Scorpio in 2nd House – Meaning and Info

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Scorpio with a need to refine or transform our interaction with matter.

The Second House expresses our desire to acquire things and thus shows the nature of our desire. Scorpio is the sign of the transformation of desires.

When it is at the peak, it indicates that the person faces important life lessons regarding the correct use of money.

This usually includes the refinement of the longing to have and to possess, and when the tests of this sign / cusp have been passed, the person acquires a great sense of personal freedom.

In a more practical sense, this sign / cusp speaks of someone who makes his own resources by dealing with other people’s money.

Scorpio – Meaning and Info

Sometimes we come across two very different people, but they share some personality traits. When we dig a little deeper, we discover that these two people also share the sign of the zodiac. And there are some aspects of our character and personality that are dictated by the stars.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, water element, to which people who were born from October 23 to November 22 belong. The personality of this sign is characterized by being quite enigmatic, that is, from the outside they do not usually give many details of their privacy and life.

They are quite reserved in that sense and it will be difficult to get to know them in depth if they are not left. However, they have an incredible loyalty and fidelity point.

In fact, it is one of the most faithful signs of the horoscope, but what other traits can we highlight from the behavior of the Scorpio woman? What is she like at work or is she in love or with family? We will tell you!

According to the horoscope, the Scorpio woman has a complex and enigmatic personality. Sometimes reserved, she protects her intimacy to the extreme, because she is a woman of extremes also in her feelings. That makes her sometimes she can be a difficult woman to understand.

Among the character traits of the Scorpio woman we find some very valuable virtues such as perseverance, sagacity and the capacity for effort. With these tools, it is not difficult for the Scorpio woman to follow a dream to achieve it or even to reinvent herself in the event that plans go wrong.

With an alert intelligence and an agile mind, the Scorpio woman is able to develop vital strategies that lead to happiness.

Although she considers friendship to be one of her most valuable gifts, her lack of empathy makes up for it with a capacity for unconditional support. Thanks to her intuition, she knows how to surround herself with the best friends.

The Scorpio woman’s personality is one that is easily recognized by her traits. If something characterizes them, it is that they know what they want at all times and if something is not clear, they do not stop until they have an answer or exit.

Therefore, the perseverance and willpower to do things is very strong. Having clear the objective, it is difficult to stop them.

This sign has an amazing knack for creative ideas, both on a work and personal level. She seeks to reinvent herself, to re-create, to give a turn to what she is living and she does it in an intelligent way, always without losing the horizon.

Regardless of the environment in which she finds herself, she is a persevering woman and when her strength falters for any reason, she seeks close support to return to the charge with more force.

In this sense, the Scorpio is also an important support for those around her, always being at the right time with the right words.

She is very clear about her ideas, possibly because she comes from experiences that have made her position herself in one way or another and be 100% convinced of what she thinks.

For this reason, although she seldom is going to get into moves because she is quite suspicious of her privacy, when she has to defend her ideals and convictions, she does it without problems and in front of the people that are necessary. She is not blown away!

That Scorpio is clear about the goal and what she wants does not mean that she is going to be transparent about it.

In fact, she is a very enigmatic horoscope personality, she does not let herself be known easily, and when she does, it is not usually easy to understand.

Linked to this is the way of managing humor. Being a complex personality, Scorpio takes humor and laughter very well with others but when it comes to laughing at oneself or managing a joke about her made from outside, she does not usually take it well at all and in this she is transparent and yes it shows on his face!

2nd House – Meaning and Info

The planets found in House 2 manifest themselves in material settings where their own substance is managed. That is, money, possessions, and personal values.

House 2 is the “I have”, because they are the tools that I have and they depend exclusively on me. For this reason, the sign and the planets of House 2 have to do with the profession.

House 2 also talks about how I assimilate the external substance (it must be remembered that Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus), about “how I drink”, about how I experience the pleasures that have to do with sensations (food, sex, etc.).

A Sun in House 2 will need to express her individuality through economic autonomy. A Moon in House 2 speaks of the affective importance that it gives to its possessions, in such a way that the couple could feel it as “something that belongs to them”. A Mercury in House 2 has the talent of communication. Etc.

