Libra in 12th House – Meaning and Info

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Libra rules the seventh house in the natural horoscope, and it refers to the spouse, as well as to those who stand opposite the “I” or our personality.

The ruler, the “air” Venus, makes these people just, charming, and refined. Aesthetes are born, true lovers of tenderness and elegance, they avoid conflict situations at all costs.

Indulgent and adaptable, Libra will do everything to be surrounded by harmony, beauty and peace.

Libra – Meaning and Info

Only if Venus is affected by extremely difficult aspects can she be lazy, stubborn, even depressed. But, typical, conditionally speaking average, Libra is kind, honest, and fiery. It is easy to recognize her in society by her cheerfulness and ringing laughter that seems contagious.

It captivates with innate grace. Although they are emotional and gentle, Libra carefully weighs every life situation in which they find themselves. They don’t complain about the choice.

Libra is not prone to hasty decisions that lead to inevitable remorse. Rather, we could say that they are balancing, skillfully arranging arguments for and against their views, carefully determining the weight of each. They just shouldn’t be rushed, because then they make mistakes because of their emotionality.

The aggressiveness of the environment can sway them in their choice.

However, when the selection process is over, Libra sticks to the decision she made. Since she is not superficial, she has a deep sense of true values. The pursuit of perfection drives her to accept nothing in life a priori.

He does not like generalizations, so he will have appropriate reasons for each specific situation. He approaches the given problem carefully from all sides, not missing anything from the case. But Libra is not a rationalist like Virgo.

They judge well because they have an ideal sense of justice. The aerial Venus skillfully separates them from the earth, leading them to the pure celestial world of ideas. Above all, they would like that sinless, perfect, heavenly world to which they govern to be available on earth as well.

It is this innate idealism that entails many problems when it comes to concrete earthly life. Namely, filled with the pursuit of the ideal, Libra can spontaneously stifle you with its perfect principles, although these principles are not imposed aggressively.

They are so persistent that the environment with weaker nerves is bound to get angry. Such situations confuse Libra, because they just want to be impartial judges. If the life postulates of these truth-loving people are broken, then they react emotionally and are able to completely distance themselves from the world.

We must emphasize that they are extremely good and loyal friends. All their openness, purity and nobility come to the fore in the way they approach their friends. He will listen carefully to even the most uncomfortable problems, sincerely trying to help as much as he can.

Although they are extremely communicative and sociable, they do not have many friends. Rather, we could talk about a few carefully selected according to specific criteria.

If they acquire an enemy during their lifetime, they will not be rude and tactless even towards him. She will fight him with nice words, which we must admit is a rare trait.

Vengeance is foreign to these elegant lovers of justice. Always in the dilemma of whether they could have done or said something else, they will not belittle the opposite stories or deeds. If they get tired of measuring life, they can become apathetic and depressed. Even as such, they are not dark but listless.

When they stumble over roughness, the best way to return them to their otherwise normal state of harmony is to surround them with outward beauty.

Although they are not pronounced materialists in terms of psychological structure, they will always feel comfortable in a room filled with beautiful things, or at a deliciously set table.

It is known that they are greatly influenced by the environment in which they find themselves. Compared to Virgo, we certainly cannot say that Libra is organized at work. However, if they like what they do, they can be maximally effective.

It is unlikely that their work will throw them off balance, since they do not complain, they make decisions slowly. He will do little before thorough and exhaustive consultations with colleagues.

They do not like absolute responsibility; rather they are for collective decision making. They work more successfully if they are not surrounded by intrusive people, as well as if everything around them is neat and likable.

A pleasant atmosphere and harmonious interpersonal relationships are a prerequisite for a job well done. Venus, the goddess of love, makes Libra an imperative for the search for love as a spiritual category.

As they are more emotional than passionate, their inner impression is more important than the actual experience. And they are too sentimental and gentle to be just sensual. Coquetry and flirting are part of their nature, so it’s no wonder they easily make sentimental connections.

