South Node in Gemini

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Gemini are the third sign of the Zodiac which is ruled by Mercury – the planet of communication and intellect. The key words are adaptability, communicativeness, curiosity and versatility.

They are usually pale-skinned, with expressive and lively eyes, often a medium-sized eagle nose, a high and bulging forehead, thin but beautiful lips, a pointed beard, and most often dark brown hair.

South Node – Meaning

According to the South Node, he is a theorist, and according to the North Node and Gemini, his task is to move to practice, from abstract ideas and concepts to everyday communication with a constantly changing life.

He thinks he is a teacher and he needs to become a student. You need to be able to communicate with everyone, notice everyday changes, do not miss the practical little things.

To learn from each person whom life sends him, not to dismiss the information that has come to him.

Even if he knows something about the topic in question, there may be a rational kernel in what they want to tell him, which previously eluded him. He must learn to listen to the opinions of others, to follow everyday events and topics.

He does not need to lecture others and wait for recognition of his education or competence. By demanding recognition of his worth, he will not receive it.

If he asserts himself by proving that he is smarter and more competent – for him it will be a path to nowhere. He will much more easily win his favor if he is in the position of a student, an attentive listener who does not be clever and does not try to prove that “he already knows all this.”

Such a person needs a very patient partner who will be tolerant of his tactlessness, and who will appreciate his generosity. It is very difficult for such a person to relax. His task is to learn to relax.

He needs a profession that will be related to specific affairs or travel, business trips. All intermediary professions, work in advertising companies, in the media are suitable for him. For such a knot axis, promotional activities are very suitable.

Gemini is the maximum mental concentration, the ability to express it in an accessible way, to make common knowledge understandable to others. This is the ability to lay down a strategic line in practice, to develop it in detail.

A person needs to develop curiosity and feel cognizant, inquisitive and attentive to any information knocking on him – this is his task.

A person needs to get rid of too much attention to his individuality, not to rush to teach others, but to start learning on his own. Gemini’s karmic program is not a teacher’s program, but a student’s.

If you have the North Node of the Moon in Gemini, you will have to re-create your perception of the world, learn to see the world in a new light.

You need to encourage your curiosity, develop objectivity. Analyze, explore for yourself, and develop your mind. In this life, you are given the opportunity to poke your nose everywhere and constantly ask “why is this and not otherwise?”

Gemini – Meaning

Male air sign of the Zodiac that rules the third house of the horoscope which refers to our mind, intellect, mental abilities, communication, primary school, siblings, relatives, neighbors, contracts…

Along with Aquarius and Virgo, he is considered the most intelligent sign of the Zodiac, a changeable character who adores change and innovation.

Gemini is as elusive as the mercury (Latin Mercuries) represented by Mercury who rules Gemini. The members of this sign are very charming, communicative and witty, nervous, impatient and superficial, and sometimes frivolous as if they were eternal children, after all this is a sign that signifies children, especially Gemini. These are the messengers of the Zodiac, their task is to transmit information.

They despise tradition, they are very adaptable, fast movements and even faster mind and language, but in addition to everything they are very honest which is not a very common opinion for members of this astrological sign.

People who belong to this sign are much more guided by common sense than emotions, often giving the impression that they understand everything. They can do more things at the same time, but because of that they find it harder to concentrate on one thing, they often know how to leave unfinished business, always looking for new challenges.

Positive energies are very witty, communicative, possess a gift for intelligent humor, and when communicating they mostly gesture vividly, charming who easily make friendships with a tendency to always be the center of attention.

For them, dynamism, frequent travel, excitement and always being on the move are imperative, they do not tolerate routine and boredom. They are stubborn only when they defend their views, which they care about.

They often know how to be calculated, but they also like to help. They follow fashion, enjoy material things and preferably all that is expensive and branded. They love sports, travel, and in business they primarily expect financial results, and only then praise.

The Gemini love everything in pairs, so they like to own at least two houses or apartments, one in the city center and the other in a world metropolis, their home is always full of interesting people.

What attracts and satisfies them are fast cars, this is a sign that loves to drive a car because the sign of Gemini governs the road and traffic.

As Gemini are always in fifth gear and preoccupied with anything and everything they may happen to forget about food, which they compensate with too much coffee or cake which can badly affect their nervous system.

