Midheaven in Sagittarius

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Midheaven in Sagittarius usually represents personalities that find ultimate satisfaction in occupations that allow them fully to express their individuality and independence.

Moreover, these people are capable of making mark on any job they do; they give it a touch of their uniqueness, so that each task they accomplish appears original, regardless of the profession or the nature of their occupation.

It could be some extraordinary job or very common; either way, you would know it was of their doing.

People who have Midheaven in Sagittarius expect that their work leads them to widening of their intellectual and spiritual horizons.

They are inclined towards learning new things and ready to absorb new knowledge. They enjoy exploring new ideas, which reflects amazing intellectual potential they possess. They are of philosophical nature.

The ruler of this Midheaven is the planet Jupiter. Immum Coeli or the Lower Midheaven for Midheaven in Sagittarius is found in the sign of Gemini.

This means that people with Midheaven in Sagittarius have a strong, inborn desire to pass their knowledge onto future generations of their own kin.

Understanding the Midheaven is something beyond common horoscope readings most of people are used to.

Let us learn something more about these terms and astrological elements. The Midheaven and elements related to it are rarely commonly discussed.

They are an essential part of in depth astrological interpretation of one’s birth chart, so let us find out what might they show.

Understanding the Midheaven greatly helps in understanding your professional goals, career progress and all related to it.

Midheaven – Medium Coeli Meaning

What is the Midheaven? The Midheaven or Medium Coeli (marked as MC in a natal chart) represents the highest point on the ecliptic. It is found on the top of the Tenth astrological field, which we will talk about later on.

The Midheaven is essential element for understanding one’s idea of professional and career success, their attitude towards it, their attitude towards authorities and the image they leave in the public.

Medium Coeli is what you are, in short. It represents what you have always dreamed to be and determines basic steps of your progress. Medium Coeli shapes up your ideas of success, publicity, work and ideal career. It has a lot to do with the first authorities in your life, which are your parents.

Medium Coeli represents your desires, but also their expectations and ideas they have passed on to you.

The way you are going to accept and process those partially and, in many cases, unintentionally imposed ideas about the ideal occupation, career and success, is also shaped up by your Midheaven.

This is why some people eagerly follow their parents’ steps and find themselves comfortable in succeeding family business and why others choose completely different paths.

Medium Coeli represents success, the maximum of our potentials. It represents the realization of our personality as it is seen in our First house. However, Medium Coeli is not that about the intimate aspects of one’s personality, but about how this personality is present in the public.

The Midheaven is about how people see us, especially in terms of professional achievements.

The Midheaven symbolizes what we might be, if we use all of our capacities, talents and skills given to the fullest. It could also point out the flaws in our attitude and behavior related to success. Medium Coeli defines one’s general idea of success.

It answers to why we want to achieve exactly those particular things. It also tells about what motivates us and where we find our inspiration in.

While Immum Coeli or the Lower Midheaven represents who we are in privacy and what are our private desires and needs, the Midheaven represents us as public personas. It does not mean it necessarily makes you globally famous (for some people, it means so, though), but it has to do with your social status, professional aspirations and generally your place in the world.

It is about your public image, seen from both sides; yours and the people around you. Medium Coeli defines the way you would like people to see you, but it could also make people talk about you for some other reason.

For example, someone could be present in the public as a performer, but people would praise him or her for their charity work, not that much for their performing skills. It could be a bad publicity, as well.

The Midheaven represents your idols and people you admire. It tells about your heroes, your expectations of yourself and the expectations others have from you. Medium Coeli is about the reputation, for the greatest part.

It is definitely about fame and glory, acknowledgment of someone’s professional achievements, his or her mark on the world in general.

Therefore, it is also about notoriety, bad reputation, shame and scandals.

Tenth House and Medium Coeli

Medium Coeli is bound to the Tenth house, representing its cusp, its highest peak. The Tenth house is of major importance in interpreting one’s natal chart, because it is the house of success, career and professional and social status.

The nature of the Tenth house is the same as that of Medium Coeli, which is the maximum of it.

It is also important to see what planets are there.  Aspects they create are of crucial importance, as well.

The Tenth house tells about your accomplishments on professional plan, in the first place. It defines your career path and tells about capacities you posses. Of course, professional role models, personal desires and goals are present there, as well. Each person has his or her own road to success.

However, it is not as of your career path is inscribed into your Tenth house once and for all.

It is meaningless, unless you decide really to use the information given. It tells you about what talents should you nurture, for example. It also points out what could be your ‘professional’ flaws and what should you avoid doing.

The point is to achieve your maximum by fully using your potentials. It may sounds easy, but it is not. You have to recognize all these fine details and carefully consider them.

This is why many truly talented people and genius minds never achieve any degree of public recognition; their brilliance stays in the shadow of others, maybe even less genius, but more capable of using and combining advantages they are given.

There are people who have amazing background and everything others would see as fortunate circumstances and yet, they gamble it all away and achieve nothing that lasts.

