Saturn Opposite Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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The planet Saturn in astrology is responsible for self-discipline, order, restrictions, conscience, adversity, compression, state, power, time, old age. Saturn rules the zodiac sign Capricorn and the tenth house.

In astrology, this planet is associated with the law of karma and the principle “You reap what you sow.” During the mythical Golden Age, Saturn was a ruler or mentor. In traditional astrology, it was known as the planet of “great misfortune”.

Mars was considered the planet of “minor misfortune”. Loss, hardship, deprivation, decline, loneliness and death were associated with Saturn.

Saturn – Meaning and Info

Astrologers these days have a different opinion about Saturn, the second largest planet in the solar system.

From the point of view of modern astrology, this is a great teacher, the archetype of a wise old man, the voice of conscience.

He personifies the innate desire for order, predictability and security. Saturn is associated with a sense of duty and responsibility, forcing self-discipline and self-improvement.

However, this also has its consequences and can provoke an internal conflict. To attract the positive influence of the planet into your life, you can use the Saturn talisman.

Saturn sets certain restrictions, without which chaos would reign in life. His creative energy is manifested in the fact that he endows a person with worldly wisdom.

It helps you define your place in life and work towards long-term goals, gives you an understanding of the value of planning, organization, discipline and endurance.

The planet helps to become conscious, socially responsible adults. His position in the natal chart will indicate where and how you can learn perseverance, self-discipline, and humility.

The position of the planet in the natal chart also reveals your fears, anxieties, which give rise to deep self-doubt.

Sometimes a person creates a complex defense mechanism, trying to hide insecurity under feigned courage in order to keep everything under control. No matter how well you hide, these feelings don’t go away.

They usually show up as character traits that you despise in others. Carl Gustav Jung called this repressed part of the personality a “shadow”. She can find herself in obstacles that interfere with the implementation of the most ambitious plans.

Often he indicates in which areas of life you will experience difficulties, but it can also indicate perseverance, dedication, helping to spend resources appropriately.

Saturn can symbolize elders, usually associated with the personality of the father or any adult who required discipline.

For their benefit and safety, children need order and certain restrictions, but if there were too many “must” and “you must” in life, a person loses his own will and self-confidence, can become inert and cowardly.

If your parents are constantly criticizing, you can adopt this habit and become harsh towards yourself and others. Saturn can become your conscience and even guilt if there are too many internal inhibitions.

The position of the planet in the natal chart shows where you will have to face obstacles, in which areas of life you need to come to terms with difficulties and responsibilities, gaining wisdom and inner strength.

The negative influence can be expressed in static and unshakable confidence in the truth of their knowledge, without testing them on real experience.

Ancient civilizations associated Saturn with time, darkness, death and strife. For example, the god of the desert of the ancient Egyptians Seth had the nature of Saturn. In the pantheon of ancient Greek gods, Saturn was known as Chrono’s, the god of time.

And so it became associated with the seasons and agriculture. In ancient Rome, he was also the god of social order, the seasons, and agriculture. He was portrayed as a reaper with a sickle.

The proverb “What you sow is what you reap” contains a deep meaning, and together with Saturn the concept of “heavenly justice” appeared.

Ancient astrologers attributed all sorts of calamities to him, and even today a certain amount of fear is associated with this planet. Where Jupiter gives, Saturn takes, so these planets together maintain the necessary balance of the universe.

Saturn can easily emphasize the personality traits that you dislike the most. It is where you defend yourself most desperately and blame others for their shortcomings, and your “shadow” appears.

By resisting what you least like, with this planet you can see you’re most vulnerable spots to work on. He is the master of karma, the law of cause and effect, stating that everyone is responsible for their thoughts and actions.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

To harmonize life, it is important to take into account other characteristic features of an unusual union: stubbornness, imperiousness, the desire to control everything to the smallest detail, picky toward loved ones (especially if Venus is in Virgo).

Asceticism, shyness, laconicism (although with strong Mercury they can be strong orators, surprising the audience not with pompous metaphors, but with systematized facts in a simple and short presentation).

poverty and psychological complexes always arise because of others: parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, and with a position in the 12th house, a forced stay in a hospital or prison is possible if the Saturnine principles of prudence and caution in communication are violated; authority in the eyes of others: they listen to the native’s words, subconsciously respect him and avoid going into direct conflict…

Another gift from the planet of fate in alliance with the Ascendant is strong bones, teeth and eternal slenderness of the figure.