The culprit for all their failures is the lack of will to perform a certain task, and if they manage to concentrate and achieve a strong will, they do their tasks brilliantly so that few people are equal to them.

Gemini is known as an exclusive and jealous sign, which changes moods from moment to moment. They are very fun, romantic and in love their adaptability comes to the fore.

They are primarily attracted to an interesting communicative and intelligent partner with whom they can have hours of discussion, and if they feel bored in a relationship, that will be the main reason for the breakup.

They are very constantly up to their freedom, fidelity is not their strong suit, and most Geminis were created for superficial flirtation and adventure.

As Gemini is a double sign, so is his sexual orientation, among the members of this sign there are the most lovers of same-sex relationships, which can be explained by excessive curiosity and tendency to accept differences.

They do not have complexes and prejudices, for them sex is not the primary thing in life and it is usually short and fast, so they are not among the passionate signs of the Zodiac. For them, intellectual stimulation is most important, because their sexuality begins in the head.

Always on the move, which is best expressed through play, and of the games they like to ride a bike the most, quiet children’s games are not for this child. Gymnastics and tennis are the best sports for him.

Despite the fact that he may not know how to show his feelings, he feels a great need for companionship, attention and love.

Parents need to raise this child by opening the door to new ideas and avoiding major discussions. In terms of health, it can be most prone to inflammation of the respiratory organs.

They are weaker constitutions, and as they are a dual sign, so they rule the organs that are in pairs, they rule the shoulders, elbows, hands, hands, fingers, pulse, ear, collarbone, lungs, and respiratory organs.

South Node in Gemini – Meaning

A Gemini man is intelligent, communicative, who requires his partner to share his passion for his interests. Due to their dual nature, they are prone to flirtations which are usually superficial but which partners are not always easily tolerated.

In a man of the negative type of Gemini, we often find bullies who physically and mentally abuse their wife, while in the positive type of Gemini, polite cultural behavior prevails, a true gentleman and cosmopolitan. Only a woman who is a diplomat can master this man and ensure the stability of the relationship.

These women once you meet her are not easily forgotten, she has a wide range of interests, full of ideas, very charming.

Most often the above-average intelligent is more stable than a Gemini man. She is not very ambitious, she often changes her mood, so she gets the impression that two women are hiding in her, and she also likes to flirt.

As a girl she is not prone to long relationships, she often breaks them up quickly and enters from one in another, as he gets more serious and older he will prefer a stable relationship.

Over the years, her temperament will soften. A Gemini woman can be a good mother who will teach her children to communicate at home.

These are very lively children, smart talkative curious who show interest in everything and everything that is difficult to settle down in one place.

They are responsible for peripheral circulation, peripheral nervous circulation and respiratory function, and their lungs and bronchi are most endangered, as well as their shoulders and arms.

As the lungs are most endangered, people born under the rule of this sign should beware of pneumonia and bronchitis as well as allergies and asthma, avoid smoking and smoky rooms.

A quick and dynamic sign always in a hurry it can cause them stomach upset gastritis, colitis, and ulcer. They can also have frequent ear infections and due to their speed of limb injury.

If they have an afflicted ruler Mercury they may be prone to mental problems.

Due to duality, they can have two health problems at the same time.

Gemini can often be an enigma to doctors when making a diagnosis because they are the least clear sign, and on the other hand, patients are not disciplined and they know how to approach diseases superficially, but they can recover quickly. Of the food, southern fruits suit them best, and of sports activities, tennis is the right sport for them.

Due to their nature they are able to do multiple jobs at the same time, they are best at all types of communication, but primarily looking for a job in which intellectual abilities come to the fore can be good as a writer, journalist, proofreader, radio or television commentator, secretary, operator merchant traveler, merchant, postman, teacher, telephone operator, linguist, navigator, tour guide, fashion stylist.


The ideal interest in Gemini is a lawyer, because how they are intelligent speakers who are able to soften and win over even the most stubborn opponent for themselves. He is cunning and not easy to confuse, he evaluates people and situations very well and easily finds a “hole in the law”.

Their biggest drawback is the inability to stay in one place for a long time as well as to keep concentration for a long time, the advice would be to be more consistent and responsible.

Members of this sign are often found among politicians.