Saturn in Taurus

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The destiny of each individual human being is inscribed onto the heavenly vault.

Many spiritual and religious beliefs, whole systems of beliefs, are based upon this idea. Astrology shares this inspiring and intriguing idea; that all of our lives are hidden in the stars, waiting for us to live them, as well as interpret them.

We should interpret them, in order to actually live well and use all of our capacities, the best we can.

No one can interpret the mystery of the skies in total. Astrology strives to reveal secrets of the magical and beautiful starry sky and it has been doing so since ages ago. Astrology is very old, although modern Western astrology gained its popularity lately. Its roots are, however, ancient.

It is not known when this amazing discipline was born, but research findings indicate a period thousands of years ago.

This Western astrology comes from old Persia and it was introduced to the Western world by Greeks and Romans. Although it is officially not acknowledged as a ‘real’ science, but as a pseudo science, it is very important to note that astrology has all the principles, methods and is based on genuine knowledge, just as any other scientific discipline we know and appreciate.

This is a rich and complex ‘science’, so we focus on one of astrology branches that is natal astrology. Natal astrology is personalized astrological analysis. Its main goal is accurately and thoroughly to analyze and interpret an individual’s birth chart.

Birth chart is basically like a photograph of sky, at the time a person came to the world for the first time. Each birth chart is unique and complex. It is like a tangled woolen ball an astrologer has to break and carefully sort out. A natal chart features many important elements, in all sorts of relations one with another. All of them have to be deciphered and understood.

A birth chart hides valuable guidelines- they are of a great importance, because they give you much better insight into who you are.

An astrologer plays a major role in interpretation of a birth chart. One has to be familiar with all principles and methodology of astrology and to possess rich knowledge about all of the elements of an astrological analysis, such as planets and zodiac signs, for example. It takes time and a lot of practice to become a brilliant astrologer.

This makes astrology similar to art. A birth chart is not only your destiny written in the stars, but also a masterpiece of an astrologer. He or she sorts out your confusing destiny, thread by thread and analyzes the meaning of each. It takes time, dedication and effort.

An astrologer is an artist and a medium of the mysterious world of distant planets and constellations.

Saturn and Horoscope

Planets are an incredibly important element of your natal chart. Their positions at the time you came to this world affect who you are as a person and mould up your destiny. Planets are associated with mysterious, almost divine forces. In ancient times, they were related to deities and in modern astrology, their meanings are the same.

Symbolism and energy of a particular deity is thought about as an archetype.

Today we talk about one particularly interesting planet and that is Saturn. Saturn is somewhat a notorious guest in a birth chart, since it is associated with restrictions and limitations. It is one of the two so-called social planets, besides Jupiter.

Saturn in a horoscope represents our destiny, our karma and everything we could hardly change. It teaches us patience, perseverance, persistence and boundaries.

Saturn is also related to all sorts of hardships, including both physical and mental suffering. It is associated with seriousness, discipline, duty and responsibility. Its main purpose is good; it is to help us mature, to think rationally, to control our urges, to act wisely and to put limits.

However, the way Saturn acts might not please us at all and we could see it as cruel and very troubling.

It puts us on trials and places us in from of challenges.  Saturn is determined to teach you the importance of order, discipline and effort the harder or the easier way. It greatly depends on other aspects what channel would Saturn choose and how well would we bear it.

Saturn is not loved by many; it is even said that it could shrink or make less attractive a part of the body, depending of its place in a natal chart.

Some astrologers even call it an evil planet and they believe Saturn is always malevolent, even in good aspects. It is said that Saturn brings depression, melancholy, loneliness, hatred, even chronic physical illnesses and long lasting problems of all sorts. It rules our old age, the last stadium of our physical life.

Saturn people have impressive stamina and they are persistent, although they do not necessarily appear so.

Saturn is associated with one’s sense of reality, order and discipline. It awakens our sense of responsibility and makes us serious. It brings us incredible energy, but usually at the cost of something else. Saturn could help you reach heights, but only through true efforts.

There is nothing easy about Saturn, so it is very important to know where it is placed in your birth chart.

It is not, of course, all that bad with Saturn. It could help you overcome your greatest fears, the ones that are usually rooted deep within yourself. It could make you realize your limitations and help you use your capacities to the maximum.

The placement of Saturn in a natal chart also affects the way you are going to communicate and make bonds with the people in your environment.

Saturn in Taurus – General Info

Saturn in Taurus commonly indicates a person who is followed by a constant worry about their financial stability.

Since Taurus as a sign is characterized by distinctive sense of material well-being and stability in life, especially in terms of material security and Saturn challenges it, this person could develop some rather interesting personal patterns, not all of them pleasing.

It all depends on what Saturn aspects are in a personal natal chart. With Saturn in Taurus, this person would most likely become focused solely on their material situation. They could develop strong desire for having more money than they have now and this could make them unsatisfied.

