Saturn in Aquarius

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Planets and stars are long known to have great impact over our life on earth. The ‘music of the spheres’ affects life on our own planet and there have been various theories, as well as discoveries, about what roles do planets and other heavenly objects play in our lives.

Astrology goes beyond what we might call scientific discoveries, although it is also ‘scientific’ in nature.

Its name means the ‘science of the stars’. Yet, astrology is called pseudo science and it is not an official discipline. Here are some rather interesting facts about astrology that might surprise you.

Astrology is old. Western astrology we know and practice today comes from ancient Persia and it is as old as several thousands of years. Its birthday is unknown, but we know it is about three millennia old.

Who was one of the most famous astrologers of all times? It was Nostradamus, known for his prophecies all around the world. According to some interpretations, Nostradamus predicted some of the most striking events in the worlds’ history. Another notable astrologer of the past was Johannes Kepler, famous astronomer and mathematician.

It is also interesting to note that some of historical heads of the Catholic church of the past were much interested in astrology. Some of the Popes used astrological methods in order to determine the favorable dates for their crowing ceremony or else. Many other notable figures of the past practiced astrology or relied on astrological interpretations.

Astrology was one of the established methods for deciding whether you should start a battle or not, for example. Today, people use their personal horoscopes and change the geographical place in it so to discover the part of the world that could be particularly favorable.

Personal horoscopes are based on one’s birth chart. To create a birth chart, an astrologer needs your place of birth, date and time.

If you change only the place, you could see how it ‘fits’ with your other astrological characteristics. This is just one of the possibilities astrology offers (no one claims this is one hundred percent accurate prediction).

Speaking of predictions, it is important to mention that your horoscope is not fortunetelling.

Horoscopes show opportunities and possibilities, not the exact course of events, as one could think. For example, a generalized horoscope you can read for your zodiac sign is definitely not something to rely on, because it is, well, too generalized.

Detailed horoscopes are based on your personal data, so they offer more precious info. Information a horoscope offers is guiding, not determining.

Saturn and Horoscope

You see, your birth chart features important elements such as planets and zodiac signs, placed in a special diagram, divided into twelve houses of which each one represents an area of an individual’s life.

All these elements create a complex and unique image. They correspond with a real image of the sky at the time a person was born.

An astrologer interprets hidden meanings of this complex heavenly art piece. This is not an easy task to do and we could look upon astrological analysis as both a science and art. It requires detailed understanding of physical and mathematical laws, but also great knowledge of pure astrology, understanding of all its elements and more.

It is art, because one has to connect all of these elements and create a unique image that shapes up the reality of one unique human being, including his or hers personal traits, temperament and character.

Planets are very important in terms of astrological analysis. Planets occupy specific positions in your birth chart and create various types of connections with other elements.

Astrological planets are all planets of our Solar system, including some other heavenly bodies that belong to it and the Moon and the Sun. Today, we focus on so-called ‘social planets’ that are Jupiter and Saturn. We focus on Saturn. Social planets are related to your relations with the world around you, meaning your social world.

These planets have lesser personal impact on one’s birth chart and they affect the whole generation, for example. Saturn travels slowly and spends two and a half year in one sign, meaning people born during this time will have Saturn in this or that sign. While Jupiter is related to growth and expansion, Saturn is related to limitations and responsibility.

Saturn is an interesting, but not as pleasing element of one’s birth chart. Its energy is heavy, insensitive, very cold and dry. It is the planet of restriction and limits, of inhibition and boundaries. Saturn is a teacher, but one that would play with your sense of responsibility, duty and self-awareness.

It is called the planet of karma, because Saturn is very efficient in pointing out how your decisions and actions make consequences.

Saturn helps you learn from your own experience, regardless of it is good or bad; actually, it focuses on negative experiences and people often think of Saturn as planet that brings only darkness, misery and misfortune. Saturn is associated with old age, illness, chronic pains, depression, burden, discipline.

It is the planet that inspires the sense of purpose and it guided by rational thinking. This planet makes one focused, determined, ambitious, but hard and cold. Saturn always brings some heavy energy around and it brings challenges. Everything Saturn brings along is lasting, difficult, slow.

People do not like it and it takes really great aspects for one to understand this heavy energy and accept it as some kind of gift. Saturn is associated with maturity, responsibility, excellent memory, the ability to learn, patience, diligence, hard work, persistence and perseverance.

Saturn rules Capricorn and now we are going to find out how it manifests when found in Aquarius.

The place of Saturn in a natal chart is important to understand, because it could help you understand all the troubles coming your way and find the most suitable way to deal with it and even make some use of it.

Saturn in Aquarius – General Info

Saturn in Aquarius acts similarly to Saturn in Sagittarius, meaning it is primarily focused on one’s intellectual side. People with Saturn in Aquarius are focused, they are very intelligent and they do not bother themselves with irrational worries.

They have good nerves and are not easily shaken and put out of their track.

This all stands, of course, if aspects are in favor with their Saturn. Saturn in Aquarius is associated with scientific, inventive, intellectual personality.

