Saturn in Capricorn

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To begin our today’s journey through the world of mysterious distant heavenly bodies, let us first ask you a question. Do you know what horoscopes represent? Since you are here, you most likely know something about that and you probably want to know more.

Having Saturn in Capricorn is just one of the details in your birth char5t, which is essential tool for understanding your personal horoscope.

Exactly so, horoscopes do not have to be only personalized for individual human beings, but could be delivered for various entities, even for objects. There are several branches of astrology and natal astrology, which we are focused on, is just one of those branches.

Astrology was greatly appreciated in past times. Although today there are, of course, those who respect and practice this discipline, it is not officially acknowledged.

We are interested in Western astrology here, but it is important to learn that there are other paths, as well. Some of the oldest and complex ones are Chinese, Tibetan and Vedic astrology. Each of these has its own principles, but the main idea remains the same for all.

All astrological paths claim skies, stars and planets decide upon our lives. To some point, at least.

They do it in a specific, mysterious way. It is believed planets possess special energies and everything that is happening up there greatly affects our lives. Of course, official sciences have long proved many things related to planetary influence over the life on earth.

However, they do not speak about human destinies, as individuals. Astrology answers to that.

Astrological analyses focuses on an individual’s birth chart, if we are to talk about personalized astrology or natal astrology. Your birth chart could be easily delivered to you today, thanks to our technological, digitalized advantages. You just find an online calculator, type your place, date and time of birth there and you get your natal chart report.

However, astrologers are needed to interpret this chart for you.

This analysis done by an astrologer is like a piece of art; it is a creation made by an astrologer, you as the subject of analyses and planets, stars and other important elements.

This analysis is actually what most of us simply call a horoscope. Horoscope literally means something close to ‘observing the time’.

Saturn and Horoscope

Individual horoscopes are lifelines of individual personalities, as seen in one’s birth chart. However, these lifelines are not unchangeable and they do not give precise answers, but more of directions, to say so.

You see, your birth chart will tell you that you have this and that aspect, but it depends on you how you are going to use such information.

Let us turn our attention to planets in astrology. Planets are very important when we come to analysis of a birth chart. Positions of planets and aspects they create in a natal chart decide many things related to your destiny, but also you as a person.

There are five personal planets, two social planets and three transpersonal planets.

These are planets of our Solar system, including both the Sun and the Moon, which are seen as planets in astrology and they count in a birth chart the same way. Each has their specific meaning, energy and characteristics.

For example, zodiac sign that is occupied by the Sun is your ruling sign. This is what most of people identify their horoscope with.

However, it is much more than simply one zodiac sign. All other signs, as well as all other planets, play their role. Saturn is particularly an important element of a birth chart. It is one of the so-called social planets, which determine our place within the society or, better to say, our relations with the people around.

While the other one, Jupiter, represents expansion and opportunities in social world, Saturn represents the opposite. That is why astrologers and others commonly speak very negatively about Saturn. One would say it only bring misery, despair, illness, misfortune, trouble and even evil.

However, both Jupiter and Saturn are valuable teachers; they connect us with collective, each one in its own manner.

Saturn embodies the principle of limitation and restriction, which is, you have to agree, necessary to have. Saturn might be cruel, but it is the planet of karma, judgment, establishment, order, structure, limits, authoritative principle and hierarchy.

All of these are very important if we talk about one’s place within the society.

Saturn could give you some valuable life lessons, but you have to possess an open mind to comprehend them. Many times Saturn teaches us lesson by very insensitive ways. Saturn represents our own limitations and limitations of the world around us and it makes us realize all those limits.

This kind of ‘awakening’ is definitely not particularly a pleasant experience.

No one wants to throw away their pink eyeglasses and see reality in its raw form. Although many claim Saturn only brings evil, even if aspects with this planet are good, there has to be something good in it. Saturn does bring troubles in long term.

It is associated with all negative circumstances that are chronic, but, at the end of the day, they are here to teach us something.

Saturn is also the planet of focus, patience, determination, seriousness, responsibility, self-awareness and maturity. It is an essentially cold, dry and masculine, daytime astrological planet. It rules over the sign of Capricorn and we are just about to tell you more about Saturn in Capricorn.

Saturn is also associated with our old age. Amongst other ideas and concepts, Saturn is associated with perseverance, strength, cautiousness, diligence and excellent memory.

Saturn in Capricorn – General Info

Saturn in Capricorn meets its natural position. With good aspects in one’s horoscope, Saturn in Capricorn plays well. People with Saturn in Capricorn are commonly distinctively ambitious and they have strong desire to have power.

They are particularly interested in politics and reaching rather influential positions in this field.

However, they could also be found in the area of scientific and educational-research work. People with Saturn in Capricorn are very career oriented and they are ready to sacrifice a lot in order to reach their desired position.

They are extremely analytical, thoughtful and tactful. Saturn Capricorn people always carefully plan things, systematically, step by step, before making any decision.

They are smart, cold blooded and calculated; Saturn Capricorn are definitely not explosive, impulsive ones and they do everything to avoid any risk. It often happens life puts them before challenges at an early age, so they mature before their companions.

