Saturn in 11th House

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Natal charts are divided into twelve fields or houses that correspond to different areas of our life. Knowing the planets inside houses could help you get a better understanding of your own experience related to a particular area of life.

Various situations that happen to us often leave us wondering if we should have acted differently or not; other times we wonder if we could have avoided something.

While natal charts would not predict things you are definitely going to face in your life, knowing your birth chart could make you more aware of your potentials.

Houses and planets inside them would tell you about potentials related to specific areas of life. The Eleventh House is one of the succedent houses and it is an Air house.

As such, it is associated with available resources and with social relations. We will see how Saturn, the social planet, acts inside this field.

Eleventh House in Astrology

The Eleventh House is about social awareness. This is the house of friendship and the attitude towards friends and acquaintances. This house is associated with all forms of non-romantic relationships with people around you.

The Eleventh House is about gaining, in the widest sense. It is about gain you achieve through social relations.

It is the love and appreciation you receive from other people and the money you earn through your work. This house is a humanitarian one and it tells about your humanitarian goals.

This astrological field has much to do with your perception of the people around you. It is generally a benevolent, pleasant field that is linked to all kinds of successes.

The Eleventh House is specifically focused on unions, alliances, social gatherings and groups and these are all circles that you could benefit from, one way or another. The Eleventh House is greatly about your social circles and your environment.

The Eleventh House follows the tenth field, which is identified with professional path, career and success.

As the Tenth House was the one that indicates your potentials to succeed, to build your name and career, the eleventh field is about maintaining and continuing it. It is associated with long-term plans, with pension, with rest and vacation, with comfort and relaxation.

Each planet inside the eleventh field tells something about the sources of your income.

This house is of Uranian nature and thus very open towards new opportunities, those that follow the changes you have already made and opportunities you have already caught. This is the field associated with liberty and innovation.

The ruler of the house and its position would point out the segment of life in which the native could achieve the greatest level of freedom and express the inventiveness. This house tells about one’s achievements as a part of a group and wider society.

Humanitarian spirit, the sense of unity and the importance of unity are expressed through this house.

This is the house of all the social relations, but also relations with siblings, especially older brothers and sisters. This house indicates adopted children, stepchildren and similar family relations. The Eleventh House is visionary, analog with the sign of Aquarius.

Saturn in Mythology

Saturn was one of the old Italic gods, associated with seedtime and harvest. In the Ancient Rome, Saturn was believed to be the protector of agricultural works. He was admired as a benevolent and a helpful deity, one who bring happiness and prosperity to people and the land.

This might confuse you, since you probably know that in Greek mythology, Saturn was Cronus, the titan whom Zeus, his son, has overthrown. Cronus was not a popular one, though.

This identification happened later, although Saturn was closer to deities of earth, harvest, agriculture and fertility. Demeter was much closer in nature to Saturn than the titan Cronus ever was.

Some sources claim that Saturn’s name originates from a word satus that translates as ‘sown’. Roman god Saturn was married to the goddess of rich harvest, Ops; her name means ‘plenty’. Ops was a deity of fertility and earth, of Sabine origin.

Saturn and Ops had three sons and three daughters. These were gods Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Juno, Ceres and Vesta. All these gods had their Greek counterparts. Greek names of these gods are Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter and Hestia, respectively.

The myth says Jupiter overthrew his father, but unlike the Greek version, in which Cronus was imprisoned in Tartarus, with other titans, Saturn has fled to Italy.

He established a small settlement on the Capitoline and his reign was considered a golden era. During the reign of Saturn, people have lived without wars and troubles, in prosperity, peace and happiness. There were no illnesses and poverty.

According to the mythical story, Saturn passed on his knowledge to people. They have learned how to grow plants and work the land, which resulted in abundance and prosperity.

Once this earth deity disappeared, it was said that Janus has built a sanctuary where Saturn was adored. There were festivities held in his name.

Saturn was greatly admired by people and praised, wince he was believed to bring good fortune and  fruitful harvest; he was associated with everything good the earth has to offer.

You have possibly heard about Saturnalia, the jolly festivities in Saturn’s name; it first lasted for three days, then five and eventually, it took the whole week!

However, the cult of Saturn was later Hellenized. Cronus we know from Greek mythology is closer to how we understand the planet Saturn in astrology. Cronus the titan was not that popular as Roman Saturn. He was not a deity to build a shrine to or worship.

The malefic nature of the astrological planet reminds a lot of Cronus, rather than Saturn, the god of agriculture.

Saturn in Astrology – Planets in Houses

Saturn, as an astrological planet, resembles characteristics of Cronus, not of the Italic and Roman Saturn. This is the planet of misery and sorrow, definitely not a desirable one.

Saturn is the most powerful malefic in astrology, according to many. Grey, gloomy, distant and cold, Saturn is also known as the planet of suffering.

This planet is linked with bad luck, trouble, struggling, difficulties, limitations and restrictions of all sorts. Saturn is the opposite of Jupiter, its neighboring planet. These two planets make a specific astrological company; they are the social planets.

Social planets are related to one’s place within the society and the attitude towards it. Various aspects of one’s social life would have to do with these planets.

