Leo in 9th House – Meaning and Info

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Very often, people feel less valuable in their environment – their sunshine simply overwhelms them.

However, for those rare people who dare to be very close to them, Leo in the horoscope will give almost everything. It should be noted that he will never endanger himself.

The lion is important to himself first. After him, everyone else, whether they are friends or family. Although he loves his family, the lion very quickly separates from them and becomes independent.

Leo – Meaning and Info

Very often, people feel less valuable in their environment – their sunshine simply overwhelms them.

However, for those rare people who dare to be very close to them, Leo in the horoscope will give almost everything. It should be noted that he will never endanger himself.

The lion is important to himself first. After him, everyone else, whether they are friends or family.

Although he loves his family, the lion very quickly separates from them and becomes independent.

As individuals who possess leadership skills and a bunch of ambition and positive energy, lions are very successful in business and careers. They love to work and love to give their best. They strive to choose a job that they love and that fulfills them, not just doing work assignments for another.

Hey, there is only one life, and they are the center of the world. It would be foolish to waste time and energy on other people and on something that does not give them pleasure.

They do best in occupations that do not require much interference from others, such as some freelance artists. They have excellent managerial skills, so you can often find them in some management positions or at the top of your own company. They are hardworking, highly organized and what is especially important – they have the ability to motivate others. That makes them great leaders!

They are not frugal. Lions make money relatively easily and spend it even easier. They like to have luxurious and modern things and to be in trend, and they also give a handful of hats. After all, they are kings, aren’t they?

They are not overly responsible with money and do not save for the dark days. They spend money not only on themselves, but also on others. They like to help their friends financially and they feel great when they do. In other words, if you need to borrow money from someone, let it be a lion in the horoscope.

What is the zodiac sign of Leo when it comes to fashion? In short – glamorous. He likes to stand out, he loves fashion, he likes expensive pieces of clothing that are real prey for them and proof of success.

They generally love luxury and enjoy it. And suffice it to say that their favorite color is gold and it is clear to you what style they like. No, it doesn’t have to be smooth, but it has to be deluxe. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it has to be unique and original.

In addition to gold, they also like yellow. They like large patterns on the materials, which catch the eye. Large dots, tiger patterns, tribal and similar details are very often their choice.

When it comes to health, the characteristic of Leo in the horoscope is that they are strong, healthy and generally strong in body structure and large muscles. Of course, they are not indestructible and have their weak point. Mostly it’s the back and the spine.

Also, if their hedonism gets out of control, they can fight addiction.

If a male lion catches your eye, here are the tactics you will use to attract him: First and foremost: Admire him. And don’t spare a word to show it.

Yes, a male lion seems strong and capable with his head in the clouds (which he essentially is), but he loves compliments and enjoys seeing that he is appreciated. It is similar when it comes to sex with a lion man. His erogenous zone is his back, he likes to work around him and he feels like a king! Treat him to an erotic massage and you will buy him forever.

He gladly buys gifts and shows attention to the people he loves. As a true king, he will want to have a queen next to him – a woman who looks good and who “looks good” on him, who does not damage his reputation in society, but perfectly complements him.

In other words, to attract a lion man, you need to be beautiful, well-groomed, charming, smart, eloquent, strong and full of charisma.

A woman born in this sign loves luxury, and although she will try to afford it herself, she is not at all disgusted by expensive gifts and signs of attention. No, that doesn’t mean she’s a sponsor, because such gestures alone aren’t enough.

Attention, love, compliments and the fact that she is the center of someone’s universe still have no price for her! She does not like to compete for love and likes to be showered with attention. She asks her partner to accept her flaws, elevate and appreciate her qualities.

The last thing you need to do is look at the other woman when she is there! Remember, lions are prone to drama. Lionesses often dominate a relationship. In any case, they do not suffer from a lack of respect and always try to keep things in their hands.

If a scene is created for someone, then it is lions. It is not difficult for them to shine on the stage, as writers, singing actors, politicians. They can bite until they succeed, and later they can be real spoiled stars. They love applause, they love when they are adored and they love fame.

9th House – Meaning and Info

The ninth house of the horoscope represents the field of higher education, it is the field of abroad, the journey of the spiritual and the physical. Everything that is far in the real and imaginary sense. It also symbolizes philosophy, religion and science.

This field is also one of the excellent indicators of the intellectual capacities of an individual, whose horoscope we observe shows how wise a person is. It describes our stay abroad, the potential for living abroad, and the propensity to travel.