It may happen, in turn, that we project that energy abroad, in such a way that we experience situations tinged with that energy. Mars in House 2 can mean putting a lot of interest in economic and material stability, but this person can also live situations of sudden loss of money and expenses.

Venus in the 2nd House is the ability to harmonize and the talent to enjoy everything that is touched and sensory perceived. This person could be an artist if the rest of the birth map accompanies him.

Saturn in House 2 speaks of fear of the loss of what I have, and the need to always have a full piggy bank (attachment). But developed, this Saturn indicates a responsible person who knows how to organize and structure material goods.

Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in House 2 will give their particular emphasis to the theme of one’s talents. They will be energies available to be used whenever you want.

As can be seen, the symbolic richness of each astrological element is very broad, and understanding the energetic play of the Chart is essential to understand the psychological behavior of the person.

Scorpio in 2nd House – Meaning and Info

It is in opposition to the eighth house with which, however, it shares an element: money, but no longer what we have earned with our skills but that of others.

In eighth, we will deepen it further below, we will have to do, in one way or another, with goods, money or property that, although not ours, we will have to manage; an example: the possibility of receiving an inheritance from family members or relatives that, if we are lucky, we may happen to manage.

What we experience in the second house is the concept of possession, what we mean when we use the word “MY” and it coincides with that period of growth during which the child becomes aware of being a distinct entity from the mother and no longer an extension of her. And, inevitably, he understands that there are things he can call “my hands, my eyes, my toys”.

Obviously the environment in which the child will find himself, in spite of himself, to have this “separative” experience, will greatly influence his character and will connote any future attitudes of trust or distrust, precisely towards everything that the meaning “environment”, second house, will represent for him in adult life.

Discovering that we are separate and distinct from the object of our love, that is our mother who represented for us, up to that moment, our whole world will produce, over time, that tiring growth by means of which we will implement the identification and definition not only “the image of ourselves” but also of all that we define “personal wealth”.

The most striking defects of this sign is that it does not tend to put itself in the place of others very often. This lack of empathy leads her to put herself in the first place in front of what is around her and sometimes this usually entails a selfishness that is difficult to manage.

Scorpio is very convinced of her ideals, goals and ways of acting. Perhaps that is why when she has to give in or twist her arm, it is not easy for her to do so. She finds it difficult to recognize that there are things that are not always as she thinks or believes they are and this can cause some problems in her day-to-day life.

If there is a fundamental value that characterizes Scorpio when it comes to love and friendship, it is loyalty. In it you will find a true companion on the road, where the main thing will be to be faithful to the trust you have placed in her.

The advice and secrets between you will always be well protected and you will never be able to find dishonor or tradition in someone of this sign.

However, there is a negative point in all this and that is that the serious relationship for a Scorpio is difficult to achieve. She is clear about it: she prefers to have a good time, but to commit to a couple level…

You need to earn it and that she feels reciprocated in all aspects. She doesn’t play the first card. That is why the conquest of this sign is slow and complicated, although when you do it will be because her feelings are true.

Once you have a serious and committed relationship with a woman of this sign, as Linda Goodman expresses in her book on the character of the zodiac signs, “a Scorpio woman does not need the legality of marriage to provide love and dedication of a wife.

If due to circumstances beyond your control marriage is impossible, she will love you equally without reservation, not giving a damn what the neighbors think. In most of these types of exceptional situations, the relationship is much deeper and more serious than the superficial and selfish love that exists in more than one legitimate marriage. ”

It is difficult to know what goes through the mind of a Scorpio. They are very jealous of her intimacy and her feelings.

Hence, the most complicated part of this whole journey is knowing what she is thinking or feeling at all times.

Finally, you can see her quiet, difficult to conquer or enigmatic, but it is not incompatible with the fact that her bed is something fundamental and to be valued very positively for her. She is very active, passionate and always expects what she gives.


This wealth is usually associated with money, through which we can lead a non-precarious life and guarantee ourselves that fundamental sense of stability that man has always sought since the dawn of time but attention.

we must not only consider the material and tangible aspect because signs and planets in this house will also show us a more personal aspect, linked to innate resources and qualities that belong to us and which, once developed, will be an indication of our personal value.

For example, a second home in the sign of Scorpio or a second home that contains, within it, a planet like Mercury can indicate a sense of security more relevant to a concept of learning and knowledge through study rather than an accumulation of money.