Uranus in Aries

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People have always longed to know what awaits them in life or what kind of destiny befalls their country or their nation, for example. We have been searching everywhere and yet, it still seems we could hardly know what is going to happen.

There have always been various practices of divinations, people thought to possess special psychic powers and so on.

Perhaps there is some truth in it. We have also tried to unravel secrets of our existence by using acknowledged scientific approaches. Astrology is particularly interesting in these terms, since it seems to dwell somewhere what we consider ‘real’ science and pure divination.

Astrology means the ‘science of the stars’, its name originates from old Latin astrologia, which comes from ancient Greek.

Astron means a ‘star’, and logia means a ‘study of’. As you can see, it is similar to astronomy or astronomia. Back in time, the two were inseparable and both seriously taken. Today, we acknowledge astronomy as an official scientific discipline, while astrology is considered an alternative approach and a pseudo science.

However, astrology is still widely used. In the age of World Wide Web, themes related to astrology and horoscopes are amongst the top ones people search internet for.

If you are interested in personal astrology that is natal astrology, a part of this rich and complex pseudo science, you can easily get your birth chart online, with an instant interpretation.

We suggest it is better also to find an astrologer who would interpret this chart to the detail and actually create your horoscope. Horoscope comes from horoskopos, Greek, and it translates into a ‘time marker’.

This means that one’s personal horoscope, just as any other horoscope or astrological analysis, is based upon the practice of observing the time, recording time.

A birth chart is based upon one specific moment in time; it is the time of an individual’s birth or, for example, the time of foundation of something.

According to astrology, that is a defining moment for all.

Uranus and Horoscope

All elements that constitute a birth chart define you as a person, in a way, and decide your lifeline. Planets are particularly important; they are essential for any astrological interpretation, since this approach is primarily based on observing the planetary movement. In an astrological analysis, there are all planets of Solar system, with the Sun and the Moon.

Uranus is quite an interesting and unusual planet. In astrology, it is the planet of change and uniqueness, amongst other things. Uranus’ position in your birth chart is responsible for your attitude towards cardinal changes.

Although not a personal planet, but transpersonal, Uranus defines crucial characteristics that are closely related to the idea of change, such as originality, inventiveness, eccentric spirit, liberal mind and independence.

This planet is considered strange in many ways. It is not only astrologically strange, but also astronomically. Uranus is a gas giant and a planet with its poles awkwardly located. The areas where Uranus’ poles are correspond to equatorial belts in other planets of Solar system. This means Uranus is slanting in comparison to other planets we know of.

Uranus is oriented sideways, if we compare it to other planets. Because its strange position, days and nights on Uranus could last for years and years, in Earth terms. In addition, Uranus rotates the opposite way to that of Earth’s rotation.

Uranus also has a belt similar to that of Saturn, but they are not that visible. Uranus is a blue planet and in Greek mythology, Uranus is the deity of heavens.

Planet Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is known for its libertarian attitude, innovativeness, originality, sense of higher purpose and uniqueness. Aquarius people are original, strange and eccentric exactly thanks to their ruler Uranus.

Uranus is also associated with rebellious attitude, with sudden changes, surprises and awakening.

This planet spends seven years in one zodiac sign, so it is also considered a generational planet. It means that all people born during that time will have Uranus in the same sign. Uranus affects each one of us differently.

It is good to know where Uranus stands in your natal chart and what kind of aspects it creates. If you are one of those to have Uranus in Aries, let us talk about it in detail.

Uranus in Aries – General Info

Uranus has just left Aries, the sign it spent last seven years in. It returned shortly into it and then returned to its new, but not that friendly home of Taurus, where it is going to stay until 2026.

The last cycle of Uranus in Aries started in 2010. Some people have Uranus in Aries in their birth charts; actually, whole generations of people.

Let us find out what it actually means when this strange, rebellious planet enters the fiery Aries sign. Let us now first see how Uranus in Aries affect different zodiac signs that is the people of different native zodiac signs.

We should remind you that your ruling sign does not determine your personality in total.

All other signs affect you, as well as all sorts of relations, aspects and so on.

What happens when Uranus meets Aries and how this phenomenon reflects on different people? Uranus is the ruler of the sign Aquarius, but how it affects other signs, when in Aries?

Uranus in Aries – Zodiac signs

For people born under the sign of Aries, Uranus in Aries makes them very independent, with quick intuition and practical originality.

These individuals have loads of energy and they seem unstoppable. They are very impatient, they are impulsive, aggressive and you never know what could drive them crazy in a matter of seconds.

Generally energetic and intense Aries becomes even more active with Uranus in Aries.

With Uranus in Aries, Aries individuals’ enthusiasm quickly changes amplitudes, from the highest to the lowest, although, in general, they are strong and fearless.

They do not despair, but see to get into action. They could be extremely stubborn, but their nature is humanitarian and they respect other people. They see the idea of change, which is typical for Uranus, in terms of reforms. They like reforming things, re-creating structures and plans of action.