These people do not get well, even if Jupiter and the Moon are present in the 1st house. Love and marriage at the conjunction of Saturn and the Ascendant A native strives to communicate with people much older, in order to gain experience and feel their own importance, or, conversely, younger, for whom he would be a teacher and authority.

Relationships with peers do not develop, since their Saturn’s are projected onto the same sector of the horoscope, which causes rejection, antipathy and an irresistible desire to criticize.

Even as the first beauty in the class, the owner of the connection receives ridicule and condemnation instead of admiration, and the excellent student wriggles through the criticism and bias of teachers.

The heyday of sexuality and attractiveness of a native for the opposite sex occurs after 30 years, when self-confidence appears through financial solvency and career success.

The more power the carriers of the aspect have, the more relaxed they will behave in communication with the chosen ones. If Saturn is the ruler of the 7th house, it is better to marry after 29 years, otherwise it is difficult to avoid divorce and cooling of feelings.

Practical interaction with the conjunction of Saturn and the Ascendant Problems with the law instantly become public, with the slightest offenses comes karmic retribution, so you need to be honest and decent. The slightest step away from the main principles of the planet, the authorities negatively affect the fate.

Punctuality, responsibility for the decisions made, willpower and high-quality work done add pluses to karma and help reduce obstacles on the way to the goal. It is also necessary to show respect and provide assistance to older people, especially men.

Saturn opposite Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The connection of the planets is a difficult aspect, requiring control over emotions and a huge supply of energy, which must be directed exclusively to the development of talents in the line of affairs affected by the celestial bodies, otherwise the native will be thrown from one extreme to another.

The union with the Ascendant is a delicate matter, it affects the appearance, behavior in public and in communication, as well as the choice of profession. In combination with the symbol of difficulties and limitations, Saturn, the aspect denotes a harsh childhood in Spartan conditions without the warmth of those close to you.

With the position of the planet in the 1st house, the native himself does not know how to show feelings, but if there are connections with the 4th, 7th and 10th houses, parents and older relatives will have a significant impact on his self-determination. In the negative – unfair grievances, in the positive – training to work, patience and endurance under any circumstances.

The owner of a horoscope from an early age lives without illusions and hopes for a happy chance. With a strong position of Saturn in the 1st house, the habit of working without sparing oneself and not counting on the help of others brings dividends by the age of 30, especially in the signs of the earth and air elements.

If the planet is in the 12th house, then frequent illnesses and unforeseen intrigues of ill-wishers will often test for fortitude and loyalty to ideals. Having retained faith and patience in youth, the native will be able to win success, which nothing can destroy.

This is a rare gift from Saturn to a ward who has passed his exams with flying colors. The connection with the Ascendant is reflected in the appearance: the native is thin, serious beyond his years, the expression on his face is gloomy, but at the same time he is surprisingly photogenic and charming in the pictures and videos.

After 35 years, the effect of reverse youth occurs, when a person looks young and fresh, despite the fact that at 15 he seemed 20 years old. Sometimes the aspect gives difficulties at birth and with health, but after the 7th year of life, it suddenly becomes stronger and no longer worries.

Saturn can easily emphasize the personality traits that you dislike the most. It is where you defend yourself most desperately and blame others for their shortcomings, and your “shadow” appears. By resisting what you least like, with this planet you can see you’re most vulnerable spots to work on.

He is the master of karma, the law of cause and effect, stating that everyone is responsible for their thoughts and actions.

In general, all important and fateful events will take place at the turn of the seven-year cycles, especially if the conjunction of Saturn and the Ascendant is located in Capricorn.

Career goals are easy to achieve, but finding friends and close-minded partners is much more difficult due to the habit of relying only on yourself, distrust and suspicion.


With the position of Saturn in the 12th house, volunteer work and material support for nursing homes and hospital departments with elderly patients will be an excellent study of problems.

It is important to forgive the father, grandfather and ancestral great-grandfather and regularly light candles in church for their health.

The native’s destiny is to be a wise teacher or mentor, so it is preferable to aspire to a leadership position in education, culture, finance and politics, by patronizing young professionals.

Jewelry-talismans with lapis lazuli, black onyx, obsidian, turquoise, and jet will help harmonize the sharp corners of the conjunction of Saturn and the Ascendant.

Good luck in love will bring a burgundy pomegranate. Blue sapphire, with this aspect, is worn no longer than two hours a day.