Scorpio in 3rd House – Meaning and Info

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The third house represents the relationships with the social environment.

Here, however, we are talking about a very close and very close social environment: brothers, sisters, cousins ​​and brothers-in-law, peers, neighbors and various acquaintances.

It tells us about the sociality of the individual at the most immediate level, his ability to fit into this environment and his predisposition to contact through words and the means of communication: ideas, intellect, writings or small journeys that is mental activity.

We also have parallels with political activity, journalism and literature. In this house we can find conflicts with brothers, relatives or compatriots, or accidents while traveling.

It gives us information on the relationship between the subject and primary studies: those of elementary schools and middle schools.

For example, if in the house we find a planet that has negative aspects, this may indicate an early interruption of studies.

It indicates the mental illnesses, the weak points of the person, in common with those of the father. Indicates the ideals of the spouse and the illnesses of the mother.

Scorpio – Meaning and Info

Scorpio is a deep, mysterious and dark sign. People born under it are often intuitive and frequently turn to the realms of instincts. He has a great sense of justice and a lot of righteousness, although sometimes he can judge others too fairly.

Contradictory and full of appeal, Scorpios are poetic, insightful, passionate, reserved, vindictive, fearful, cautious, brooding, and romantic.

Intelligence, originality, sensuality, nonconformity and vehemence are also characteristic traits of every good Scorpio.

Scorpio is an energetic and authoritarian sign and like the water signs it also has an important emotional component and is guided by its feelings, desires and passions. He is loyal, faithful and little friend of change.

They tend to avoid confrontation, fear criticism, and prefer to stay away from conflict. It gives the impression of being cold and calculating, but the reality is quite different, because it is a very emotional sign.

It is characterized by having great dynamism, vitality and spiritual strength, although it is also a sign of anger and enmities. If he is opposed, he can respond with aggressiveness and violence.

Normally he is disobedient and mocking with the conventions, although if he manages to contain his instincts he can assume totally different characteristics from those discussed, that is, he can become submissive, orderly, respectful of the rules, cautious and careful.

Fearless and of sharp intelligence, he has great intuitive ability which makes him a fearsome adversary. He is competitive, individualistic and lives trying to control his most primal impulses.

Scorpio is in continuous struggle with himself, he lives in a state of rebellion and almost permanent challenge, which he normally controls himself, reaching a high level of wisdom. If you go into a deep crisis of self-destruction, you are capable of ending a marriage, a work relationship or a company.

Resistant sign, but vulnerable to anxiety and nervousness, which is why their illnesses are, most of the time, psychosomatic. They are characterized by small aches and pains that could well be due to the containment of their already known aggressiveness.

Those born under this sign tend to be extremists, and overindulge in heavy meals and alcohol, to later rectify and follow a strict diet. If you discover the virtues of a healthy and balanced diet, you will become meticulous and extremely careful.

To promote a good mood and eliminate tension, any Scorpio is recommended to practice regular physical exercise. Any physical activity and especially competitive sports will help you fight frustration and not lose your mental and emotional balance.

Scorpio possesses an iron will for work and a great sense of duty. When he carries out a purpose, he does it tenaciously and if possible without help. He is an individualist and prefers not to do shared jobs.

He is a fighter, a realist, and often copes with difficulties without hesitation. Although he shuns discipline and authority, he readily accepts responsibilities.

Professions such as counseling, therapy and psychiatry go very well with the sign of Scorpio. In addition, due to his intuition and intelligence, he can be skilled in professions such as surgery, psychoanalysis or criminology.

As soldiers on the front lines or fighting in any business they can win great victories. They also opt for the occult, theology or philosophy as tasks to achieve their personal development.

Those born under this sign are intuitive, passionate and sexual. They are demanding with the partner and expect total commitment, both as a lover and as a friend.

Scorpio seeks the respect and company of his partner, he needs someone who is equal to him, who is intelligent, capable and with great inner strength.

Seductive and sentimental, they sometimes behave too demanding, jealous and possessive with their partner.

Due to this fact, the couple’s relationship can suffer important ups and downs. It is a dark and mysterious sign that finds it very difficult to express its feelings.

Scorpio is an extreme and emotionally intense sign, which is why maintaining a relationship with him can be overwhelming. Sensual sign and passionate nature, governed by the reproductive organs.

3rd House – Meaning and Info

The III astrological house is the third “slice” of our life represented by the astrological houses.

As we have seen, the first is the ascendant, which determines how we show ourselves, the second is that of possessions and now we come to the third stage: communication.

The third astrological house dominates the relationships we have with others (strictly speaking: family members, cousins, best friends…), sociality.

It is also the home that dominates short trips and the technological means that, in fact, are used for communication with others. It is the house that is generally linked to the sign of Gemini, which dominates it.

