Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Natal charts reveal pieces of the puzzle that constitute one’s destiny, as seen in the starts.

People commonly identify horoscope with their native sign, the Sun sign, while there are many other elements to consider.

The Moon sign, for example, which is the ‘other side of the coin’ that is your personality.

Other planets play an important role as well.

The relation between the Sun and the Moon in one’s natal chart can tell a lot about one.

It tells about your major driving force, personal strength, goals and ambitions, but also about your hidden, emotional self, your intuition and inner voice.

The two are inseparable! Let us talk today about the Sun in Cancer, combined with the Moon in Capricorn.

Sun Sign

The Sun is essential element of each person’s birth chart. The Sun is a moving force, ultimate source of all life. It is also a creative force.

The Sun represents the need for recognition and acknowledgment. It supports individuality, vitality and one’s creative potentials.

The house, the sign and aspects of the Sun reveal the way in which one expresses his or hers individuality and creativity.

This bright star is the essence of you as a person; it represents originality, integrity and Ego. Its basic nature easily takes the form given, when we consider its place in one’s natal chart.

This form is a channel for Sun’s incredible essential energy. In good aspects, the Sun represents all the noble values of honor, dignity, valiancy, consciousness, generosity and bravery.

With bad aspects, the Sun sign may turn its nature into ill ambitions, arrogance, cruelty, despotism, narcissism, vanity and all of the sort. The Sun is your true self, in any case.

The element of the sign the Sun matches in your natal chart shapes up your vision of your own life and person. It tells you about your expectations, making you aware of them.

The Sun represents a fatherly figure in one’s horoscope. It is a masculine principle and the ruler of the sign of Leo.

The Sun is associated with glory, success and personal goals. It is your active self; one that manifests openly in the world.

The Sun sign is your attitude, your motivation and your overall energy. It represents one’s personal strength.

Sun in Cancer

The Sun in Cancer makes one a representative of the most emotional sign of the Zodiac, perhaps.

Cancers are believed to be very sensitive and intuitive individuals, guided more by their feelings than their reason. Cancer possesses depths only other Water element sign could match.

The Moon rules the Cancer and it is said that this nightly Luminary prevails over the Sun, when Cancers are in question.

Nevertheless, the Sun in Cancer gives one certain qualities. Cancer people are emotional and instinctive.

Cancer is a feminine principle sign, so its nature is protective and never aggressive. Cancers are caring, compassionate and empathic people.

They are guided by principles of love and they are humanitarian. These people would find great inspiration and motivation within their family.

Family and tradition matter a lot to any Cancer. He or she takes care about their loved ones with full dedication and with the whole of their hearts.

These people enjoy pleasing others more than they want to be pleased. However, they need love and gentleness.

Cancers are cautious and emotionally vulnerable. They do not like to attract attention to themselves and would often retread before dangers and difficulties. They wait for the storm to pass.

They are intuitive, so they could save themselves and their loved ones great troubles before anything happens. Cancers do well to trust their subtle inner voice.

Moon Sign

The Moon is mysterious, nightly Luminary. It is as equally important as the Sun.

The Moon, the ruler of the sign of Cancer, is a Water element planet, a changeable, transformative aspect.

It gives one emotional depth, the ability to adapt to situation and to feel the world around. The Moon tells about the way one is going to react to circumstances given.

The Moon is your inner self, just as the Sun is your manifesting, lively self. The Moon supports emotional development, so much needed for any progress in life. It is more about a progress on an intimate, deeply personal plan.

The Moon is your sub consciousness, your imagination and intuition. It favors one’s creative energy and makes it even magical.

This Luminary represents deepest needs of a soul. It helps you discover the true desire of your heart, regardless of what your reason might tell you. The best is to listen to both, which is a hard thing to do.

Unfortunately, in our day, people tend to silence their Moon voice and trust only their rational self. The Moon should never be silenced.

It is associated with the past and memories, nostalgia and sentiment. The Moon nurtures one’s protective instinct, one’s caring and loving nature.