Their devotion to what they work on easily passes all reasonable limits and becomes somewhat fatalistic. For Taurus people, Uranus in Aries brings insecurities related to their material status.

They are constantly worried about their finances and it is not uncommon they suddenly lose large amount of money, but then, they could also suddenly gain some more.

They are oriented towards finding new and original ways of making profit. Since Taurus people are overall materialistic and very down to earth, they could profit from something they have made by their own hands.

They are kind of dogmatic, but they could express great talent in the area of art. They are also stubborn and somewhat difficult to deal with, but generally, they are practical, creative and steady.

When Uranus is in Aries, Gemini people could expect fortunate period for their social and love life, in particular. They will become even more versatile, daring and open to new experiences.

To them, Uranus in Aries brings new opportunities, rich social life, and romantic affairs. Gemini people that were a bit indecisive would boldly enter the public sphere, enter the world of politics, sports, art. They have distinctive need to be publically recognized.

Cancers should think twice about staying true to their conventional and conservative points of view. Uranus in Aries inspires action, active changes. It would be good for cancer people to catch that train and realize how important it is to be open and flexible.

Many Cancers could recognize rather good opportunities related to their career. There is also possibility of changes in family relations, for better or for worse, depends on the situation.

Uranus does not affect Leos very much, so it could take time until Leos realize something is happening differently. For Leos, Uranus in Aries is characterized by new career opportunities, related to working abroad, making great professional connection with foreigners.

There is a possibility for having a parallel love affair, changing a partner; Leos will generally become more wild and daring. Success in sports and scientific area are also possible.

Uranus in Aries is not a favorable position for Virgos. It could literally bring them actual physical problems, such as headaches, vision problems or else. These health issues would most likely be result of too much stress and their workaholic nature.

Virgos will feel exhausted and drained, most of the time. Romantic relations become heavy, difficult, complicated. Many Virgos would decide on breakup, even adultery. There is a possibility for financial risks.

Libras could be particularly struck by Uranus in Aries, because this position brings specific conditions related to all sorts of relations with people, on romantic, social, family, but also professional plan. Uranus in Aries demands of Libras to have even more understanding for all the flaws of the people around them.

Their romantic partners could become particularly difficult to deal with. Libras are not used to such conditions, so they will become untypically impulsive and quick-tempered.

Scorpio people with Uranus in Aries get the chance to make amazing moves on their professional plan and to start a completely new job that would suit their originality and feed their creative mind. Scorpios could become particularly demanding in romantic relationships.

They could start expecting impossible things from their coworkers or their friends. Other people would find it particularly hard to follow Scorpios’ pace. Scorpios with Uranus in Aries are in search for new ways to express their brilliant creativity.

Uranus in Aries is in favor with Sagittarius people. They should expect surprisingly good opportunities in romantic life, but also in professional field. Many Sagittarius would finally dare to do what they have always dreamed of, but were at least a bit afraid and hesitant about it.

Aquarius people could become great reformers, similarly to Aries, but with more grandiose visions, maybe more idealistic and less practical. However, they would very likely come up to incredibly original and inspiring ideas.

Pisces people with Uranus in Aries become more daring and more open to risk, especially in matters of finances and career. Uranus in Aries is related to changes in activity and action in general.

Calm, cool and dreamy Pisces could awake from their dreams and start thinking more practically and dare to risk. Their natural wisdom and intuition would most likely point them towards life-changing decisions, in a good way.

Good Traits

Good things that Uranus in Aries brings are related to positive changes in the way we act.

Aries is the sign of action and strength, oriented towards practical goals and stability in life.

Aries is energetic and determined. Uranus makes turbulence, bringing sudden and sometimes radical changes. Uranus in Aries generally means there would be less doubt about taking real action and making real and big changes, without second thoughts.

Bad Traits

Just as such changes in action could be fruitful and beneficial, they could be disastrous.

It greatly depends on one’s overall birth chart and horoscope how Uranus in Aries would affect him or her, but it definitely brings changes in activity.

One should act reasonably and try first to understand this change in dynamics and use it to his own benefit. This is particularly important for sensitive and emotional ones, who find it hard to deal with failure.

Uranus in Aries Man

Uranus in Aries in men signs could manifest as a more aggressive, more intense attitude and need to apply one’s ideas practically.

Men with Uranus in Aries are all very active, but it depends on their birth chart, which part of their life would be the most affected.

Uranus in Aries brings the need to become visible. A man with this combination does not calculate and analyze things, he only acts and he is very assured of his success on all fields.

Uranus in Aries Woman

This woman is fiery, also intense, explosive.

She does not think twice and is not afraid of making bold personal changes.

If we are to simplify things, we could say an Uranus Aries woman would change her hair color, just as she would change her job, pack up and go to travel around the world or whatever else is suitable for her nature.

She never asks herself ‘what if’, but she does things.


Uranus in Aries is a fiery and turbulent position to have around.

On a bigger plan, it brings radical changes in dynamics and activity, especially the social and professional activity.

On a personal level, it chases away all doubts and makes each one of us more daring, less hesitant, and eager to try new things, to change things in our life dramatically and without regret.