Saturn Aquarius people value true above everything else and they are the first ones who would defend it.

They could usually be found in areas of scientific research; they are interested in studying, teaching, education in general. They are oriented on both gaining knowledge for themselves and sharing it with the others, but that they would always do only for a greater cause.

Since Saturn is related to restrictions, inhibitions and all sorts of limitations, it often happens that these diligent people have to work very hard in order to reach their goals. They are, however, some of the most patient and systematical people, so they do not find it hard to accept things are not going to be easy and smooth.

They are dedicated to learning, discovering, researching. It excites them and keeps restrictive energy at bay. Saturn Aquarius people are innovators and the usually come up with some brilliantly original ideas that are valued by public.

It brings a kind of success that secures them decent, situated and comfortable life.

These people are not that burdened with heavy energy of Saturn and their aura remains light and positive, against all odds. Saturn brings them discipline, awakens their consciousness and helps them intellectually grow and mature.

The cold and restrictive energy of Saturn actually helps Saturn Aquarius ones see things from a wider, very objective perspective.

They are thoughtful, calm, analytical and also very intuitive people. They are capable of observing the situation from all sides, of seeing both sides of the coin and understanding circumstances in totality. They usually build stable, steady and lasting connections with people.

They are also reliable, honest and respectable. One might swear a Saturn Aquarius would say the truth even if it would harm him or her. Honesty is one of their major principles they live by.

They are amazing and inspiring people, but they have tendency to become extremely insensitive, completely incapable of compassion, arrogant and self-obsessed.

Good Traits

Saturn in Aquarius often indicates unique and interesting sense of organization and structure, meaning people with Saturn in Aquarius usually have original ideas on how to organize things and put them into order in a way that would be amusing, not dull and seen thousands of times.

They are highly intelligent people and they have authority in intellectual matters. Others would often ask them for opinions, counsel and advice. Saturn Aquarius value truth above everything else and they are ready boldly to defend it, with well-established, firm arguments.

They are commonly well-educated people, always interested in learning more. They are particularly good at mathematics, geometry, physics, chemistry and other of exact sciences that require precision, but also patience, focus and sharpness of mind.

These people are stable characters with good intuition.

They are not easily taken out of their place and they are extremely reliable and trustworthy. They make strong and stable connections with people, especially in professional field.

They fit within wider circle of people, but never blend in. Others find them inspiring and respectable personalities who keep their integrity, but never at the cost of others. Saturn Aquarius are also good at organizing others and they always offer some rather interesting and appealing options for those who are about to work for them.

It is interesting to note that good aspects allow Saturn Aquarius to freely, directly and openly express their emotions, although Saturn is known as the planet of restrictions and inhibitions.

However, they are not particularly warm and sensitive people. That does not mean they do not care about others, especially if aspects are good. They are loyal and devoted.

Bad Traits

With bad aspects, Saturn in Aquarius changes from a stable, responsible, truth-loving personality into an unreasonable, selfish and arrogant person who wants the total domination.

With bad aspects, Saturn Aquarius demands of others to blindly obey them and follow their rules, without giving others any space to express their own ideas or feelings.

They feel as if no one understands their genius and put themselves above everyone.

Saturn Aquarius could become completely ignorant of others’ needs, because they feel almost nothing.

They could become incapable of listening to others and trying to understand them. They believe only in what they hold to be true and righteous and this is where their intuition fails, blinded by arrogance and selfishness.

Their narcissism commonly leads to breakups and distancing from people.

Saturn in Aquarius Man

Saturn Aquarius men are inspirational leaders, people with innovative approach to all things in life. They are original in their work, just as they are original in approaching to a lady.

Saturn Aquarius man is a type of a charming mad scientist; he is irresistibly strange and inspiring.

People find him interesting to talk to. He has brilliant ideas, which are all reasonable and applicable in reality.

This man is not interested in material success as he is interested in being praised for what he is good at. He wants to be respected by others and he thinks high of himself. He could be a great scientist or a researcher, for example.

It is not unusual he is awarded for his contributions to the society, in the field of science.

Saturn in Aquarius Woman

Saturn Aquarius woman is an intellectual type of a lady and she is very interested into research and education.

It is important to her to gain as much knowledge as she can about something that intrigues her and sparks her imagination.

She has a scientific and practical mind and is very original. Her ideas often blow others’ minds away.

She enjoys company of those that are on the same educational and intellectual level as she is. It is not that she openly underestimates other people, but she is simply not interested in small talk. She could be too serious for her age.

When it comes to love, she has firm and usually traditional ideas on how a marriage and family life should look like.


Saturn in Aquarius is a good combination with some really positive elements, if aspects are favorable.

This astrological combo is less restrictive compared to some other combinations of Saturn and zodiac sign.

Saturn in Aquarius still inhibits and restricts, but that usually contribute to overall balance.

With bad aspects, its energy is spoiled. It makes one out of balance, accentuating only parts of the character and turning them into not so favorable extremes.