding themselves in negative situations.

They believe that good prevails and have faith in the positive outcome of their actions. They have great energy, which keeps them focused on their goals and dreams.

These two are among the rare signs that are capable enough to manifest their dreams into reality mostly through the sheer power of their positive beliefs.


To summarize: the Sagittarius man and the Sagittarius woman are a very good match in any kind of relationship.

They understand each other perfectly and have similar goals and desires. They support each other on the road to success and accomplishing their dreams.