Saturn in Virgo

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Zodiac sign you were born in does not determine your overall horoscope, which what many people think. Your ruling sign is only a part of a much complex image and that is your birth chart.

It represents many other important elements besides your zodiac signs. It features all other signs, planets and all astrologically important elements, needed for a proper astrological analyzes. All elements affect your zodiac sign and vice versa.

Moreover, they all affect one another. This pattern of correlated and intertwined aspects is what actually makes your horoscope the way it is.

So, horoscope is not only your ruling zodiac sign. People usually ask only about that and make observations and conclusions about you as a person solely based on characteristics of your zodiac sign.

Well, you may be a Scorpio in horoscope or a Leo, maybe Taurus or an Aquarius and so on, but you also might have planet Venus in your third house and planet mercury in the sign of Capricorn. It does make your horoscope way more complicated than simply being a Scorpio or else, don’t you agree? It is the magic of the stars and heavens that creates our destinies.

At least, astrology claims so. It sounds magical and mysterious, but astrology is well-structured discipline, just as any other scientific approach. The long road of astrology itself is turbulent and strange.

Today, it is considered a pseudo science; it has been in use since long ago, but it is not taken seriously by official circles. In ancient times, it was praised and respected.

Astrology was commonly practiced at royal courts or on the battlefield; it was consulted in order to make important decisions that could affect the whole nation, country or so. Astrologers were admired and respected; their opinion mattered a lot. Today, astrology is reachable to anyone. It is not reserved for kings or generals and opinions on astrology are many.

There were times in the past when astrology was banned and considered a diabolical work, but then there were other periods in which it was put on pedestals. There are many great names amongst popular astrologers, ones such as Nostradamus or Johannes Kepler.

Astrology was a field of interest of many intellectuals, wise men, scientists and scholars of all sorts.

In our day, people generally focus on natal astrology, which one of sub-categories of astrology in general. It is what interests us the most, as well. Natal astrology analyzes the life of an individual and we are sure you are here to learn something more about particular features of your birth chart and your horoscope.

Today we will talk about planetary influence of Saturn.

Saturn and Horoscope

Planets are vital element of one’s birth chart and horoscope. Western astrology is based upon the movement of the Sun and it interprets positions of planets as seen in our Solar system. In ancient times, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto were not known, because they were invisible to people and astronomers/astrologers of the day.

Each astrological planet has special character and energy.

Your birth chart represents positions of planets at the time you were born. An astrologer analyzes these positions and offers you valuable information about your personality and your life. Each planet plays an important role in your horoscope, depending on where it stands.

One has to possess great knowledge about planets and all elements of astrological analyses.

You can easily get your birth chart online, but you need an expert to interpret it. By looking at your chart, he or she could tell you what your potentials are and such information could help you better understand yourself.

Particular positions of planets, for example, could help you understand some of you past actions and direct you towards a good direction in the future.

Saturn is the planet of life lessons. It is, somewhat unfairly, entitled as an evil planet. Saturn does carry a veil of darkness along. It is associated with merciless and cruel titan Cronus, from Ancient Greek mythology, the one that mutilated his father and actually eaten his own children.

Eventually, Cronus was defeated by one of his children, the mighty Zeus.

In astrology, Saturn remains cruel and cold, but not devouring. These ancient attributes are incorporated into modern astrology as archetypes. Many astrologers see Saturn as a messenger of misfortune and misery, the one that brings only illness, trouble and tiredness and all in the long run.

Saturn is not all about that, but it is, indeed a heavy and difficult feature.

Saturn is associated with inhibitions, limitations, discipline, responsibility, restrictions, persistence, perseverance and diligence. It is one of the two ‘social planets’, along with Jupiter.

While Jupiter is the planet of opening and expansion, while Saturn is about closure and withdrawal. Social planets determine our place in overall society, as individuals.

Saturn is a kind of a life couch, but not in particularly benevolent and pleasant way. Saturn chooses its methods based upon the place it occupies in your birth chart. It could show your weaknesses and your mistakes from the past, in order to make you aware of it and actually help you overcome them.

Unfortunately, most of the people feel as if it is pure evil coming their way and they commonly fail to understand the lesson.

Saturn in Virgo – General Info

In a way, Saturn is the planet of karma. You have to agree that it is the most difficult task to deal with your own decisions and deeds, especially those that put you in a bad position in the past.

People unconsciously tend to defend themselves from any negativity, even if someone wants to help them by showing them where they have mistaken.

Well, Saturn is a teacher you cannot avoid, if it is accentuated in your birth chart.

Here we have Saturn, the cold, the tough and the heavy in Virgo that is also very cold, reserved and petty. What happens when strict and inhibiting Saturn meets cold Virgo that is also the sign of details and perfectionism? Saturn in Virgo accentuates this obsession with details and promotes perfectionism.

People with Saturn in Virgo have an extremely well developed sense for details, on all plans.

They need everything to be impeccable, organized, controlled, and perfect. They feel the same in every situation and in every area of life. They expect order and control on a career-financial plan, as well as on love life plan, in social and family life.

