Mars in Leo

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In modern day, we are exposed to all sorts of tons of information, about everything we are interested in, as well as about what we would never ask for.

This over-presence of everything in the media leads to great confusion and suspicion. We end up overlooking important information and re-questioning everything we thought it was truth.

Alternative and non-official disciplines are particularly susceptible to our doubt, in the modern age. The same happens with astrology. Astrology today definitely has its spotlight, but it also seems to us as just one of the things for our amusement. You read about your zodiac sign in those few lines in your recent online feedback and that is it.

You probably consider it interesting, if not intriguing and might as well think there is some truth in it.

Well, such a horoscope is just a piece of much more detailed info. Popularity in media leads to misconceptions and it changes the essential meaning of some of the basic criteria needed for proper understanding and knowing the astrological norms, rules and overall methodology.

Although today labeled as a pseudo science, not an official one, astrology consists of all basic elements needed for establishing an approach as a scientific discipline. Astrology has its norms, rules, methods and principles, just as any other. Astrology we know in modern times, Western astrology, is of recent origins, while the roots of this ‘science of stars’ seize back into very old days.

Astrology in wider perspective is old for thousands of years; it is, by all means, an ancient science. There were times astrology was glorified and much appreciated and astrologers played an important role in determining the future of a country. They were precious counselors at royal courts, to kings and generals.

Their counsel and advice were of a great importance when leading a war campaign or heading into battle. They were the only ones to interpret the signs that come to us from skies and star above. There were other times when astrology was denied, even forbidden, considered obscure and dark, just as black magic, witchcraft and sorcery.

However, it has returned and in our time, it is given a kind of ambivalent attention. While some people take it very seriously and trust its methods, others find it unreliable and tricky. Some think of it as a fraud and just another way for some people to gain extra income.

Well, the truth is somewhere in between. It, of course, matters a lot who practices astrology.

There have always been tricksters and serious ones and it will be so, as long as we humans rule the Earth. Here, we talk about expert astrology, if we could name it so. This ancient discipline has many paths and we are mostly interested in personalized or natal astrology.

Mars and Horoscope

Natal astrology is related to personalized horoscope of an individual. It is much more from general information you read about your zodiac sign in a newspaper. Natal astrology interprets your birth chart, which is a kind of your celestial identification card.

According to this chart, your personal horoscope is made. What is this birth chart we talk about?

Birth chart is a graphic image of the sky taken in particular moment of time, which is, actually, your date and time of birth, related to the place you were born. An astrologer recreates this ‘moment in time’ and delivers your birth chart.

Today, you can easily get one online, but you still need an expert interpretation. In this chart, there are elements important for astrological analyses.

One of the elements are planets. Today, we talk about Mars. Before that, let us briefly introduce you to the importance of planetary influence.

According to astrology, planetary positions in a birth chart greatly affect someone’s destiny, but also his or her personality. Five of the planets are called ‘personal’ and they are related to your personal traits and your most intimate and individual characteristics.

They are the Sun and the Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars. The first two, as you know, are not actual planets, but in astrology, they are taken as planets. Mars is one of those. Mars is associated with activity, action, determination, strength, persistence, ambition, impulsiveness, courage, boldness, bravery and fighting spirit.

It is associated with the mighty Ares, the Greek deity of war. Planet Mars rules over Scorpio and Taurus.

Planet Mars determines the area of life and the part of your personality you will put the most of your active energy into. For example, if Mars is positioned in the astrological house of career, it means you will put much effort into your professional development and you will most likely become a very ambitious person. Mars in zodiac signs is extremely an important aspect.

This planet rules over our animalistic nature, our instincts and our physical energy. It makes us competitive, enthusiastic, energetic and strong.

Mars, however, could also be very destructive, depending on its position and other aspects in your birth chart. Mars is associated with destruction, difficulties, troubles and even with death. Its energy is fierce and fiery and it could make you aggressive.

It has to be handled with caution.

Mars in Leo – General Info

Mars in Leo creates an ambitious, self-confident, generous and an extrovert personality. The best words to describe such a character are bright and glorious. Fiery Mars and proud Leo are truly a golden match, but let us not be too hasty.

Mars in Leo makes you openhearted, authoritative in a royal manner, protective and enthusiastic about things you are generally interested in.

Mars Leo individuals are focused on their goals and dedicated to what they work on. Mars in Leo is not impulsive, impetuous and rushing. Mars in Leo is determined to achieve great things. These people have inborn need to shine, to be the best at something and not out of pure competitive instincts.

Although they certainly enjoy being glorified and adored, they do not strive for victory solely because of that.

They are noble-hearted and righteous; they despise glory that is achieved through others’ suffering. They see themselves as great inspirers, guardians, leaders and protectors. They are authoritative, but not cruel. Fatherly and kingly guardian role describes them the best; both Mars and Leo possess a lot of masculine energy.

Mars Leo person has grandiose dreams and plans, as well as courage and persistence to get to them.

