Moon in Sagittarius

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The Moon is a natural satellite of the planet Earth which moves synchronous with the Earth and orbits the Earth once every 27 days. This astronomical body is believed to be 4.5 billion years old, and that it was created not long after the planet Earth. Many scientists believe that it is composed of the debris and remains left after the collision of the planet Earth with an astronomical body called Theia.

The Moon can be only seen from one side and its dark side remains unknown. It influences the tides of the oceans and the Earth tide.

The USA was the first country to send a human mission on the surface of the Moon and in total there were six missions of this kind from 1969 to 1972. Since then, the only spacecraft without human crew were sent to the Moon.

The Moon spends around 2.5 days in one sign. It rules the sign of Cancer. In each sign the Moon displays different traits, but it has some general traits as well. The Moon rules our emotions, our subconscious content, our instincts and our instinctive reactions, as well as our unconscious beliefs. The Moon in our natal chart can describe our deepest personal needs as well as the amount of security and comfort each one of us requires in their lives.

The Sun is the planet of actions, while the Moon is a planet of reactions. The Moon and its placement in our natal chart describe why we instinctively react to some situations in a certain manner. It also indicates our need for security and the things we need to feel secure.

The Moon is the ruler of the female principle and female energy, and it points out how much we identify with the female principle in our lives. It also rules our motherly instincts and our mother.

The Moon in our chart describes our approach towards motherhood, as well as the influence and role our mother has in our lives. In a man’s chart, the Moon describes their ideal woman and a life partner.

The Moon is also responsible for our spontaneity and our spontaneous reactions. This planet also symbolizes our need for security and protection, as well as our need for protection and the protectiveness we exhibit towards other people. It shows how well we take care of ourselves and our needs as well as the care we prepared to give to others.

The Moon symbolically represents our home. In astrology the Moon also rules our adaptability, our home place, caution, change, our childhood and the childhood environment we grow up in; it also rules clairvoyance and similar abilities, domestic life, dreams, drinks and drinking, emotions in general, inhibited emotions, emotional depression, a person’s family, feelings, moods, motherhood, nervous system, person’s popularity, psychism, psychics, the public and relationships with the public, romances, subconscious mind, weakness, women in general, especially in a man’s chart.

The Moon also indicates how much we need protection and how well we take care of ourselves and our needs. It also shows how protective we are towards others and how able we are to provide for others and give them comfort and security.

The Moon represents the tie between our inner and outer world and shows how well these two are connected. The Moon is our irrational behavior while the Sun is our rational behavior.

It represents the prejudices and beliefs we have, as well as our habits. The Moon shows our uncontrollable subconscious reactions and instinctive behavior. It demonstrates the level of adaptability we possess.

The Moon also rules our intuitive insights, unexplainable hunches and inner knowing. It rules the way we creatively express our personality, through arts or other creative forms.

Some people are more influenced by the Moon than others. These people usually have the Moon prominently placed in their natal charts, either placed in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces), or as a ruler of their Sun or Ascendant sign, or placed on the cusp of the angular houses (1, 4th, 7th, 10th).

The Moon in our natal chart shows in which areas we feel at home; it is the planet-ruler of our past, our memories, and the hurts we carry with us. It indicates how sensitive and sentimental we are. The people influenced by Moon are often very moody and have unpredictable reactions and change of mood and behavior.

The sign where Moon is placed indicates the emotional reactions we tend to have towards the people from our close surroundings, and our environment in general. It shows the way we behave towards the ones we care about.

The house where Moon is placed in our natal chart shows the areas where we feel comfortable and enjoy the most. 

Moon in Sagittarius Man

Men with Moon in Sagittarius have a warm personality and are very adaptable. They accept life circumstances as they arise and they don’t make a big deal about anything because they try to go with the flow in life.

These men usually have a philosophical outlook on life and that enables them such an approach. They are born optimists who always tend to see the good side of things.

These men always have a smile on their face, they are kind and gentle and usually favorite among their friends. They always have an encouraging word to help others overcome their current difficulties. They have very strong and confident personalities.

These men love the company of others, especially meeting new people. They love traveling, preferably to distant countries. They don’t like to be in one place for long, and they are in constant movement. Their ideal job is one that requires frequent travel.

They are usually very knowledgeable and educated. They usually don’t have a hard time reaching the top and fulfilling their desires. They don’t let anything discourage them on the way towards success. These men are usually blessed with good fortune, which, along with their optimism helps them arrive exactly where they want to be.

They love their freedom very much, and they are not conformists. They are selfless and love helping others.

These men have a hard time settling in a relationship with one person because that requires a restriction of their freedom. They are tolerant and usually not jealous.