How do we graduate from college, what do we study. The ninth house is also a house of long-term plans, i.e. field, which indicates what we are planning, because plans are also something that refers to distant things.

It also shows what our view of the world is, that is what is our perception of the world, how do we experience it and what is our basic guiding thought, when we think about that world.

The ninth field of the horoscope also refers to our predictions and predictions, so through the symbolism of the ninth field we can get an answer to how successful we are in our predictions.

This field of the horoscope also refers to studies (faculty), as well as to the acquisition of higher knowledge. The ninth house is the house of our second marriage. It also describes our grandchildren or descendants of our children.

The ninth house describes the way our spouse communicates and tells us about our relationship with strangers, strangers, what long journeys await us and how often we are on them (whether they are real or spiritual).

As with all other houses, it is of great importance with which sign the house begins, which planet rules this field, what are its aspects, as well as which planets are in it and what aspects they make…

Leo in 9th House – Meaning and Info

Nine brings hope because it is known that there is something behind 8, so the first religion is experiential knowledge, an experience in which death is defeated – after that, only stories remain.

It is also the second marriage in which notes will enter, and start a new life because the first marriage is 7, so if he disappears natus leaves at 8 – he is afraid because to get out of marriage looks like entering a small death (the experience is unstable, a man feels different because he has lost something he is used to being). But the moment a person starts something new it is 9.

From 1 to 8 there is one life, and after that the heavenly life begins in the metaphysical sense. Then begins the life in the prenatal period for each individual, because in 8 there is a tunnel in which it is spiced, and 9 is the uterus (Jupiter exalts in Cancer). In the personal horoscope, houses from 9 to 12 can be observed as a prenatal period.

Nine has an incredible power to contain everything – numbers added from 1 to 8 give a total of 36, and a sum of 3 + 6 gives 9. Life becomes complete only if there is that final least common denominator which is 8, and only then for the first time gets a total of 9, a man knows everything. For ordinary life, this can be the final experience of death, because then the natus realizes everything and everything is clear to him.

Man’s mission, which he always talks about 9, is for heaven to be on earth, for heaven and earth never to be separated – that what man learns, unfortunately only when he is left without a body, can be known while he is in the body and that heaven can be lived. On earth, that in physiology natus can live complete knowledge that is not only intellectual.

Astrology is primarily defined by the nature of the 11th house, which is related to Uranus, Aquarius and the way of quick thinking from which the answer is obtained on the basis of one symbol. But in order to get 11, a man must be 9, because the third house of 9 is exactly 11.

The answers that a man gets as an astrologer are obtained on the basis of the synthetic knowledge he has in 9 – so 9 is the primordial house of every astrologer, because when someone starts thinking from 9 he thinks with eleven.

Each border is always represented by the 8th House, and 9 is a new beginning, and therefore 9 houses are abroad because the eighth house is no man’s land, and does not belong to anyone.

Everything that follows describes the events that take place in time, or if it is space, they describe the events and places that are in the interior of that country; and finally all that is at the very end is what will happen at the end of that stay abroad, before the natus comes out.

So, 9 houses represent hope and opportunity for something else. Whatever life was, a person believes that if he studies, if he studies and finishes college, he will have a chance to start a new life.

Nine is necessary for a man as a path, as a point that says that everything will be fine – it is the ruler 9, Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius. To the extent that the 9 Series is strong, there is so much hope and happiness that the 8 can be overcome.

That is why a man who has 1 and 9 severely, and 8 very damaged, cannot cross the river but goes to heaven where his life will run to a new conception. Nine will not save him by itself, unless 8 has a harmonious connection.

If natus has only support from 9, and no support related to 5, and 8 is bad, then he does not live that story on earth but goes to heaven, which is a new beginning.

Nine cannot save a natus if it is not a strong primary fire that is tied to 5, which is the earth below the horizon, just as it cannot have a grandchild if it does not have its own child.


The 9th house at the very beginning describes the beginning of a new world, along the very border, and this is also the beginning in time for natus if it is in a country (if a planet is at the beginning of the 9th house this is what happens when natus enters the country).

Describes the health of the mother in the horoscope of men and the health of the father in women’s horoscopes. In the symbolism of the ninth house, we can also see the relatives of our spouses.

It also speaks about the psyche of the father in men’s and the psyche of the mother in women’s horoscopes, and also symbolizes the friends of our friends, as well as the supreme achievements of our secret enemies.