Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Our sun sign describes how we are in the presence of the people from our surroundings. It reveals our conscious and rational side of personality.

The moon sign, on the other hand describes our inner being and our subconscious side of personality.

Our moon sign cannot be seen by others easily because we tend to keep it private or share bits of it with our closest friends and loved ones.

People born with Sagittarius sun and Pisces moon have a personality which is a combination of fire and water element. Both Sagittarius and Pisces have the same ruler, the planet Jupiter, and Pisces has a co-ruler, Neptune.

The influence of these two planets on these people makes them prone to deep thinking and philosophical mind.

These people are often very spiritual and interested in the secrets of the Universe. They often work intensively into developing their spirituality and broadening their consciousness.

These people have a strong interest in foreign cultures and people, usually very distant ones from their place of birth. They are drawn to distant places and often travel frequently, sometimes for work purposes, but more often for pleasure as well as fulfilling some spiritual mission.

These people are often very religious, or they have a unique way of looking at religious matters.

In some cases, they choose to pursue a spiritual career or a career somehow related to religion and religious matters.

They are often gifted with an ability to see into the future, or they have special abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, telepathy, clairaudience, etc.

They are often in contact with other realms of our reality and able to receive special messages for people from the entities which inhabit these realms.

Many of these people are interested in secret knowledge and esoteric matters, and some even practice it. Some of them have healing powers and are able to help people using them.

They are very open to people and consider all people equal. They feel sincere pleasure when they are able to help someone.

They are very compassionate and often able to sense people’s pain and feel the way they feel; that is why they are able to get in tune with the answers and advice they could give them to help them overcome the issues they are currently confronting.

Because of their empathic abilities to sense other people’s emotional state, they often get in contact with people who carry large amounts of negative energy which can be easily transferred and absorbed by these people unwillingly; that is why they need to work on matters of protection against these people who are usually unaware that they are transferring negativity to other people.

They should practice cleansing rituals and using other means like crystals and burning incense to clear the negativity away from them.

These people are not as open-minded, as some other Sagittarius people and others often feel that there is something hidden in their personality.

These people are happy to get in contact with a variety of people and enjoy exchanging their experiences with them. They enjoy learning new things and enjoy talking to people about the things they know and learning new things in their interactions with people.

If they have bad aspects of their moon and sun with planets such as Neptune, and their sun and moon making a square aspect, these people could have a character prone to deception, lying and manipulating people.

They could also be prone to self-deception and disillusioning themselves.

Also, they could be prone to depressive states of mind which they choose to deal with by using means like alcohol and drugs to help them forget the problems they have.

These people could be prone to self-sacrificing themselves for a certain cause. Some of them choose a life of martyrdom for a religious cause. These people often reach high in the church hierarchy if they choose a career in the church.

They are usually very educated and never stop learning.

They could have issues with money due to lack of ability to handle it properly. They can be prone to reckless spending on things they don’t need.

In some cases, with good aspects of their sun and moon with Pluto or Jupiter, they could be prone to sudden gains of wealth and becoming rich by a stroke of fortune.

They are prone to taking risky actions and not thinking much before making decisions.

They often choose creative ways to earn money and are often in the film or photography industry. They could also be talented artists and make a living by selling artworks.

These people can be prone to a lack of focus and absentmindedness. They can also be forgetful and are not very reliable. They need to be constantly reminded of the duties they need to perform.

These people can be into sports, usually because they want to be active and fit.

In some cases, especially because Jupiter gives traits of exaggerating, these people might be prone to excessive eating and becoming overweight.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Pisces:

– independent, helpful, compassionate, sports types, creative, sociable, communicative, adventurers, special physic powers, frequent travelers, etc.

Bad Traits

The good traits of Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Pisces:

– absentminded, lacking focus, depressed, prone to addictions, etc.

‘Sagittarius’ Sun ‘Pisces’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with sun in Sagittarius and moon in Pisces are romantic and emotional, but can be prone to frequent change of partners and inability to settle down in an exclusive relationship simply because of their need to experience diversity and often inability to be only with one person.

These people often desire an open type of relationship where both they and their partner could have the freedom to be with different partners.

Not all of them are like this. Some of these people desire to have a committed relationship with one partner exclusively and enjoy the feeling of their union and the things they do together.

Their adventurous spirit brings these people to various places. Because of their nature they seek partners who have similar preferences.

They enjoy exploring new things and places together with their partners and spouses, as well as traveling together with them.

These people are usually the ones who initiate the adventures, but they also desire a partner who will actively participate in these plans.

They are usually passionate, but also tender at the same time. Their partner should have a fiery temperament but also be able to adequately respond to their tenderness and expression of love. They can be very cuddly and sweet when they want.

They often seek a partner who is into sports and leads an active lifestyle. They cannot be with someone who isn’t an independent individual with a busy schedule.

These people don’t want to be the sole providers and they want their partners and spouses to participate in providing money for their living together.

These people also don’t like partners who don’t have any other occupation besides their relationship with them. They find that suffocating and they usually don’t end up staying with that person for long.

Ideal partners for them are the ones who don’t ask many questions and are tolerant to their need for freedom. Their ideal partner also needs time for themselves, which these people approve of wholeheartedly.

They want someone to raise their adrenaline and push them into action.

These people often don’t want to have children because their lifestyle and busy schedule don’t allow them the luxury of becoming parents.

If they become parents, they are very tender and complaisant to their kids and give them the freedom to develop their talents and uniqueness.

Their ideal partner should be intelligent and well-read because these people tend to read a lot and have a lot of knowledge on various subjects.

They need someone who will inspire them to learn more and improve their personality.

Best Match For ‘Sagittarius’ Sun ‘Pisces’ Moon

The best match for a Sagittarius sun and Pisces moon is a combination of a fire and water sign.

These people could get along with earth and air sign as well, providing they have some fire and water element in their natal charts.


People with sun in Sagittarius and moon in Pisces are not as open as some other Sagittarius people. Their personality often remains closed off for people who don’t deserve to know their inner content.

That is why they often appear mysterious and unapproachable to others.

These people love people and enjoy helping them. They have a philosophical mind and are interested in contemplating the deepest subjects, especially our existence on this planet and the secrets of the Universe.

They are very talented and creative and often find jobs and make their careers in such areas, like the movies, screenplays, acting, photography, etc.

They lead a dynamic lifestyle and prefer a partner who will be able to follow them in their activities. They are romantic and passionate and their partner or spouse should have these traits as well.

They also need someone who is communicative and able to speak about different subjects.

They prefer to be with an educated partner. Their partner should be well-mannered and considerate of other people’s needs.

They are passionate and tender at the same time, and they seek a partner with the same qualities.

These people can be prone to lack of focus, absentmindedness, and forgetting their duties.

They often need to be reminded of the things they need to do, and their partners but also the people from their surroundings must be tolerant of that fact.

Their busy lifestyle and their desire for exploring and experiencing new things often is the cause of why they choose not to have children.

If they do have children, these people make tolerant and complaisant parents.

They usually give their children the freedom to do what they want and develop their personality without many restrictions.

They also encourage them to develop and nurture their talents.