Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The Sun in a natal chart represents one’s true self, one’s personality and Ego, while the Moon represents hidden self and emotions.

People commonly identify their native sign with the whole horoscope.

However, horoscopes are much more complicated to understand.

The native sign definitely tells a lot about who you are as a person.

The Moon as well, but so do all other planets. The Sun and the Moon are the first to analyze.

Sun Sign

The Sun represents glory and power, in their most magnificent and positive way, if the Sun sign is in good aspects.

It also stands for generosity, openness, valiancy, bravery and knighthood.

The Sun supports the best qualities of a character. The Sun inspires one to create, to develop and to progress. With good aspects, its energy flows freely and is benevolent, bright, and even glorious.

The Sun rules the sign of Leo and is of masculine principle. It is, of course, associated with the element of Fire.

The position of the Sun in one’s birth chart tells about the degree of dedication to one’s goals, the level of ambition and shapes up one’s way to show the world who he or she is.

The Sun always requires acknowledgment and recognition.

It could happen that it faces some bad aspects. In that case, its bright, golden energy is corrupted.

One becomes vain, ill ambitioned, aggressive, cruel and unscrupulous. One should pay attention to this risk and nurture the Sun’s positive energy, which is always there.

The Sun represents nobility, honor, authority, courage, warmth and passion. All of these could have their bad and good side, of course.

The Sun symbolizes the following personality types. They are kings, knights, judges and any type of authority figures.

The Sun represents the figure of a father and is closely associated with the concept of protection and guardianship.

They Sun is also about leadership and motivation. In short, it represents everything that moves you and makes you lively.

Sun in Cancer

Cancer is the sign richest in emotional capacity. The only ones that could match Cancer are its Water element ‘relatives’, Pisces and Scorpio.

However, Cancer is possibly the most sensitive one. This sign is marked by great emotional depth and hypersensitivity. Cancers are gentle, caring and empathic people.

They find great happiness in pleasing people they care for. They are family oriented and not very extroverted.

Cancers do not like to be in the center of attention, not even for positive reasons. They tend to be shy and mysterious. People cannot easily recognize a Cancer.

They are quiet and they do not openly speak up about their deep and rich emotions. They are cautious, because they are aware of their own emotional fragility.

Ideal Cancers are noble and caring. They live according principles of mutual help, support, sharing and love.

They would kindly offer their support to anyone who is sad or feeling down for any reason. They are comforting personalities.

Sun Cancers are highly imaginative and creative people. Art is commonly a good channel for a native Cancer to express all the deep feelings he or she holds inside, without verbalizing them aloud.

With good aspects, a Cancer is a true humanitarian, a protector and caregiver. His or hers activities are associated with philanthropy and family care, for the most part.

Home, tradition, patriotism and children are all important concepts in a Cancer’s life.

With bad aspects, a Cancer native becomes unstable, irritable, moody, pathetic, too conservative and reserved.

Moon Sign

While the Sun represents your Ego and rational self, the Moon is the other, hidden side. It is your intuitive voice and your emotional being.

The Moon is beyond consciousness. It is a mysterious, inner voice that speaks to you from the depths of your soul.

It tells a story about your deepest desires and rue needs. You should always listen to this voice.

Astrologers say that the Moon is as important as the Sun is, when you analyze a birth chart. Emotions are an inevitable part of our life and personalities and they cannot stand alone, just as the reason cannot stand alone without feelings.

The Moon is associated with the element of Water and it rules the sign of Cancer. It affects greatly the other two Water signs, Scorpio and Pisces.

The Moon awakens one’s imagination and inspires visions and dream. It has always been associated with mysteries and magic.

The Moon, as an element in a natal chart, represents the area of life that could bring you the greatest emotional turbulences.

The Moon marks the source of your emotional stability, but also the source of the greatest insecurity and vulnerability.

Overall, the Moon affects your reactions towards people and situations in life. It is related to your impressions.

The sign in which the Moon dwells affects your reactive nature.