If we look at this house, we can precisely see both the way in which we relate to brothers, close friends and relatives, if there has been any trauma or difficulty with them, but also how we communicate with them and in general. In short, it shows us all the ways in which we relate to the other.

In addition to this, it also talks about studies, because it represents the primary ones (elementary and middle school) and we can therefore understand if the person we face has had problems during this path or not.

It also indicates short trips and the problems we might find in them. Even the telematics means are always controlled from this house – and the relationship with them from it.

It corresponds to the sign of Gemini, that is, that of communication, fast contacts, gab and speed of thought.

Both are related to Mercury / Hermes, which should help us understand what we are talking about: he was the messenger of the gods, god himself, and patron of trade and news, who fluttered from side to side with his shoes winged.

To find out where your third house is, you need to calculate your birth chart. Look for the 3rd house, as always there may be one or more planets or none. If there are none, it is not serious, it just means that you will have other priorities / other advantages.

Rather, keep your guard up if you have any planet inside! If there were, for example, the Sun and it was in Libra, then I would say that you are born communicators and mediators. You would be extremely good at dealing with people, at mediating conflicts, at restoring peace: you could be excellent politicians thanks to excellent gab.

If there should be, let’s say, a Mars in Pisces, I would say that you are not particularly good at expressing your energies, at communicating intentions, and indeed, that you will probably tend to be overwhelmed by emotions that would not be able to find outlet if not.

Perhaps, in tears, but you will not be able to make yourself understood as you would like and you will not be able to vent your frustration at least in words. I wouldn’t find it a good location.

Scorpio in 3rd House – Meaning and Info

We continue with the series of articles referring to the characteristics and personality of the zodiac signs. What is the Scorpio person like?

The Scorpio person (Sun, Moon, Ascendant or other planets in the Scorpio sign of his Natal Chart) has the following characteristics and qualities that define his personality and way of being.

Scorpio seeks a contact similar to the one Libra intends but this time it is more intense, more direct, closer. This is one way to describe Scorpio, a passionate Libra! In Scorpio Psychology we learned about his psychic way of seeing life.

For the previous point, your emotional wounds can leave a dent for years. If not treated properly, it can lead, for example, to strong resentment and resentment, but it doesn’t have to. This would only be the “low Scorpio”, the one who is carried away by his animal instincts (we all have this instinct, of life and death).

Live with passion and dedication. He likes to find the root of things. Crooked can be cruel and malevolent. Are we not talking about a scorpion? Magnetic and enigmatic person. You often suppress your emotions, feelings, and thoughts. It tends to be perfect and to protect its interior.

Some are distrustful for fear of discovering his weaknesses. He is attracted to the esoteric and hidden, even if he denies or rejects it. When you discuss or intervene in a matter, it seems that life is going to you! They are usually insightful and intelligent.

These traits described are extreme, and in a certain way Scorpio initially lives like this, in an extreme way, but life will make him (if his attitude is to grow personally) be more temperate, more relative, and more respectful of intimacy with others.

Scorpios are often branded as possessive, and there is no lack of reason, but it should be clarified that it is rather their resistance to flow with their own energy, which has to do with resignation and death. The good Scorpio knows that everything is born and dies, in such a way that he stops having a desire for possession.

This is a short summary list to contact the energy of Scorpio people. The complete Natal Chart of the individual will define and modify these qualities. Scorpio energy is commonly associated with the following stones, flowers, colors, numbers, and other characteristics.

But also the second house, that of “possessions”, has to do with the nearby environment, and so does the fourth which refers to the house / family.

And it is obvious that this is the case, since from the moment of birth every experience we have is the result of an interaction with the environment, first near, then even far away.

Nobody is born in a vacuum, there is immediately from the beginning a small world that stimulates and revolves around us. Where, then, is the difference between the environment of the first, second, third house, etc..?

It is not a difference in dimensions that are increasing as we ourselves evolve, but it is above all a difference of point of view, what changes is not so much the environment, but the result of the interaction with that environment, which once leads us to discovery of our “possessions”, another to the understanding of our “limits”, and so on.

In essence, the same experience can produce different results regarding the type of awareness we have the possibility to acquire, since it is not the type of experience that is decisive, but the point of view, our selective attention that sees and extrapolates from the same experience different things, according to the attitude, the needs, the expectations of that single phase.

The circle of houses proposes a development model that provides for a certain succession, since for each sector of experience represented, there is an age to live it fully and reap the best benefits that depends on personal, physical and psychological factors.


The Scorpio person, having overcome the aforementioned facets and their internal conflicts, can become an alchemist, an esoteric teacher, a good psychotherapist, a true healer or healer: he transforms pain and suffering into a flow of water and freedom. Love is the engine of his actions.