Libra Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Can you imagine whole destinies, of all people who ever walked the Earth, inscribed in the skies above?

So far, the astrology is concerned, it is so. At least, known historical destines have sure been written in the stars. Astrology was once an official scientific discipline. Actually, it was the same as astronomy is today; the two were considered the same field of endless exploration, always inspiring, intriguing, magnetic.

Many of the greatest historical courts have all had their own, highly positioned astrologer or astronomer. Official or not, astrology is interesting and useful. It could reveal many things about a person’s life, even his or her future, if we are to believe astrologers.

Each person could have his or her birth chart, a horoscope, created by an astrologer.

Today, there are practical online tools that will calculate your birth chart and draw a scheme in a matter of seconds. Those are fine, but you need an expert to interpret such a complex graphic.

Horoscope is basically a diagram that shows where each one of the solar system’s planets were at the time when you were born.

Astrology claims planets and their energies, conjugations and other elements greatly affect each one of us. Their positions are interpreted in correlation of so-called houses, which are equal parts of your birth chart circle. Each house represents an aspect of an individual’s life, such as family, health, professional life, love life and so on.

By analyzing your birth chart, an astrologer could even tell you what awaits you in future. For example, he or she could see that you are going to face a dramatic change in the area of business, in the following two years.

This is just an example. When you interpret what the astrologer says, having in mind your personal experience and your life to the day, you can get pretty an impressive image.

If you are interested in your love life future, especially if you have a person in mind, astrology could be of a great use. Say you are in love with somebody, but you are only dating for a short time.

You would, perhaps, like to know if it leads somewhere or not. All an astrologer needs are your both natal charts.

They could be compared and the analysis could show if they are fitting.

Libra Man

Today we stick to the basis, an important precondition to analyze any compatibility. We are matching typical representatives of zodiac. This time it will be Libra man and Capricorn woman.

Let us find out what the future has in hold for these two. Let us begin with getting to know each one of them better. First, we will represent a typical Libra man.

Libra man is welcome in any company. He is friendly, sociable and intelligent. Libra man always has something to say, but he would simply remain silent and observe his surroundings, if not in the mood for talk.

Libra man is open minded and warm hearted; he is particularly sensitive to any form of injustice and he would fiercely defend those who are damaged in that way.

He is not as manipulative as a Libra woman could be, but he sees through people and does not let others manipulate him. He is relaxed and laidback, most of the time, which might trick you to take him as an indifferent or a lazy person.

This is a perfect and a very natural disguise for a Libra. Libra man has a sense of responsibility, duty and seriousness, but he does not let those bother him.

In other words, he approaches to everything with ease, patience and tries to understand things. He is not extremely active, but he takes important things seriously. The thing is, Libra man would gladly postpone things he sees not labeled as ASAP.

There is enough time for everything and he is not wrong.

His laid-back attitude sometimes has him missed good opportunities, but he does not regret it or see it unjust, because he very well know why it happened. Libra man takes good care about himself and about those he love. He is protective, caring and warm. He would like to have a settled, comfortable life, which would allow him to pursue his other dreams.

Commonly, Libra men are interested in art, writing, inventing, creating or researching. They have a natural gift for all sorts of measurements, calculations and so on, but also for all sorts of artistic stuff.

An ideal job for a Libra man is that of an architect, an inventive scientist, a professor, an artist. He is versatile and flexible. Libra man does not die for luxury, but he does not avoid it at all.

Libra man is generally a stable, balanced and a calm personality, everyone likes to have around. He usually has many friends and a few of his inseparable ones. Friendship, family and partnership are very important to him.

He is also a good team player and a kind of a diplomat in any debate or argument. He acts as a voice of reason and peace, in any situation given.

Libra man is charming and a lovable person overall. His indecisiveness comes to light when he has to decide to enter a relationship. He enjoys flirting and seducing and does not mind if a woman approaches him first.

He actually enjoys it, although he lacks neither courage nor style to approach to a lady.

He is a gentleman, he knows exactly what kind of compliments work, he is witty and polite, at the same time. However, he would question his decisions, even his own intentions a lot and it could happen that a girl gets tired of games and simply goes away.

Capricorn Woman

Now, here we have a sharp and a very intelligent lady, known for her analytical mind and stubbornness.

Capricorn woman is energetic, flexible, if situation requires so, independent and capable of building up her life path all by her own. Capricorn woman is oriented towards success and she would work hard to achieve it.

She feels at her best when in leading position, but, in her case, it means she needs to be her own boss.

Some type of small business or a creative, independent jib is the best one for Capricorn lady. Capricorn woman would adapt to given circumstances and she has enough patience to stop and analyze things to the tiniest detail. Her analytical mind helps her better understand the world around and saves her from making too many wrong steps.