It makes one compassionate and empathic.

The sign and the house the Moon matches decides on aspects of life that would bring one the greatest emotional fulfillment, but also the greatest emotional challenges.

Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn is definitely not known to be an emotional sign and the Moon in Capricorn is in exile. This means it is the least favorable position for this frail, gentle planet.

Influences of the Moon are inhibited and almost negligible due to strong, cold and strict energy of the fierce Capricorn.

Saturn rules Capricorn; it is marked by coldness, stiffness, closeness and seriousness.

Subtle energy of the Moon hardly flows free if in Capricorn. This makes one an emotionally cold person.

However, it has some advantages. Moon Capricorns do not fall for sweet talk or anything with attempt to soften them emotionally and make them deliver decisions they would not deliver normally. Moon Capricorns are not easily seduced and manipulated.

These people are closed for everyone, except those few who have succeeded in penetrating the walls of steel that surround Moon Capricorn’s person. Moon Capricorns are honorable, honest and proud people.

One of their great qualities is that they stick to their words and they are loyal. They would never deceive you or turn back on you.

These people value tradition. They value honesty, family and are commonly patriotic. They will not show much empathy, but be sure they will help their friends, efficiently and practically.

Moon Capricorns have problem with expressing their emotions when they want to do so.

They often leave a wrong impression of a distanced and indifferent person, even if it is not their intention.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon Personality

The Sun in Cancer with the Moon in Capricorn, make for a very rational personality. They are honorable, strict, loyal and proud, with a slight touch of sentimentality and compassion.

Although the Moon in Capricorn is exiled, not feeling much comfortable at this point, it still has an effect on this personality.

It is possible that Capricorn outshines Cancer, even if it is the native here. It happens at times.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon people are determined, ambitious and disciplined, thanks to their fierce Capricorn Moon. At the same time, they have imagination and intuition of Cancer, which is a favorable combination when it comes to professional sphere.

They are imaginative and visionary and yet practical, organized and focused on their goals.

With positive aspects, these individuals maintain the balance between Cancer’s hypersensitivity and Capricorn’s coldness.

It means that they could be kind and compassionate, but not as servile as typical Cancers.

They will know limitations of their generosity and helpfulness. This may help them focus on their own causes, without neglecting others’ needs and feelings.

Good Traits

With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn, rational thinking prevails over emotions. However, intuition is still strong, so these people make good decisions based on trusting their guts, but not before they have analyzed everything.

They are reasonable, profound and decisive people.

Although introverted and usually keeping to their side, Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon care about their loved ones.

Moreover, they are protective and honorable. They never break oaths and deceive people.

They could see through others trickery, but would never accept an unfair play. They keep their vows and are responsible.

They would rather leave than waste energy on pointless fight and arguments, thanks to their subtle Moon.

Bad Traits

When their aspects are bad, Cancer Sun Moon Capricorns become stubborn and distrustful.

They think their way is the only way and do not want to listen to nobody else. They build up their walls high and do not let anyone in.

They could become isolated, melancholic and actually deeply insecure, because they try to shut down their intuitive, imaginative and emotional self.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon in Love and Marriage

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon are people of tradition. They value family above everything else, so their ‘mission’ is to start a family of their own.

They need someone to protect and to care for. They are very bound to their home.

They are the type of people to choose a person for life. They do not like playing games, but are determined to find a lifelong partner.

Best Match for Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon

The best match for a Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon is a person willing to start a family and fully dedicate to it.

Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon needs someone serious about his or her intentions.

They do not want short-term pleasure and amorousness. Capricorn Moon makes sure about that.

The best partner for them is someone determined, trustful and a bit warmer than they are, in order to soften their strict, cold Capricorn part.


Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon people are individuals guided by reason over their emotions.

However, their Cancer still rules the natal chart, even if it is in a subtle way. These people are responsible, dutiful and disciplined.

They are imaginative and intuitive and they could combine these two sides of their character efficiently.

They are loyal, honorable and trustworthy people who could never play the game of trickery and deceit. They have high morals and are traditional.