Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The sun sign is revealing the conscious and rational side of our personality, while the moon sign reveals our subconscious reactions and motives.

People from our surroundings usually perceive us through our sun sign and our moon sign side remains hidden or shown only to our closest friends and people we trust.

People who are born with Sagittarius sun and Scorpio moon have a very interesting personality.

These people are not typical easy-going, often irresponsible and absentminded Sagittarians. Scorpio influence gives these people a great addition to their character.

These people are usually down to earth and are not as reckless and thoughtless as Sagittarius people can often be. They are very focused and organized, and don’t let any circumstances surprise them.

They love adventures, like all other Sagittarius, but usually don’t make a decision to travel in the last second; they tend to plan their adventures ahead, and don’t let anything to chance.

They are very intelligent and quick witted. They notice details others don’t notice, and they often have the ability to see through people’s intentions and read their minds.

These people can have special abilities to see into the future or have some healing powers. They usually have a heightened intuition which helps them in making the right decisions.

They usually take their time before making decisions and taking actions because they want to ensure not to make any mistakes.

Other Sagittarius types can be prone to thoughtless decisions and impulsive behavior, while these people usually manage to control that side of their temper and remain calm and focused in situations where they need to take some important actions.

These people love to be around strangers and enjoy socializing with them. One of their great loves in life is their love for traveling. They usually travel a lot, both for pleasure and for work.

They enjoy visiting places which can both be recreational and enable them to learn new things about the country and the people that inhabit it.

They are often very spiritual beings and have a deeper understanding of things, although at first glance they might appear disinterested and a bit superficial.

They can be superficial, that is true, but that usually happens in relationships with people who are not very important to them, and whom they don’t know very well.

With people they know well and they trust, these people are prepared to reveal the entire beauty of their personality and the richness of their character.

These people usually possess great knowledge of a large number of subjects and are very interesting to talk to. These people don’t have a problem approaching people and starting a conversation with them.

They are inspired by their diversity and differences. These people enjoy learning and they usually do that through their entire lives.

Learning about different cultures and people and exploring them is a major part of their interests and they try to devote their free time to these activities.

They are excellent psychologists and have an inner understanding of human psychology.

They also instinctively “know things”. These people are attracted by mysteries and secrets and often choose a profession somehow related to their discovery. Some very successful detectives have this sun/moon combination.

These people often work as prosecutors. They are also excellent lawyers or university professors.

Although they could be prone to some risk taking, they are usually very aware of the current circumstances and the potential danger they could be exposing themselves to.

These people don’t allow things to get out of hand. Their mind collects all the data and controls the situation.

These people have excellent organizational skills and they can do a great job at leading and organizing others. Nothing misses their attention.

Because they are very honest and direct, many people who don’t have the capacity to hear the truth can be prone to avoiding them.

They don’t apologize for being truthful and honest because they have the same approach towards themselves.

Their ability to see through people’s intentions enables them to discover whether they are telling the truth or not. They detest liars and that can be a reason for them to end a relationship with someone.

They are usually good with handling money although they can be prone to some impulsive spending at times.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Scorpio:

– attractive, good looking, confident, energetic, good with money, good psychologists, psychic gifts, intuitive, active, able to read people’s minds, spiritual, emotional, seek deep emotional and spiritual bond with their partners, organized, thoughtful, honest, direct, dignified, knowledgeable, etc. 

Bad Traits

The bad traits of Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Scorpio:

– prone to taking risks, jealous, etc. 

‘Sagittarius’ Sun ‘Scorpio’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with Sagittarius Sun and Scorpio Moon are usually very passionate and desire passionate partners. They are full of energy and always on the move.

They need an inspiring partner who will be able to keep them on their feet and motivate them for even more activities.

They appear open and shallow in their approach to people, but they are in fact very deep and emotional. These people seek deep emotional commitment with their partners, although they still desire to keep a part of their freedom and independence.

Their ideal partner should be someone intelligent, attractive, and has an adventurous spirit.

They can be prone to jealousy and that is why it is not advisable for their partners to test the limits of their patience and provoke them. They want a partner they can trust and if they cannot do that, they won’t be able to be in a relationship with them.

Although they can be prone to promiscuity and changing partners, these people can completely change when they meet the right person.

When that happens, they usually stop with all activities with other people and devote themselves and their time entirely to their partner or spouse.

If they are in an exclusive relationship or marriage, they don’t tolerate betrayal and seeing other people.

When they find the person who matches their often complicated criteria, these people often desire to merge with them completely.

In many cases, their ideal scenario of a relationship or marriage is finding a partner with whom they could connect perfectly both on a spiritual and physical level.

These people often desire to be able to merge with their partners and become one person.

They know how to approach the person they like without them being aware of that fact.

These people can be masterful at the game of courting and they often appear magnetically attractive to their potential partners. These people are usually good looking and they have many suitors.

They usually take their time to get to know their potential partners before making a decision whether to commit.

These people usually have a mix of friendly and passionate approach and the people who are interested in them never know where they stand at with these people.

These people can be very secretive about their intentions and it is not easy for others to discern their plans and feelings about them. They tend to stick to the friend zone for a long time just in case they decide they don’t want a commitment with a particular person after all.

They cannot be manipulated by anyone, and their partner’s attempts to manipulate them could end up badly. These people are very confident and know their value.

They don’t usually misuse their abilities, and they want people to respect them, especially their partners and spouses.

If they don’t receive such a treatment from their partners, that can be sufficient for them to begin changing their minds about them and even to end up the partnership.

These people are very dignified and although they appear disinterested, they could have severe reactions if their pride and self-respect is attacked.

These people can be prone to multiple dating and open relationships, but they prefer finding the right mate and establishing an exclusive relationship or marriage with them.

They are good partners for a union and they usually are the igniters of action in their relationships.

They make good partners with a proper dose of strict and tolerant behavior towards their children.  

Best Match For ‘Sagittarius’ Sun ‘Scorpio’ Moon

The best match for a Sagittarius Sun and Scorpio Moon is another fire sign with water element (preferably Scorpio), or another Scorpio with fire element in their chart.

They could also get along with air and earth signs, but there needs to be a lot of compromise between them, and of course a prominent fire and water influence in their natal charts. 


People with sun in Sagittarius and moon in Scorpio are confident and open-minded. They are keen observers and make accurate conclusions just by observing the facts of a situation.

They are organized and tend to plan their activities rather than to leave them to circumstances. They are excellent psychologists and many of them have the ability to read other people’s minds.

That is why they cannot tolerate lies and deceits because they discover them instantly.

They are emotional and passionate and seek deep emotional bond with their partner. An ideal relationship for them is with a mate with whom they could establish both spiritual and physical bond.

They want someone with an adventurous spirit, intelligent, and independent, as they are.

When they find the right mate, they don’t have a problem committing to them, although they prefer to keep a part of their freedom and independence.

These people are excellent at discovering secretive matters, and make great detectives.

They are interested in secrets and secret knowledge, but also knowledge in general. They are usually very spiritual and often devote themselves to their spiritual advancement.

They are frequent travelers, communicative, and enjoy meeting new people and learning about new cultures.