Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The sun sign in our horoscopes describes our outer personality and the side of us which is visible to the people from our surroundings.

The moon sign, on the other side, describes the side of our personality which is rarely visible to most people, and we usually keep it to ourselves or we share its traits with the people we consider close. The moon sign reveals our subconscious content.

People who have sun in Aquarius and moon in Sagittarius usually have open and relaxed personalities. They are people-lovers and enjoy spending their time in the company of people of different nationalities and cultures.

These people consider all people equal and they usually see the good in everyone, ignoring their faults and wrongdoings. These people are citizens of the world, who enjoy traveling and exploring. They enjoy meeting new people and exchanging their experiences.

These people love to learn about new cultures and the differences between different cultures and people.

They want to understand the uniqueness of every person and they are tolerant to people’s differences.

They are very adaptable and give people the freedom of expression of their uniqueness. They usually don’t put their noses in other people’s business and give their advice only when asked.

They can be perceived as eccentric by others who don’t have as tolerant nature as they do.

These people can have rash decisions and moves. They often don’t have the nerves to plan their actions and they act impulsively without much thinking in advance.

These people love the company of other people and are usually not very picky about the people they hang around with. They could also be prone to suddenly disappearing from gatherings and other social events without giving explanations.

They don’t believe they should explain anyone their behavior and they often need their time alone with their thoughts.

These people often don’t respect social conventions and rules and behave as they feel in the moment. If they feel that they don’t want to be in some place anymore, they simply remove themselves, usually without a warning and an explanation.

They are unpredictable but have kind and gentle hearts; these people are ready to help anyone at any time, usually without asking for anything in return. They sincerely enjoy doing good for others and the fact of doing it makes them satisfied.

They always look at the world and reality from the brighter side and try to be as optimistic as they can. They usually expect the best to happen in every situation, regardless of the actual reality.

Their joyful and optimistic attitude usually pulls them away from bad situations and failure. These people often manage to achieve success even in impossible situations.

They usually rely on their good luck to help them in achieving their goals and they don’t believe that only hard work and a lot of effort can bring a person to the top.

They strongly believe that their good fortune is responsible for their success and financial wellbeing and they put almost all their cards there.

These people usually have luck in matters related to finances and are financially well-off.

Even when they don’t have a well-paid job, they can manage to earn additional income or at least win the lottery.

Although they usually have luck with earning money, they don’t usually have the ability and talent for keeping it. They can be prone to reckless spending and/or spending more than they have.

They need to work on developing a sense of control of their actions when it comes to spending because they might seriously jeopardize their financial stability if they continue behaving otherwise.

They cannot continue their life depending on their good fortune to rescue them from their wrong and thoughtless decisions.

One time their luck will run out and they might find themselves in serious trouble.

These people could have strong humanitarian inclinations and are often found in professions where they devote their time and lives to pursuing some major humanitarian cause for the benefit of humanity.

They are usually sports types who enjoy outdoor activities. These people are usually good looking and athletic, and they choose a healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes Jupiter, the ruling planet of their Moon makes them prone to exaggerating, and they can either exaggerate in food or in exercise, sometimes in both.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Sagittarius:

– approachable, easy-going, open, relaxed, friendly, enjoy interactions with people, independent, freedom-loving, direct, honest, optimists, intelligent, innovators, adventurers, good-looking, athletic, travelers, explorers, etc.

Bad Traits

The good traits of Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Sagittarius:

– unfaithful, not commitment types, impulsive, reckless, not good in dealing with their money, unpredictable, eccentric, etc. 

‘Aquarius’ Sun ‘Sagittarius’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with sun in Aquarius and moon in Sagittarius are very approachable and have no problem making new acquaintances.

These people easily approach people they are interested in and usually have a friendly approach which relaxes them. They enjoy interacting with different people and don’t usually have something serious in mind when they approach a certain individual.

People with sun in Aquarius and moon in Sagittarius are usually not commitment types and a decision about commitment or getting married is not easy for them to make. The main reason for that is their enormous need for freedom and independence.

These people don’t need another person to feel complete. They lead fulfilled lives and have many interests and activities and their partners represent a way for them to expand their experience and enjoy in the beauty of interaction with people.

They need variety in their relationships which is why they often opt for open type of relationships where their partners and they will have the opportunity to date other people as well.

Partners who are not tolerant to such requests and demand an exclusive relationship with these people, asking them to devote their entire time and attention solely to them are not a good match for these people.

Their reaction to needy and controlling behavior from their partners is usually distancing themselves from their partners or ending the relationship or marriage.

These people might have unpredictable reactions and their partners usually never know what their reactions will be.

Their ideal partner is someone as independent and freedom loving as they are.

They want someone who has a life outside of the relationship with them and someone who won’t have the need to do all their activities alongside their partner.

A person who is intelligent, interesting, and adventurous enough, and has other goals outside of being in a relationship or marriage, will intrigue their interests and might keep them in a relationship and interested in them for a long time.

These people are not very faithful and they don’t have a problem admitting that to their partners.

They are very honest and don’t have a problem telling their preferences to their partner, regardless of how shocking that might seem to their partners. Not all people with this sun/moon position are like this, of course.

When these people find a person who is the right match for them, and I fall in love, which is not that impossible, they are usually willing to give up their independent  way of living and are able to commit to just that one person.

Their ideal partnership is a relationship or marriage filled with adventure and new experiences, which both partners experience as a couple. They’re usually very passionate and they seek passionate partners.

These people often don’t want to have children because their busy schedule and lifestyle don’t give them enough time to devote themselves to the role of a parent.

When they do have children, these people are tolerant parents who believe that they should give the complete freedom to their children to develop their own uniqueness and special talents.

Best Match For ‘Aquarius’ Sun ‘Sagittarius’ Moon

The best match for a person who is an Aquarius with moon in Sagittarius is an air or fire sign.

Water or earth signs usually don’t get along well with these people because they have different personalities and preferences in life.

Of course, they could get along well with partners who are water or earth signs providing they have some fire and air element in their natal charts. 


People with sun in Aquarius and moon in Sagittarius have open and relaxed personalities. They are optimists, who always tend look at the bright side of Life.

They don’t like anyone or anything jeopardizing their freedom and independence, which is why it is hard for them to decide to commit to an exclusive relationship or get married.

These types of partnerships require their entire devotion and these people are often not ready for such a sacrifice.

These people know what they want. They cannot stand needy and overly attached people because they suffocate them.Their ideal partner is someone who is independent and has some goals in life, and relationships and marriage are not their only priorities in life.

These people are often opting for open type of relationships because they have the need to experience variety in their love life.

Also, they are usually not faithful. Their partners should be tolerant and accept their way of looking at things, or otherwise, they might feel suffocated by their partners need to control them and demand them to spend their entire time with them.

When these people find a partner who is a desired match to their criteria, a person who has an adventurous spirit and also needs freedom to have their own thing, these people might easily fall in love with them and completely change the way they look at relationships.

They might even become exclusively committed to that one person without much thought.

they usually don’t want children because their lifestyle doesn’t allow them enough time to devote to the role of parent.

As parents, they are very tolerant and they give their children the freedom to expand and develop their own personality and talents.