Saturn Taurus people are never truly satisfied with what they have and they fail to value their possessions.

Saturn Taurus are always in search for ways to become richer than they are. That is not necessarily bad, of course. If the odds were good, a person with Saturn in Taurus would find it easier to express their qualities and make practical use of it.

Taurus is known as steady, slow and calm ones, so Saturn might accentuate their methodical side, organizational skills, tact, patience, thoughtful approach to different situations in life.

They could be very handy with money and feel quite natural about managing their income. They could work in professions closely related to money issues and become very successful. They do not waste money foolishly and could organize, so that they always have some financial certainty. Saturn is a cruel planet, so this could mean a person could benefit from others misfortunes.

In case of having Saturn in Taurus, this could be related to money. It does not mean a person would willingly take away something from someone, but that his or hers karma could make it happen so.

Saturn in Taurus could bring great success in terms of finances, but if aspects are bad, it brings the opposite. It often happens that a person with bad aspects, with Saturn in Taurus makes many mistakes especially in the area of finances.

Good Traits

Saturn in Taurus has its good sides, regardless of Saturn being generally perceived as a ‘demon’ planet, we could say. Saturn brings restrictions and misfortune, but it is also essential in creating overall balance.

With good aspects, a person with Saturn in Taurus becomes practical, rational and generous. Saturn in Taurus could make you money-conscious, but not stingy.

In fact, this person could be very willing to share, since he or she has found a good and noble way to earn more and even more. At the same time, Saturn’s restrictive nature creates balance, not letting the person become a spendthrift.

People with Saturn in Taurus are all focused on material stability, they are determined to find a suitable and steady source of money and they are ready to commit to their career.

These people are extremely patient and capable of keeping everything in check and under control and all of that without too much pressure and tension. These individuals are confident, trustful and resolute in everything.

They are systematical, organized and usually talented for some scientific work. Just as they would be devoted to their duties and job, they would commit themselves to their partner.

Bad Traits

Saturn Taurus people often appear lazy and procrastinating in the eyes of others. Nature of Taurus is slow, methodical, analytical and tactful, while Saturn is restrictive and limiting. This make a combination in which it could actually happen one lose the sense of action, which eventually turns into the loss of motivation and to indifference.

People with Saturn in Taurus are also at risk of becoming greedy, even malevolent. They could even cross others in order to earn even more. Saturn would put you at a trail by letting you know that it is possible to get something, if you do something bad.

It is an ultimate personal challenge for a Saturn Taurus. It tests one’s sense of moral and principles.

With bad aspects, it is very likely that a person with Saturn in Taurus would make some seriously bad decisions regarding the question of their financial well-being.

Even if they never think about trying to get more money at the cost of someone else’s benefit, they could still be so obsessed with money and career, that there place for nothing else in their life.

Saturn in Taurus Man

Saturn in Taurus in men signs make a soldier like type of a man. He prefers good organization to spontaneity and is a bit strict. He is disciplined and does not find it hard to receive orders, if he deems them reasonable.

Saturn Taurus men could become stubborn, but it takes many things to happen to make them question authority of someone.

They are focused on their goals and they search for security in everything. They are patient and tactful, which might appear as they procrastinate or, even worse, that they have chosen to do nothing about a troublesome situation.

It is not true, because Saturn Taurus men are always aware of the situation, but they are thoughtful, observant and calculated.

Man with Saturn in Taurus values honesty and is stubborn about it. He does not lie and he sees through other’s deceits. He is protective and possessive in a relationship. He wants stable career and a steady, long-lasting relationship.

To be appreciated is very important to him.

Saturn in Taurus Woman

To women with Saturn in Taurus, security is very important, in all areas of life. Saturn in Taurus makes women overly worry about money, even if everything is fine. These ladies are organized, patient and they care about their dearest ones.

They are usually not very sociable, but are loyal and honest, just as their male counterparts.

She is calculated and approaches to every situation with an analytical mind. If it takes a period people would generally consider long in order to resolve a situation, she would not give up until finding a smart solution.

She is extremely patient; not many things could easily upset her. However, she could be obsessive about controlling money management, especially in marriage.

Like Saturn Taurus men, she is also interested in finding a partner in the long run. She also searches for a steady job with a steady income and she is ready to work hard to achieve it.

Financial independence is of much importance for her and she would probably never agree to be dependent on others in these terms.


People with Saturn in Taurus need to have control over every single particle of any area of their life. They feel uneasy if they do not have it and it makes them lose self-esteem.

However, they are extremely patient and they are capable of waiting for good opportunities.

In addition, if something speaks up to them, they would generously invest in it. They are also very calculated and rational and usually know with money.

There are several risk mentioned and one is becoming too obsessed with finances and greedy, but it rarely happens they lose their financial stability, even if they worry about that.

They are interested only in quality and are ready to pay for it, in both realistic and metaphorical sense.