On the other hand, it could be tiring, when applied to other areas of life, particularly love life. Capricorn woman is not prone to long periods or worrying and depression. If things go wrong, she will find another solution and she is rarely greatly disappointed or discouraged.

She is strong willed, bold and ready to move forward. Capricorn woman is not arrogant and too demanding.

She relies on herself, but she is not distrustful and friends and family are very important to her. She is sometimes considered the most energetic zodiac representative. There is no mountain she would not cross, if she is to pursue her goals or to protect what she holds dear.

Capricorn woman is communicative and very talkative. She is capable of multitasking and could be an impressive rhetoric.

In addition to mentioned, any job that is based on the power of talk is also suitable for a Capricorn woman.

However, it has to have certain degree for independency and liberty. Capricorn women have a wide range of interests, many hobbies and they see somehow to combine all of them. Capricorn woman has a competitive spirit, especially when it comes to areas of her interest.

She always tries to be the best at what she finds her call. However, Capricorn woman does not suffer from greed and she would pay all respects to her rivals, if they prove better than she is. She would see it as a challenge; it would motivate her to be better next time.

Overall, Capricorn woman is a charismatic and positive minded personality. In love, she is loyal and devoted to her partner.

She does not waste time on too much flirting and games of seduction. She is pretty straightforward when it comes to love. Capricorn woman takes love for serious and she would like to get married and have a family. Short-term affairs and one-night stands are definitely not her things.

Capricorn woman believes in true love and is ready to search for it. She falls for intelligent and charismatic men, who would impress her with their knowledge and make her laugh.

Love Compatibility

Extremely polarized connection; Libra and Capricorn are astrological extremes, being an Air and an Earth element signs. They represent everything opposite; their connection is all about duality. Slow and fast, soft and firm, intuitive and analytical, that is what they are.

This relationship, thus, could easily turn into a disaster, but it also has a great potential to become something wonderful for both.

If they get over their initial differences and fall deeply in love, they could make it. Unfortunately, Libra man and Capricorn women usually face difficulties early on. First of all, they do not match well on sexual level. Their sex life is without fire and excitement.

Both are prone to suppressing their emotions when it comes to dissatisfaction with their sex life and it could take a lot of time for them to admit they are not that happy.

They both have stoic attitude. Strange it appears, with their temperaments being completely different. They are proud when they are about something and neither of them would easily give up; they actually try to prove that two extremes could work together.

Their relationship is commonly based on such an idea and vision. They are different in everything else.

While Libra man does not care much about money and simply spends it if he has it. Capricorn woman is calculated, analytical and she tries to save and distribute money the way she sees the most fitting. They would argue about that a lot. If their planetary aspects are favorable, they could get married.

There is an important thing they do have in common, their love for children and a vision of a comfortable family life. They are generally trustful, although Capricorn woman might become a bit jealous of numerous female friends her Libra man has.

However, he is not likely to cheat on her or anything like that; he is simply very friendly and flirty. Too much, if you ask Capricorn here.

Marriage Compatibility

If these two get married and have children, all their differences are likely to be smoothed.

Libra man would realize the time has come for him to be more focused to his private life and family and carefully to distribute money. Capricorn will soften a bit, because of her kids and it will positively affect her relationship with Libra.

They have potential to become a happy and harmonious family, despite all the differences.

Libra man and Capricorn woman do not have problems determining their family roles and they could be a good team.

However, it takes time for them to see through differences they have and actually make use of these.

Once they have come to that, they become cooperative and their love flourishes. It is interested to note that, in this case, the romantic and sexual aspect of their relationship gets better with age.


Libra man and Capricorn woman are not known to be particularly close friends. As we have learned, they are very different.

However, it is good for a Libra to have a Capricorn in company and vice versa.

Both can learn something one from another and, at the same time, to see the world through a completely different perspective.

Even if they do not agree with it, it could be a valuable lesson, by all means.

Cool Facts

Here are three of very famous Libra man/Capricorn woman couples: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett and Faye Dunaway and two of her former partners, Lenny Bruce and Marcello Mastroianni, both of them Libra men.

While Faye Dunaway’s relationships mentioned here were relatively short, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are happily married, since late nineties and they have two children together.


Although very different, Libra man and Capricorn woman could have a harmonious relationship.

Their connection becomes better with time, if they manage to overcome difficulties they encounter while getting to know one another better.

Children and family is what keeps them together, in the first place and it could be a great motivation for both to find compromises.

As time goes by, their relationship is not likely to fade, but to become more enjoyable and exciting.