However, these people are rarely satisfied with small victories and they often underestimate some minor positive results. It is as good as it is bad for them; they are spirited and enthusiastic and not easily discouraged.

This saves them from disappointment in life, since they need majestic deeds to feel almost ultimately satisfied. They are born to leave a mark on the world.

Mars Leo people are strong-willed and supportive of others, although they might appear arrogant and too proud of themselves. Yes, they love to boast around about this or that, but, in this case, it always has some ground.

They are not deceivers or tricksters. Mars Leo do not lie and despise trickery and dishonesty. They are gallant, noble, always well mannered and they value truth, honesty and dignity.

People with Mars in Leo have great potential to achieve their grandiose goals. They are impressively persistent and extremely optimistic. Others see great role models in Mars Leo and they enjoy it; they never feel glory or popularity as a burden.

They are, in addition, friendly, sociable and they enjoy sharing with others. They are openhearted, open-minded and warm personalities.

Mars Leo has an accentuated empathy. Even if they appear reserved and arrogant, they are very empathic and compassionate. They do things with both reason and heart; the two are inseparable in Mars Leo.

Other people enjoy their company and find a reliable, loyal and supportive friend in a Mars Leo. Their positive aura is gold and warm; it literally shines out of their every pore.

Good Traits

Mars in Leo is a golden aspect, to say so. It offers some rather amazing potential for an individual. It gives you tons of positive energy and it is an extroverted energy. People with Mars in Leo are popular amongst their social circles. They are respectable, admirable and honorable personalities.

Everything they do is driven by motivation, which comes out of Mars Leo need for achieving great things.

Speaking about great things, it means Mars Leo want to leave a mark on the world. To leave a mark on the world in a good way means you have to do something that benefits great number of people.

This makes Mars Leos ambition purposeful, bright and genuinely positive. Mars Leo are authoritative protectors, not cruel and merciless rulers.

Mars Leo people are friendly, loyal, warm and empathic.

They are capable of understanding others’ emotions and they are not insensitive. They would do everything in their power to protect ones they care for and to make them feel comfortable.

Mars Leo people are familiar with sacrifice and they see it glorious and almost divine.

Bad Traits

Bad traits of Mars in Leo are all related to their impressive self-confidence that is at risk of turning bad. If they do not care about controlling their need to be the best and dominant in every single matter, they could become too proud, arrogant and to look at everyone and everything else down, from the gilded pedestal they created themselves.

Mars Leo have accentuated need to talk only about themselves and to put themselves always in the first plan. They tend not to let others have their time and this could be very annoying and exhausting.

If it happens, people start avoiding them, because there is no point trying to make them see the mistake they make the other way.

Mars Leo have to be faced with being left alone, in order to see that they have chased away everyone simply by their arrogant behavior. The other distinctive negative characteristic of Mars in Leo is inability to value small steps and to praise small achievements.

This could make Mars Leo dissatisfied in the long run, which eventually could shut down even their glorious ambition.

Mars in Leo Man

Mars in Leo in men signs makes one a guardian, a protector, a king and a leader. Mars Leo men are ambitious, self-confident and noble. Their attitude leaves an impression of a person determined to make great things out of their own life, which are always related to some greater good.

Mars Leo man has a bright smile that would blow your mind away.

He is supportive and caring; Mars Leo man finds it easy helping those in need. He enjoys the role of an inspirer and protector. He is not impulsive and aggressive by nature, but do not provoke him.

Mars Leo man is not vengeful, but turning him away, you will lose a great friend and a noble support. He is very capable of taking care for himself.

Mars Leo man is passionate and empathic. He needs to give himself into everything that occupies his attention, in all areas of life. In love, he is loyal, caring, kind and bold. He does not think twice about approaching a lady he is interested in.

He is an extremely charismatic and charming personality.

Mars in Leo Woman

Mars in Leo women makes an extraordinary courageous and beautiful lady. Mars Leo woman is proud of her achievements and she also has an inborn instinct to protect others. She is ambitious and competitive, but not cruel and aggressive.

Mars Leo woman wants that everything she has every achieved come from her own doing.

She is very self-confident and independent, although empathic and warm-hearted. There is a place for many people in her heart and she would never feel someone’s problems as a burden. She is both reasonable and passionate.

Mars Leo woman knows what she wants and she invests all of her efforts into that.

Just as it is the case with Mars in Leo men, Mars in Leo women is not impatient and impulsive. Mars Leo woman is firm in her dreams and desires. She is not prone to making foolish, instant decisions, but more inclined towards making steady plans.

However, she also has to learn to value every step of the way. In love life, she seeks for an equal.


Mars in Leo is an incredible aspect. This planet and this zodiac sign both possess incredible energy and strength and these are not in contrast.

Mars in Leo offers truly amazing potential for achieving amazing things you would be remembered by.

People with Mars in Leo are born to shine. They have to learn two major lessons.

The first one is to value small achievements and the other one is not to try to outshine everyone else, in every single matter.