For example, a sensitive sign such as Cancer would make one very vulnerable in these terms, while a strict one, such as Capricorn, would make one emotionally distant and cold.

Moon in Aquarius

Today, however, we talk neither of Moon Cancers nor of Moon Capricorns, but about the Moon in Aquarius.

The Moon in Aquarius indicates a personality that puts their emotions on a bigger plan.

These people are visionary, idealistic, guided by the idea of ultimate purpose. They believe it is their destiny to help the whole humanity.

They could be as emotionally distant from their closest environment as they can be emotionally involved with their big ideas. They truly love the world and the people.

Aquarius Moon is a shield that guards all who are weak and helpless.

Aquarius Moon stands for those who need support, whose voice is never heard. Aquarius Moon finds incredible joy and satisfaction in defending the ‘right’ cause.

These are people of an open mind, liberal in thinking and attitude. They need freedom and independence. They are the most passionate about their ideals of a better world.

Moon Aquarius people hardly lose hope the world could eventually become a better place for all. They are visionary and imaginative individuals.

Moon Aquarius people are known for their individualism and originality. They are not shy or afraid to stand out. Their hearts beats proud and strong about their ideas.

These people care about all. It happens that they lose touch with what is near them, lost in their visions and plans.

They always have some great cause to defend. They rarely find interest or any satisfaction in materialistic world.

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon Personality

Here we have a true romantic idealist. Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon are deeply emotional personalities, passionate about their causes.

They combine gifts of amazingly strong imagination and intuition with their visionary, humanitarian and overall idealistic nature.

They are often considered lucky people. Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon are assertive, helpful and empathic.

They are capable of truly connecting with people, without wasting themselves emotionally. However, it takes good aspects to be so.

This is, indeed, a rare gift. It makes these individuals one of a kind. Cancer Sun Aquarius people take inspiration from their surroundings. They are capable of feeling the world and taking the energy from it.

They as well inspire others. Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon easily recognize people of the same views and build strong connections with them.

They like to feel equal amongst equals. They are interested in science, politics, religion, history.

Everything that has to do with both the society and the humanity interests them.

Good Traits

The capability to deeply connect with people and think in big terms, without wasting your own energy is a rare gift.

This is why Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon are considered lucky. It is because it seems nothing can break their optimistic spirit.

They show both empathy and reason and on a bigger plan.

They often get attention for their original ideas, without ever trying. They are commonly role models to others.

Bad Traits

Anyone with so much visionary potential could go astray. Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon are at risk of fanaticism, obsession and zealotry.

They could go all the other way around and become very passive, seduced by ideas they convince themselves to be the best and the only cause to follow.

This is not always right. Ideas that seem to be for the better of everyone could cloud their reasoning and make them blind followers, while at the same time, preachers of such ideas.

Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon in Love and Marriage

Interestingly, but Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon usually start a conversation with one they are interested into.

Sun Cancers generally are shy and have difficulty in openly expressing emotions, out of their fear of being harmed.

Aquarius tends to be distant and occupied with other causes, but they need love and affection, so they choose to act.

These people dream of a romantic, fulfilling relationship, full of mutual understanding and tolerance.

They are faithful to their lover. They dream about a person who understand their purpose and who will not follow them, but stand by their side.

They are ready to wait for a perfect one. In a relationship and marriage, they always need to keep some personal space.

Best Match for Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon

Such an ideal person these ones dream of is not easy to find, but they are ready to wait.

As we have said, it has to be someone full of understanding, the one who actually shares a Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon vision of the world.

It has to be someone who offers freedom, but who will be faithful.

It is someone a Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon sees his or hers mirror reflection, but also individuality. Yes, it is an idealistic vision.


Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon are above all unconventional.

They often come up with rather astounding and original ideas about the world as a whole. They have common sense, although guided by ideals.

They are capable of realizing what is applicable and what is not, but they never stop dreaming.

Overall, they are hopeful, optimistic and passionate about their vision of the world.