Moon Opposite Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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The moon is of great importance in astrology. One of the first stages of analyzing each person’s individual horoscope involves interpreting the stage they were in at the time of their birth.

It is this nuance that largely determines the psycho-type and personality traits of the representatives of one or another zodiac sign.

The topic is interesting and important, so it is worth paying a little more attention to the study.

Moon – Meaning and Info

Before we explain in detail what the Moon means in astrology, it is necessary to carefully note some nuances that are mandatory for the first time to get to know every person interested in the topic.

The natal chart is the most accurate single horoscope. When compiling, the place, date of birth, as well as time (up to minutes) are taken into account. You can create it in a minute, in our time there are services that automatically calculate all the information and give brief general information.

According to the natal chart, each person has several zodiac signs. The main one is sunny. If, for example, a person is born on November 15 – he is a Scorpio. This is his sign for the sun. But second in importance – lunar.

It is determined by the natal chart and depends on the position the satellite was in at the time of the satellite’s birth relative to the Sun.

The positive influence of the Moon in Vedic astrology is manifested in the endowment of a person with emotional attachment, desire for intimacy, ability to adapt to new conditions. Negative, of course, can be.

Such influence of the protector can be traced in a lack of attachment, in difficulties with emotional development, in an inability to express feelings.

What is unique about this planet? The fact that it all makes us involuntary. This reaction is difficult to correct, because it is at the level of instinct, the emotional sphere.

Water, as an element of the moon, symbolizes feelings. And this celestial body, as it is known, affects the ebb and flow. It is therefore natural to associate it with the variability of emotions. By the way, a person’s personal development depends on the interaction of lunar and solar energy.

You need to tell a little more detail about the phases of the Moon in astrology and their meaning. New Moon – the first of them. This is the period in which the Sun and the Earth’s satellite are on the same straight line. So they are astrologically related.

Symbolically, the new moon is a time when something new is born. The best time to make plans, make wishes and project your thoughts.

Also, time is considered successful for all types of rituals and practices. Yes, satellite energy is pretty weak, but the potential is great.

People often feel wounded during the new moon. The body becomes less active, its defenses weaken. Many feel depressed, and the weaker fall into depressive states.

But it is a feature of the phase: the body is relieved of the burden of experiences and problems they have experienced over the past month and is preparing for a new life.

This period lasts 14 days. It is related to the ability to create and overcome, to develop and improve. The intensity of the moonlight increases – and the energy of the satellite becomes stronger.

People, feeling the impact, notice self-confidence. They become more and more self-confident, the desire to act and achieve their goals only grows. This phase is the best time for various endeavors and reconstruction.

At this point, the Sun and Moon are in conflict. Visually, the lamps are opposite. At this time, the energy of the Earth’s satellites is in full swing – it has a tangible impact on all living things, literally filling the surrounding space. It is interesting that at this time marine inhabitants lay eggs and fertilize them.

At the time of the full moon, the feelings of particularly sensual and receptive people also skip over. Creative nature notices a wave of inspiration in the relationship of lovers, as if a new stage is coming, filled with passion and romance.

But even this phase is transitional. The moon is starting to decline, so the period is also critical. This causes instability of the emotional background, the sensitivity of people to noticeable mood swings. During this period, even the disease worsens and crime increases – such a strong energy on the moon.

Starting an entrepreneurship at this time is not recommended as they are subject to a temporary crisis. Also, no responsible and important decisions need to be made.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

The ascendant is a certain degree of sign that is on the rise at the moment of birth, and the first field of natal can be in one sign, but it does not have to be.

Depending on the place of birth, time of year and day, each field in the natal can extend over two or three signs of the zodiac.

In considering the first field of natal, the ruler of the ascendant is also the ruler of natus, even when the degree of the ascendant is at the 29th degree of the sign.

In case the first field extends over several signs of the zodiac, we consider each of the rulers as the rulers of the first field, due to the order of the signs. Then the notion of ascendant is a slightly more complex story.

When the ascendant and the whole first field of natal are in one sign, they are represented by the same ruling planet.