They are extremely hard to deal with, because they know no compromises, they are inflexible, stiff and very reserved. They are commonly emotionally completely unreachable.

Saturn Virgo’s worst fear is loss of control. Even the slightest sign that shows they are not in total control over a situation could disturb them. They feel very anxious and uncomfortable once they realize they are not in control or that a place is a mess or anything like that.

Their mind cannot accept the idea of imperfection, the fact that it is impossible to control everything and that it is not their task to organize everything.

It puts so much pressure on them and makes them nervous and frustrated, but they are, at the same time, determined not to share their emotions with others.

They tend to be obsessed with their job or a hobby and their only goal is to do it perfectly. They are introverted and reserved. Others see them distant, insensitive and indifferent, which they could really be at times.

However, Saturn also make these people pragmatic, efficient in everything they have in mind, diligent and confidential people.

Saturn actually feels good in Virgo, so it could also support natural characteristics of the sign, such as analytical and systematical mind. They are precise and concrete. These people systematically reach their goals, through carefully organized plans and methodical work.

Good Traits

Virgo is not a bad place for Saturn and if this aspect is well-positioned in relation to others, this could be a very good combination. Saturn in Virgo makes one methodical, systematical, hard working and precise. Saturn Virgo does everything with a cool mind; he or she carefully organizes things and rarely makes hasty decisions.

These people want to bring everything to perfection, which could lead to amazing results, especially in the field of career or some of their interests. They are patient and committed to their goals.

For example, if you have a Saturn Virgo who is an architect (and this is a good call for Saturn Virgo), he or she would spend days and night trying to take out the best of the project.

This Saturn Virgo architect would re-draw their schemes for hundreds of times, until they are satisfied. They want to see their ideas brought to perfection in reality. This is only one illustrative example, but that is how these people are.

Moreover, they value themselves the way they are.

They are commonly interested in scientific work, medicine, research or else. They are persistent in their ideas and unshakeable. Saturn Virgos are confidential and reliable, although not particularly empathic.

However, you could always rely on them. They follow rules and always keep their word.

Bad Traits

Saturn in Virgo commonly indicates a dark and heavy character, a tendency towards depression and pessimistic thinking, even if aspects are good. This does not make these people less brilliant in their work, for example, but it does make them tiring and difficult to have around. They are petty and extremely rigorous and demanding.

They want perfection and they will ask for it from you. They demand the same from themselves and inability to achieve everything leads them to misery and illness. Saturn Virgo people commonly get to the point of exhaustion, because of their obsession with work.

They can become so serious that they completely lose the sense of humor, much needed in their life. They commonly opt for professions that are amazing, but hard to deal with, such as medicine or engineering.

They are dutiful and responsible, but to the point that they blame themselves for everything that goes wrong.

It is something way above their care for others; it is solely related to their sense of selves. If they cannot control things nor do it impressively, they feel disappointed to the point that it can seriously drive them into depression.

Saturn Virgo have difficulties accepting their imperfections and constantly feel as if they should do more.

Saturn Virgo with bad aspects are incapable of perceiving small achievements as something genuinely positive. They do things systematically, but value only perfection, which is unreachable. That is a common paradox of a Saturn Virgo’s life.

They can lose motivation, simply because they have exhausted themselves by their impossible expectations.

Saturn in Virgo Man

Saturn Virgo man is a person who follows rules, who is well mannered, disciplined and organized. He is brilliant in organizing things and enjoys it. A Saturn Virgo man dreams of success and carefully, systematically and patently works on achieving his dreams.

He is attracted by the idea of perfection and he would like to have a structured, comfortable and situated life.

Saturn Virgo man is stylish and has a refined taste in everything.

He is a great aesthete, but he does not admire things simply because of their outer beauty. He is very interested in how things work, so the best combination in a head of Saturn Virgo man is a perfectly functioning mechanism that also looks appealing.

That is how he sees everything.

Saturn in Virgo Woman

Saturn Virgo woman is oriented towards the tiniest details, regardless of if her style is in question or her home or her work. She does things with precision to impress and she loves it.

Saturn Virgo woman is hard working, a careerist and usually successful in the field she has chosen. She is patient, responsible and reliable personality.

This woman believes in structures and she obeys rules of the society.

She excels in what she knows best and keeps on improving her skills. She has rather brilliant and ingenious ideas and she is a person respected in wider circles.

Only men who are determined in their goals and who will stay by her side and support her attract her. For Saturn Virgos, love is more of a partnership than a romance.


Saturn in Virgo is in a suitable place for this cold planet with its specific energy.

Saturn in Virgo accentuates orientation towards details, precision and perfection, in a good or a bad way.

On one side, by intensifying this urge to make everything perfect, Saturn in Virgo faces you with absurdity of the idea and helps you realize and accept that it is impossible. It could bring a tremendous relief.

On the other hand, it boosts this strife for perfection in a good way, driving your motivation.