Sagittarius Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Liking someone and wondering if some person likes you, can occupy much of your thoughts during the day, and can be very disturbing.

You keep trying to find out details about this person and figuring out whether you two could be a couple.

You usually turn to their social profile to find out as much about their current life circumstances, their desires and preferences, as well as if they are currently single or not.

One of the means you can also use as an additional means to find out more about this person, and even determine whether the two of you are a good match, is astrology.

The most accurate way to determine your compatibility is to compare your natal charts and determine the aspects your planets make.

If the aspects are mostly good ones, there is a great chance that your relationship will be a lasting one.

If the aspects between the planets are not good, the relationship is likely to be filled with conflicts and arguments and usually isn’t a lasting one.

To make a person’s natal chart, you need to have their exact birth data, i.e. their exact time of birth, as well as their place and date of birth.

If you don’t have this information, the good thing is that you can use their horoscope sign to make a similar comparison.

You won’t get as much information, but they could be valuable enough to discover something about this person.

You do this analysis by comparing the basic horoscope sign traits to determine how compatible you are with this person.

In this article, we will compare the traits of a Sagittarius man and a Scorpio woman to determine their basic compatibility and prospects for a relationship between them.

Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man is a never changing optimist, who believes in a happy ending even when all others have given up hope. This man doesn’t let circumstances stand in the way of his goals and his success. He is convinced of winning in the end and he usually becomes a winner despite all odds against him.

The Sagittarius man is a true adventurer. He enjoys to experience new things and meet new people. He has a large network of friends and acquaintances and keeps growing it almost daily. He is fascinated by foreign cultures and uses all his spare time to explore them.

Sometimes he combines his work and career with these interests and he often ends up traveling to wonderful destinations where he both enjoys and earns money.

These men are very passionate and women find them very attractive. They have a very unassertive approach and such an approach often provokes women to begin chasing them.

This approach is actually a part of their nature, but they often benefit from it because it makes people interested in them, while they can maintain their poise. We mustn’t forget how fun and interesting these men can be.

Their optimism and happiness naturally attract people towards them. These are the main reasons why these men have a lot of options for dating.

They usually use these options because they enjoy exploring and gaining new experiences. They are not very emotional and are able to control themselves very well so they usually don’t get attached very much to the women they are with.

They can be promiscuous and prone to flirting and cheating. Many of these men keep these habits even when they are in relationships.

A typical Sagittarius man values his freedom and independence the most and is afraid of commitment. He tends to avoid commitment and that is why he tends not to attach himself too much.

Only a Sagittarius who is deeply in love with some woman is ready to take that step, and it takes a special girl to make this man give up his freedom.

Sagittarius men are usually into sports and often actively play some sport. Some of them prefer individual sports such as hiking, swimming, or running, while others are into collective sports, like basketball or football. Sagittarius men are medium to tall height, and have a muscular built.

They love eating and in years many of them gain some excess weight. Even the ones who remain actively in sports have issues with weight because they often exaggerate and eat excessively.

These men are often superficial, detached, and absentminded. They often hear what they want to hear and choose to ignore the topics they dislike. They can also be very superficial in relationships with people, and not getting themselves involved fully, which some people can consider insulting.

These men don’t have anything bad in mind, they often quickie change their points of interest, and that is how they usually are with people as well.

Sagittarius men are prone to exaggerating in other areas of their lives. The reason is their ruling planet, Jupiter, which rules excess and exaggerating. This planet also rules abundance and wealth, which helps these men to be financially well-off and have luck in earning money.

These men are not scared to take risks and all combined sometimes makes money making machines from these people.

They often exaggerate in risk taking and that leads them into dangerous situations and causes great damage in their lives, which are hard to recuperate from.

Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman has a very confident and passionate personality. This woman never has a problem to say her opinion, and is often very direct in her approach. These women are good at judging people (just like Scorpio men), and they realize in no time who they are dealing with.

They also realize almost instantly if they are attracted to some man or not. Their reactions are immediate. Although a water sign, they have fiery temperaments and are often magnetically attractive to men.

Because of their strong personality and dominant behavior many men and people in general might find them intimidating. They should learn to control their reactions because they can appear exaggerated at times.

These women often have psychic abilities and are often very discerning and able to almost read people’s minds. They do it instinctively and often have a heightened intuition. They are very interested in the supernatural and talks about secrets and mysteries excite them.