The ascendant is exactly the rising sign. In case the ascendant is in one sign and the next one or even two signs extend through the first field, then we observe the interpretation of the sub-signs through the strength and position of the ruler of all signs contained in the first field.

The first in importance is the ruler of the ascendant, then the ruler of the next sign.

The spread of the first field over the three signs of the zodiac is possible by using a certain system of division of houses or fields, whose inequality occurs due to the horizontal division of the ecliptic, by 30 degrees, starting from the ascending degree.

This proved to be the most correct in ancient Egypt, and perhaps even earlier. However, the significance of the ascendant and the planet that rules it cannot be diminished by any ruler of one or two subsequent signs that extend within the first field.

These signs work “below the surface”, they can be considered in progressions, and they can enrich the natus with its characteristics, make it an atypical representative of its sign, and make it possible to say that the ascendant in a person is different from the ascendant.

As with any other interpretation, the strength and position of the ruling planet of any segment – allows the natus to act.

If the ruler of the ascendant is weak and poorly placed, and the planet that rules with the next sign within the first field – strong and well placed – it does not mean that it will prevail and that natus in the ascendant is the next sign from the ascendant… “She also dreamed “…

There must be an aspect between these two planets, or an aspect according to the ascendant, to say that the ascendant of a person is different from the ascendant, that it shows more the characteristics of that other, next sign…

Certainly, over time, the ruler of the next sign, to enable a person to show certain characteristics of that sign, changes must occur because we change from year to year, but the ruler of the ascendant is the ruler of the horoscope – for life.

The ascendant, therefore, can be distinguished from the sign on the ascendant, and as part of the first (most important) field in the horoscope, it will describe a person exactly as he is – complex and special certainly – but nothing more special than the person who has an ascendant and ascendant in the same sign, the one ruled by one, – a brilliantly placed and strong planet…

Moon Opposite Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Since the Sun and Moon are the most important points of the birth chart, and conjunction is the strongest aspect, it is quite understandable that the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon becomes the most significant point in the horoscope.

Its position in the sign and in the house should be considered as the determining factor of the entire map.

The main conclusion that an astrologer should make is that for a given individual, goals and needs are intertwined into a single whole. His unconscious preferences and conscious will are in tune and act in the same direction.

Such a person, figuratively speaking, lays all the eggs in one basket. The type of basket is determined by the sign of the zodiac and the house in which the conjunction is located.

Very strong focus on a narrow area, on a limited field of interest. You can even say that the path of life is a straight track. Here we see a very subjective view of the world, the inability to take a detached look at what is happening and see ourselves from the outside.

Strong identification with oneself – it is impossible to take the place of another, to understand the feelings, aspirations, interests of the opposite person. He does not like to seek help from specialists.

Father and mother are often perceived as one; they act as a united front and their roles are almost always the same. Upbringing in an incomplete, non-standard family. For example, the grandmother acted as both mother and father.

Severe gender identity difficulties damage to the digestive and / or cardiovascular system, if the connection coincided with an eclipse of the Sun.

Here we have a strong inner conflict between conscious aspirations and unconscious contents: instinctive nature opposes volitional efforts; habits, sentiments, fears, needs of the body interfere with self-realization.

Such a person hardly decides on something important, he is characterized by constant fluctuations, it is difficult for him to concentrate on one thing. Relationships take on tremendous importance. Self-fulfillment is possible only in pairs. He easily understands a partner, it is not difficult to “get into someone else’s skin.”

The ability to look at oneself from the outside, fairly objectively assess one’s position among people, to see oneself through the eyes of others.

The mother and father of such a person are very different in psych type and in their role in the child’s life.

Often, the relationship between parents is tense, their approaches to raising a child are contradictory. B. Eater


Opposition, squaring is the discord between the conscious and sensual spheres is evidence of moral discomfort arising from internal discord and sometimes from the inability to find an approach to the opposite gender.

The personality in this case is unbalanced, capricious, it is torn apart by contradictory aspirations, and it finally gets used to the fact that there is no perfection in the world.