These people are serious and tough. They have a lot of life experience and they are tough.

Their attitude is probably formed early one and they keep it for the rest of their life. This could be a good trait, just as it could be a downside. They tend to rely solely on themselves and cannot stand any objections or criticism of those who have less experience than they do.

They are one of those know-it-all types of personalities, but their knowledge is always rooted in personal experience, not in theory.

Saturn Capricorns are distrustful of those lacking experience and they would never leave them certain responsibilities. This makes them quite exclusive and judging people who do not give others chance to show what they are capable of.

Those would have to search for an opportunity to gain experience elsewhere and then show it to Saturn Capricorns.

At least that is how Saturn Capricorns imagine the scenario. These tough and calculated individuals strongly believe that there is no gain from others mercy or whatever.

They believe nothing comes without really tough work. They appear as personalities of dignity, honor and authority, which they are. They have distinctively conservative and traditional views.

They do not like things being relaxed, because they see it as out of order. They lack the ability simply to lie down and watch what is happening around, let alone to wait for anything.

No pain, no gain, that is exactly how one Saturn Capricorn thinks.

Saturn Capricorn people are ones of the most inflexible ones.

They do not like changes and they hardly accept them. Saturn Capricorn people respect authority, as long as these belong to their traditional set of values. They follow orders and they do not find difficult to fulfill their duties.

It is the change or hanged situation where they find themselves insecure and even rebellious.

Good Traits

Saturn in Capricorn makes one a person who has a clear perception of his or hers road to success. These people are perfectly capable of organizing their lives and efficient in bringing their plans into realization.

Since Capricorn is a favorable and natural place for Saturn, with good aspects, this planet inspires realization of one’s full potential and helps a person channel this energy well.

Saturn Capricorns are self-disciplined, responsible and organized people. They have good ground for achieving impressive results in career and on financial plan. When it comes to private life and love, good aspects of Saturn in Capricorn allow for clearly a defined and stable relationship.

Relationships of Saturn Capricorns are based upon strong mutual trust and full devotion.

With good aspects, Saturn Capricorn becomes the guardian of tradition and heritage.

Traditional values are very important to these people, but with good aspects, they could come up to amazing ideas on how to preserve those and incorporate them into the modern world. This is a noble task to do and Saturn Capricorns could be brilliant in it.

These people often have brilliant ideas on how to promote old values to other people and make them understand the importance of it. Saturn Capricorn people are also known to be extremely loyal and trustworthy individuals.

They approach to every situation with full attention and seriousness and they expect the same from others.

Bad Traits

Bad aspects for Saturn in Capricorn make things really bad. Selfishness of Saturn Capricorns is genuine.

They are capable of exploiting and manipulating others if this would bring them positions they want. They are characteristically insensitive and indifferent of other people’s problems, the worldly problems and everything except themselves. They are capable of finding the most indecent ways of gaining power.

It could happen that they completely lose their sense of aesthetics and that they value everything solely for the price, not the quality. They could also become so literal that it becomes unbearable.

It often happens that persons with Saturn in Capricorn, even if aspects are bad, reach high position and become successful; only such achievements are short term. The higher ground they reach, the more disastrous the fall.

Even when faced with failure and inevitability of change, they refuse it. They can get so stubborn that they defend their conservative, strict opinions at all costs.

It takes something really dramatic to happen so that a Saturn Capricorn change his or hers mind and attitude. They need true enlightenment to do such thing.

Saturn in Capricorn Man

Saturn Capricorn men are ambitious and career oriented. They have clear vision of their success, professional and financial, so the work hard on achieving it. They are fully committed to their work and rarely find time for other things.

Order and discipline are of much importance to them. This does not mean Saturn Capricorn men do not hang out with friends or fall in love. Of course not.

However, they choose their company and do not like a lot of partying. They are charming, intelligent and perhaps a bit too serious about everything.

When it comes to love, they are daring and their attitude could be really irresistible. They are type of men who will definitely show a woman they have serious intentions.

Saturn in Capricorn Woman

Saturn Capricorn women are pretty much the same. A know-it-all type of a lady, who fiercely defends her causes and opinions. She is tough and experienced in many things; not many things could scare her or make her feel fragile.

Saturn Capricorn woman has a strong aura and she leaves an impression of a bold, righteous and iron-type of lady. Men would often hesitate to approach her, regardless of her beauty.

She is beautiful and strong, beautifully strong. Saturn Capricorn women are also direct in her intentions, no matter what is in subject.

It could even happen that she approaches a guy and she feels perfectly fine with it.

She is a type of bold and strong femininity and she knows how to use it. She would take advantage of her charms in order to get something she is interested in. In that sense, she is more liberal than Saturn Capricorn man is.


Saturn in Capricorn is at its home, so no wonder there are some rather good characteristics of this astrological combination.

On the other hand, no wonder that those could turn really bad.

Saturn in Capricorn makes one ambitious, but also overly ambitious, organized and responsible, but also insensitive and merciless, traditional, but also retrogressive to some point.

It takes time until these individuals learn how to balance this incredible Saturn in Capricorn energy.