When they find the right person with whom they can share the beauty of the adventure called life, they become loyal and devoted partners.

Moon in Sagittarius Woman

Women with Moon in Sagittarius are often very independent and don’t let anyone mind their business. They are very intelligent and have a strong opinion about all matters, and don’t allow to be influenced easily.

These women know what they want and go after it. These women are easy going and open minded. They love making new contacts and usually have a lot of friends and acquaintances.

These women (like men with this placement) love to travel, especially to far-away countries.

They love adventures and are prone to taking risks to get where they want. These women are usually ambitious and don’t hesitate to put in the effort to succeed in their endeavors.

They are optimistic and never allow doubts to intervene in their way to achieving success. They always expect the best outcome.

They are loyal and devoted friends and partners. They love and value their independence and cannot be with partners who are possessive and try to limit them in any way. 

Good Traits

Some of the good traits of Moon in Sagittarius:

– optimistic, generous, kind, humanitarians, helpful, brave, lucky, independent, intelligent, knowledgeable, educated, philosophic, good at communicating, easy going, open, relaxed approach to things and people, etc.

Bad Traits

Some of the bad traits of Moon in Sagittarius:

– reckless, lack of focus, absent-minded, overly relying on good luck, lack of attention to details, reacting before thinking, prone to taking thoughtless risks, etc.

Moon in Sagittarius – General Info

Sagittarius is the sign of freedom, philosophy, philosophers, optimism, joy, deep thinking, teaching, higher knowledge and wisdom, positive outlook on things, studies, spirituality, spiritual knowledge, spiritual development, education, traveling and travelers, distant places, distant communication, foreigners, foreign countries, foreign cultures, explorers, adventures, religious people, religion, prophets, priests, humanitarianism and humanitarians, etc.

When the Moon, the planet of emotions and our inner feelings is in this sign, it makes people born with this placement very optimistic and with an overall positive outlook on their lives and their future.

People with this Moon placement tend to be very fiery and passionate in nature. These people are idealists, full of ideas to change the world and make it a better place.

These people are empathetic with the sufferings of others and they will do all they can to ease their pain. They are very energetic and prone to adventures. They love changes and they quickly adapt to them.

These people are frequent travelers and traveling is one of the things they enjoy the most.

They are not home types and many of them use their homes only as a place to spend the night. They usually spend part of their lives living in a foreign country or they permanently relocate abroad.

They are freedom loving people and cannot stand any kind of restrictions. They love their independence and don’t let anyone jeopardize it. They need change and cannot stand stalemates.

Foreigners and foreign countries fascinate them and they enjoy most when they have the possibility to explore the differences and the interesting facts about distant countries.

These people often find a way to travel for work or go to distant places for pleasure. Even the ones who don’t have money manage to find a way to fulfill the desire for traveling and distant adventures. They are constantly making plans for the next traveling experience and are the happiest daydreaming about it.

They are relaxed interacting with strangers and people from different cultures. These people easily make contacts and others perceive them as easy going and easily approachable and they are exactly like that.

Many of these people have friends all over the world and try to visit them as much as they can. They don’t have a problem changing places and living a nomadic lifestyle as long as there are adventures and a lot of traveling.

These people are usually very spiritual and prone to deep thinking and soul searching.

They are often religious, but many of them have their own unique outlook on religious matters and understanding of God. They love to communicate with different people on the subject of religion and exchange their views with them.

Many of them are in pursuit of universal truths and the meaning of life in general. They love learning and expanding their knowledge on different subjects which makes them able to talk to different people.

They are often restless and cannot stay long in one place. That makes them feel as if they are stagnating. They need a change of environment. Their homes are full of memories from their travels because they love to remind themselves of the fun they had there. These people don’t like routine and try their best not to let their lives become one.

These people are usually selfless and enjoy helping others. They are often fighting for some humanitarian cause, and many of them devote their entire lives to helping others in some way.

Their optimistic outlook on things prevents them from falling into negative states of mind and worrying. Moon in Sagittarius people always look on the bright side of things.

Some of these people could have a tendency to be superficial, reckless, and failing to notice important details. They can also be absent-minded and lack focus. They are also prone to relying on their luck way too much and taking reckless risks which might jeopardize their wellbeing. 


People with Moon in Sagittarius are open minded and easy going.

They love their freedom and independence very much, and they are willing to do anything to protect them. They are very communicative and enjoy making contacts with other people. They especially love traveling and learning about other cultures.

These people are not home types, and don’t have a problem adapting to any situation.

They don’t make a big deal about any circumstance they encounter and have an optimistic outlook on life. They can lack focus and attention to details. They can also be prone to rely on their luck and taking risks without thinking things through.