Because of their ability to see through people’s minds and intentions they usually feel if a man likes them or not. They often use this ability as their advantage in relationships with people.

Scorpio women appear mysterious and undefined and that is what attracts men the most. When they are certain what they desire they can be surprisingly direct and openly express what they want. These women are bursting with energy which radiates around their bodies. Their energy can almost physically be sensed.

When they make up their mind about something they don’t give up until they accomplish that goal; there are not many things able to keep these women away from their dreams. They don’t get discouraged by obstacles and inconveniences. These often make their desire even stronger.

Scorpio women, like Scorpio men, don’t accept defeat and never retreat once they have gotten into action; they keep putting in effort.

Their strength is a source of inspiration of many people around them, and many people who are close to them, use their strength and energy to help them endure in their own efforts.

These women (like Scorpio men) are selfless about sharing their energy, but they often come into situations where people keep depleting their energy without giving back anything in return.

These situations can cause feelings of exhaustion and the rise of negativity in these usually optimistic people. It is important for them to learn how to protect their energy from energy thieves and know when to distance themselves from these people and stop giving. They also need to find a way to recharge their energy field.

People, even the ones that are the closest to us, often unconsciously feed on our energy so they can fill their own gaps. That leaves us feeling exhausted without being aware of the reasons for feeling this way.

Scorpio women are usually very successful in all fields of life. They are successful in their career, but they are also accomplished wives and mothers. They do things with ease and manage to keep things under control.

These women’s strong personalities and dominant nature often bring them a man who doesn’t have as powerful and dominant nature and one who is practically in their shadow.

For some Scorpio women that is the best scenario because they cannot put up with someone who is more dominant than they are. They are satisfied with having the lead role in the family and keeping things under control.

The men they end up being with are also the ones who need a stronger woman by their side, so they all end up satisfied; another type of Scorpio women desire to be with a man who has an equally strong personality or stronger.

They don’t mind being in his shadow and are actually proud of his strength.

Scorpio women are a wonderful companion and supportive partner. Living with one and being able to experience the full potential of her personality is truly a life’s gift.

Love Compatibility

A love relationship between a Sagittarius man and a Scorpio woman is a good idea only if these two have some other planetary connections in their natal charts. Otherwise, they better skip this connection.

They are usually completely different and incompatible personalities.

He might get on her nerves with his superficiality, irresponsibility, proneness to taking risks, and his inconsistency.

She might appear too strict, serious, dominant, commanding, and judgmental in her comments.

These two often bring out the worst in them. The traits they would usually tolerate in other people bother them in their relationship.

Although he is not a conflicting person, this relationship might arouse some conflicts between them. Even if it happens it usually isn’t a lasting one, unless there are some supporting influences. 

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage union between a Sagittarius man and a Scorpio woman is not a common one.

The reason is their basic incompatibility of characters. This marriage is often a result of a temporary infatuation, which is not unusual because they are both very passionate and can be attracted to each other physically.

They later find out how different they are and how irritated they are by some of the other spouse’s trait.

She considers this man very unreliable, superficial, and irresponsible, while she is too bossy, demanding, and strict for him.

They will soon realize that it is best to end their marriage commitment as soon as possible and that usually happens.

Of course, if there are some other complementing elements in both their natal charts, this union might be a harmonious and lasting one.


A friendship relationship is possibly the best idea for a relationship between these two.

They can both consider each other interesting and enjoy each other’s company, listening to their stories.

Cool Facts

While the Sagittarius man is an outdoor type of a man and very sociable, the Scorpio woman is often a bit of a loner and loves to spend her time in the comfort of her home.

While he can hang around pretty much around anyone, and he constantly meets new people, having a fairly superficial approach to these connections, a Scorpio woman will behave completely the opposite.

She carefully chooses who she hangs around with, and would rather be alone at home, than in some crowded place talking to a bunch of strangers who she doesn’t find very interesting.

This woman doesn’t have many friends and those are her trusted and proven companions and supporters.

On the other hand, he has a lot of friends and acquaintances and he often changes his preferences which of them he likes best. That often changes depending on the moment. Sagittarius men do have some lasting friendships but often don’t have the time to nurture them.


Any kind of relationship between a Sagittarius man and a Scorpio woman, even a friendship one is not a good idea.

They are very different and have a different approach to matters in life.

These issues can sometimes create conflicts between them so they better stay away from each other, unless there are some other bonding elements existing in their natal charts.