While Jupiter is about growth and expansion and the ways you deal with these concepts, Saturn is about responsibility and limitations and the way you deal with these. Saturn’s touch is never gentle and optimistic, but it is necessary.

Saturn is associated with gloomy, dark places, such as caves and prisons, abandoned structures, such as deep and scary mines, gorges and ravines.

Saturn is associated with old people and old age, illness, poverty, despair and misery, with everything we do not like and try to avoid. However, such things are a part of life. Saturn is not only about negative things.

It is also associated with ancestors, tradition, heritage and history. As such, Saturn is associated with stagnation, but also with preservation and maintenance.

Saturn is a cold, merciless tutor; it teaches us limits, responsibility, order and organization. While the taste of its lessons is sometimes bitter, it is not only black and white. Saturn helps things last in time, but it also makes us feel pain and sorrow, which we would rather avoid. Its lessons are difficult to accept and, therefore, even harder to comprehend.

The soul is trapped within the material, physical body, with a dominant Saturn. This is the reason for some natives to feel as if they were somehow inexplicably limited, caged, entrapped within their own skin, if they have Saturn emphasized and in an unfavorable aspect.

Saturn, however, could be good; it prevents us from crossing limits that are not necessary to cross. It teaches us the importance of responsibility and order in life. Form and structure, these concepts apply to Saturn.

Saturn in the Eleventh House – Saturn in 11th House

A social planet inside the house of social relations? Let us see what this combination is about. Saturn in the Eleventh House usually indicates a personality that is cautious about interpersonal relations, especially when it comes to friendships.

This native would not make friends easily, being reserved and very observant towards new acquaintances. This native would see to examine the situation carefully and observe it from all angles.

Natives with Saturn in the Eleventh House tend to be suspicious about everyone new. Saturn is the planet of restrictions, limitations, structure, form and patience.

People dominated by Saturn are strict, responsible and they have their rules and principles. They approach to social relations with the same set of rules as they would approach a job or something else.

They could be very polite and respectable, but they will show you little warmth. They do not like to rush into things, especially when it comes to any sort of interpersonal contacts. It takes time until they could say someone is their friend.

They do not reveal their intimate things to anyone and they do not trust people that easily. They take time to accept a person and let someone into their life, as a friend.

However, friendships they approve are stable, strong and long lasting. These people are very honest, loyal and reliable, when it comes to true friendship. If an Eleventh House Saturn person considers you your friend, rest assured that one would be there for you.

People with Saturn in the Eleventh House are socially responsible and they are excellent in organizing things, especially when it comes to social gatherings, events and projects a big team works on.

They would not let things fall apart, because they have it in their hands. If something goes wrong and not according to the plan, this native would control the situation.

These people are cool headed, efficient and very pragmatic. They are great planners, so there is a little chance something would go wrong, if they were in charge.

Eleventh House Saturn natives are very reliable, respectable and admirable individuals who would always support their friends. In return, others would always be there to help them, if the situation requires.

Although these are not particularly warm or emotional people, their sense of morality, dignity, honor, social responsibility and loyalty are impeccable. All this applies to favorably positioned Saturn inside the Eleventh House.

Saturn in 11th House – Lasting Relationships

When Saturn in the Eleventh House is in favorable aspects, it generally indicates a stable and harmonious social life and friendships that last for a lifetime. A bit cautious and suspicious in the beginning, a native with this position of Saturn is the lost loyal and devoted friend; in return, friends are the same.

These people are surrounded by few well-chosen friends who will always remain by their side and vice versa. They have a strong support in their closest friends.

In addition, romantic relationships of these natives are likely to be equally stable and long-lasting. The principle is the same as in friendships. They would not commit to another person easily.

The person who would like to win them over really has to try hard and to be very patient. Relations based upon friendship and learning about one another gradually are likely to succeed.

There are no secrets or many surprises in such relationships; those are built on trust, honesty, knowing your partners flaws and all the good qualities, on mutual understanding, tolerance and responsibility. There is a sense of duty and honor involved, as well. The same is with friendships.

Overall, all the connections a native with Saturn in the Eleventh House, in good aspects, makes are likely to become solid, harmonious and lasting.

Saturn in the Eleventh House – Lacking Responsibility

If aspects were not favorable, social interactions are not going to be harmonious and smooth. The native tends to approach others with a dose of arrogance and is not particularly nice and polite towards people. Such a person is not welcome and is disliked by many.

This native is not socially accepted, but he or she often fails to realize what the causes were for such a treatment, unwilling to change the attitude.

Such a person rarely has loyal and trustworthy friends, as he or she was not such on in the first place. When it comes to romantic relationship, there is coldness and dishonesty.

This native tends to compete with the romantic partner, which is not always pleasant. The relationship is perceived as a game and, we have to admit, in the game, someone would always lose it.

When it comes to other areas of life, Saturn with bad aspects in the Eleventh House deprives the native of ambition, motivation and endurance, so this person is likely to give up on their dreams and leave business unfinished.

The problem is that such positioned Saturn manifests as a lack of responsibility, contrary to what is natural to Saturn. Unfavorable aspects often turn the original quality upside down.