Libra Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Meeting someone who stirs your interest immediately arouses the desire to discover as much you can about that person.

We all have experienced such a situation more than once in our lives.

Nowadays, we simply reach to their social profiles to see their recent activities and find out what is going on in their lives, are they single or in a relationship, what are their interests, etc.

Another way we can discover if we are compatible enough to be in a relationship with this person is doing an astrology compatibility analysis. To make such an analysis, it would be ideal if you have the person’s accurate birth data, which means their date, time, and place of birth.

That way, both of your natal charts can be drawn, and a thorough comparison between the charts can be made, which can point out to the good and the bad in your relationship with this person.

This analysis could be quite useful in any form of relationships between people, not only romantic ones.

Although a precise astrology compatibility analysis is the best way to determine whether you and another person are compatible enough to establish and maintain a lasting relationship, another person’s birth data is not as easy to attain when you have just met someone.

Asking about that information would usually be considered rude and nosy.

The information you could get with fair ease is their horoscope sign, and that too can be used to do a comparison between two people. Namely, every horoscope sign has distinct characteristics, and people born under the same sign often share these similarities.

By comparing the characteristics of different signs, we can discover whether two people are compatible or not.

In this text, we will discover the compatibility of a Libra man and a Cancer woman, by comparing their horoscope signs traits.

Libra Man

The Libra man is a kind person and a true gentleman. People and mostly women adore him because of his sweet approach and attention he gives to everyone he is in contact with. These men are especially attractive to women because of their usually good looks and facial beauty.

The reason for these traits is their ruling planet Venus, which rules beauty, kindness, joy, pleasure, and other nature’s and life’s beauties.

Because of the constant attention these men are receiving, they can become egotistic and self-centered. They are usually aware of their good looks and the benefits they could have by using it. That often causes vanity and believing that they are better than others.

Having so many opportunities for dating often causes a promiscuous behavior in this man. Both Libra women and men are known for their inability to stay single for a long time, and their need to be in company, whether it is their partner, a friend, or a recent acquaintance.

These people are not very choosy when it comes to filling the gap of loneliness, and they don’t want to feel lonely. That causes them to often be in a relationship with a partner which is not a suitable match for them, which in turn causes them to seek the unfulfilled parts outside that relationship.

They can fill the gaps with other women, or simply hang out with friends, work extensively, etc.

These men need to establish balance within. They should maintain control over their actions and learn to be at peace with themselves. Compensating any lack can’t be the solution to any problem. Libra men need to learn to feel good when they are completely alone, and not seek satisfaction outside themselves.

When they acquire that awareness, things begin to change, and they stop looking for other people to fill their void. Unfortunately, many of them (like Libra women) don’t realize this fact about themselves their entire life.

A typical Libra man is very sexy and desirable to women, but this man is not an easy one to be with. First, he is very indecisive and looks for approval of his actions. He is prone to giving up on goals and desires often because of lack of faith in his abilities, or lack of trust that it is possible to achieve them.

Libra men (like Libra women) are also very indecisive and take ages to make a decision.

Even when they make one, they keep asking themselves (and everyone around) if it was the right decision, or they should have decided otherwise. It is not easy being a Libra because they are constantly weighing the cons and the pros of a situation, and they do it in the same manner with small issues as well as the most important ones.

The questioning of their decisions is what is taking the most of their time, and causing the lack of success of their actions.

These men usually need a woman with a strong personality to keep them balanced and focused on their goal. They do need support and often need a boost of encouragement when doubt and insecurity strike. Just like the scales, which are the symbol for their sign, Libra men tend to wobble from one idea to the other, wondering which one to choose. They are often choosing the safety of not doing anything than the uncertainty of taking risks.

They are usually not very passionate (unless there is an influence of some passionate sign in their natal chart) and they are more into caressing and kissing with a girl. These men are tender fathers and do everything to make their children happy. They are also very artistic and often creative and try to instill that love in their children as well.

Libra men tend to be loyal and faithful to the woman they love. When they finally decide to settle down, they usually stop all contacts with other women and don’t let them jeopardize the relationship with their loved one.

He doesn’t like arguments and conflict and tries to avoid it at any cost. Women who are loud and aggressive usually annoy him, but he often ends up with such a woman because her strong personality wins him over.

Although he needs a bit of a boost from time to time, this man is very good at making a compromise, and he is a good life companion in general.

Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is usually very romantic and emotional. She is also very reserved and has a difficulty gaining trust and relaxing. These women are easily hurt, and such situations cause them to become cautious when it comes to men and dating. It takes a serious and determined man to break her shell and reach to her emotions.

When this woman finally relaxes and begins demonstrating her love, her true colors begin to appear. She is a loving being, who nurtures and takes care of her loved one. She is a woman who craves for home harmony and family life.

One of this woman’s greatest desires is becoming a mother, and she usually fulfills this desire in her early age.

Although she appears weak and in need of a strong man to protect her and take care of her if she makes a wrong choice of man, and she needs to end that union, she fights with all her forces to provide her children with the best, and makes sure they don’t lack anything. This woman fights like a lioness when her loved ones are in need.

She is a home type of woman, and she doesn’t care much about going out, even during her young age. This woman dreams of meeting a man she can establish a family with and often isn’t very ambitious. Even the most ambitious of Cancer women are ready to give up their career almost instantaneously when they get married and have children.

The roles of mother and wife are usually the most important roles in her life, and she does her best to do them.

Cancer women are fun to be around and usually have a great sense of humor. They are kind and helpful and are very good around the house. They are also good cooks, and often fond of eating, which sometimes causes them to be overweight.

Cancer women, like Cancer men, have a tendency of changing their mood quickly, turning from happy to sad, angry, disappointed, grumpy, or reproaching others. They could also suddenly become silent, without explaining their behavior. Their behavior is often explained by the influence of the Moon, which is the ruler of the sign of Cancer. Just as the moon phases change, so does these women’s attitude and mood.

The wisest thing is not to react because they will soon be back to their normal selves. If you sense that there is more to her behavior, you could encourage this woman to explain the reasons behind her reactions and try to resolve the potential issues.

These women have difficulties in being direct and openly speak about the things that bother them; they rather keep these things inside and behave strangely.

She is not very passionate, and she takes her time to relax and become intimate with a man. There are Cancer women who are quite promiscuous and have a lot of experience with men, but these women usually have some other planetary influences in their charts which contribute to such an attitude.

This woman loves exchanging tenderness, kissing and hugging with her man. She loves to feel the presence of her man beside her, and she enjoys feeling protected and cared for. In turn, she will do anything to make her man satisfied and pampered.

Love Compatibility

A love relationship between a Libra man and a Cancer woman is not a rare occurrence but is not a very good idea.

They have different personalities, although some of their traits could act as glue which can bring them together. They are both fond of tenderness and expressing love through kisses and hugs.

This man is very patient and can wait for this woman to open up and relax in his presence.

The problems arise a bit later in the relationship when they realize that they have opposing interests and that they both need a stronger partner to support them.

If neither of them has some planetary influence which strengthens their personality and gives them leadership qualities, they might find themselves in a relationship where they would both feel lost and without guidance.

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between a Libra man and a Cancer woman happens more often than expected, but is often not a lasting one. It is often bound to end at one point in time when one of them finds the strength to end it. These two have sincere feelings for each other, but their characters usually lack the power and the ability to deal with the harshness of everyday life.

As strange as it might seem, the Cancer woman will often turn out to be the stronger of them both, and will be the one who will put up with the burden of organizing their life as a couple, taking care of the house and the children, and even providing the money for their life.

This marriage is not a good idea and it is wise for both of them to reconsider the decision before taking a huge step and marrying each other.

If one of them or both have some stronger planetary influences in their charts, it might turn out to be a lasting union to the mutual satisfaction of them both.


Libra man and a Cancer woman can be good friends.

They both have a kind nature and they are very compassionate. They often share the love of arts and are both very creative.

They might be a part of a group of friends with similar interests and their friendship is usually a lasting one. They are good at doing group and individual activities together.

Cool Facts

Although it doesn’t appear that way, Libra men are very emotional. Just as Cancer women they are prone to swift mood changes and outbursts of sadness, depression, and grumpiness.

The Moon is the reason for the behavior of Cancer, while the Libra men moodiness has roots in their personality traits and their inborn indecisiveness and fear of making the wrong decision.

They also try to make everyone happy and the inability to do that in certain situations can cause them to feel bad. 


Although a relationship between a Libra man and a Cancer woman is usually a harmonious one, these two often lack the power to establish a lasting union.

They are best in the role of friends.