There are people who literally burn out in the fire of their own glory.

It greatly depends on how we see the idea of success, in the first place. The choice of occupation, the willingness to climb up the professional and social ladder greatly depends on aspects we have in our tenth house. The way we are going to act, in order to achieve set goals, is also determined by elements in the Tenth house.

The sign our Midheaven sits in determines the nature of our pursuit for professional goals, for public recognition and all related.

The Tenth house is always associated with one’s reputation and status. Medium Coeli is the best of it, to say so. The Tenth house is about rewards, accomplishments and glory. It could direct us towards areas of life we should focus on, in order to be accepted, recognized and praised for our work.

It could also point out dangerous paths that could lead us to negative publicity and failure.

It is of vital importance to understand aspects related to the Tenth house.

If they are favorable, it is likely that a person would find it difficult to focus on their career goals and eventually achieve some degree of success and popularity that comes along. If aspects are not in favor, the person could find it difficult to channel their potentials and achieve something.

The most misfortunate, in that sense, are perhaps destinies of some genius people that have become glorified after they died. They never had any idea that they could ever become popular.

Many amazing people have lived poor lives and even died in misery, but now we put them onto gilded pedestals. This is the irony that could be seen in the Tenth house.

Midheaven in Sagittarius – Pursuit for Knowledge

Let us now focus on one specific Midheaven profile, Midheaven in Sagittarius. People with Midheaven in Sagittarius are of both philosophical and spiritual nature; they truly believe in higher knowledge and higher purpose of things in life. This is their greatest motivating force.

They are in pursuit of knowledge and widening of their own horizons. They see themselves are people meant to enlighten the overall humanity.

These people have incredible drive towards adventure, in any sense. They do not like to sit on one place. Experience is learning, in their opinion, and vice versa.

They are inclined towards exploration and research, in both intellectual and physical way. They constantly search for new information and try to observe things from many angles. They especially love to travel, but their journeys are purposeful.

Midheaven Sagittarius individuals want to know the world and they have a strong desire to pass on everything they have learned about it to other people.

They could be researchers, explorers, but also amazing scholars or spiritualists. They are versatile, so they often find a way to combine more of their interests and make a living out of it.

People with Medium Coeli in Sagittarius are the most energetic of all other Midheaven combinations representatives. They are positive, fierce, eager to try things on their own skin and to apply what they have learned in reality. They always search for purpose in thing they do and the ultimate purpose is knowing the world.

By knowing the world and passing on that knowledge, you could make it a better place. These people have amazing gift for publicity and feel comfortable when in the spotlight.

Others usually see them as incredibly optimistic, energetic and active people.

Many envy Midheaven Sagittarius on their positivity and the ability to live in the moment. It is exactly so, Midheaven Sagittarius have one guiding and lasting mission, but they are capable really to use the moment and experience it to the fullest.

Positive Sides

People with Midheaven in Sagittarius are both students and mentors. They absorb information from the world around, efficiently process them and pass them on to others. Since Immum Coeli for Midheaven Sagittarius is in Gemini, people of this Midheaven have strong need to educate their younger ones.

They are eloquent, reasonable and spirited, so it usually goes smoothly and has great success.

These are people others admire for their drive, endless motivation and willingness to explore the world. They seem never to get tired. People with Midheaven in Sagittarius work the best on their own.

Their job has to be something that allows them to express their independent mind, but also to provide them enough knowledge and experience needed actually to form opinions.

Midheaven Sagittarius people could be amazing travel guides or maybe travel bloggers. They could have their own educational travelling show, related to any specific subject that intrigues them the most.

They could also be amazing teachers, mentors, professors, researchers, explorers.

The live for today, but they see that their knowledge lives on, through other people.

Negative Sides

These energetic Epicurean individuals are prone to hedonism and generally over indulging everything in life. It is great that they want to experience things the first hand, so that their opinions always have firm ground and not to be based on speculation, but they could go too far.

It could be dangerous, depending on what they do, of course. It could also lead them to bad publicity.

Midheaven Sagittarius tend to go to extremes, in order to get new knowledge.

They sometimes simply cannot help themselves and stop before they have gone too far, if strongly attracted to something they would like to know more about. They could be thoughtless and act impulsively.

This is the bad side of living in the moment, without thinking about actual consequences.


Sagittarius on top of the Tenth house, Medium Coeli in Sagittarius, puts an emphasis at the importance of learning, education, connection with higher truths and knowledge, travel and ethics in questions related to one’s status.

This personality approaches to ideas of success, career, professional development and social recognition with optimism, great enthusiasm and idealism.

These people feel at their best when in pursuit of new knowledge that is gained through actual experience.

They more they learn, the more liberated they feel. Knowledge gives them even more boost in their pursuit. They are inclined towards over-estimating their own capabilities.

However, their experience will eventually teach them even that lesson.

These people are not discouraged by failure, because they simply see it as a part of life.