It is not easy to resist Venus’ charm. Libra in love casually conquers without much strategy and effort, because she spontaneously radiates her feelings.

Along the way, she seduces even those who don’t like her too much, out of a huge need for everyone to like her.

12th House – Meaning and Info

Opposite the sixth house there is the TWELFTH which is our most intimate and secret part, a small sanctuary where we retire in solitude to reflect on life and beyond life, a need to achieve a fusion of body and soul with something superior to us.

This house, last in the circle of the zodiac and symbolically associated with the sign of Pisces, is very complex. It indicates the end of a cycle, the point of arrival of the evolutionary path of that individual ego which, crossing eleven sectors of the zodiac, has completely deconstructed itself and now only wishes to dissolve in order to “go home” and rediscover that sense of uniqueness and of belonging to the universal matrix that generated it.

Although the prospect of returning to such a sublime state is wonderfully appealing and reassuring, something else within us – the fear of dissolving our individuality and unity – struggles desperately against this desire, and it is in the twelfth house that the representation takes place. Of this existential antinomy between two such contrasting attractions.

After all, its natural rulers are Neptune and Jupiter, planets that tend to make us feel in profound harmony on a mystical level.

The attainment of a sense of transcendence and attachment to life often generates, in some people who have important planets in this house, a strong disorientation, a feeling of being overwhelmed by unconscious impulses of such emotional intensity that their lack of manageability them.

It pushes to project oneself into a world of loneliness, abandonment, separation from others, a diversity that often results in an escape from all that is commonly defined as “normality”.

Here there is no room for the ego that can only function in the “space-time” reality, in the twelfth we flee from separateness because we want to merge and identify with something much greater than ourselves.

This sense of loneliness can be yearned for with joy or immediately as a condemnation, in any case it permeates the whole atmosphere of the Twelfth which, precisely because of this symbolism, is associated with those places of forced isolation in which, often, men , despite themselves, they must stop.

Hospitals, for example, places of transit for those who have temporarily lost their health or prisons, places of confinement for those who have broken the rules of the established order, are associated with this sector, but not only, also orphanages, convents, colleges, hospices or institutions for the disabled.

Obviously, those who take care of this “suffering” world also fall into this sphere, the nurses, the prison guards, the volunteers of all those associations who work in these structures, are generally all people with a sense of sacrifice, compassion and empathy and able, therefore, to lovingly help that link in the human chain considered weaker and less fortunate.

In this house, subverting all the canons of mediocrity expressed by the sixth house which, as we have seen above all tends to maintain stability, order and status quo at all costs, it is possible to get in touch with that ocean of psychic, universal symbols and images and mythical ones defined by Jung as “collective unconscious”.

Libra in 12th House – Meaning and Info

it is the seventh male aerial active and cardinal sign of the Zodiac, associated with the symbolism of the number seven; a symbol of harmony and balance on the cosmic and spiritual planes. Venus rules Libra which gives it beauty, charm, elegance.

Libra is primarily focused on relationships, as opposed to Aries which is primarily self-centered. Aries has an awareness of himself, and Libra about others, and what he needs to learn is exactly what has a sign opposite to them – Libra must learn to know himself, and Aries must know others.

Libra people are beautiful with regular facial features and a beautiful smile, the lower body is more accentuated than the upper.

The main characteristics and virtues are kindness, sociability, sophistication, diplomacy, balanced character, tender feelings, optimism, and objectivity, propensity to travel and art, act very attractive to the opposite sex.

The negative characteristics that failure is very difficult to bear, a little stingy, not prone to hard physical work, as well as compromises, put personal interests ahead of others.

For Libra, almost everything must be weighed, after all, its symbol is Libra, and no astrological type has a stronger sense of justice and correctness than Libra. They do not like cruelty, aggression and being pressured.

The government of the seventh house of the Zodiac, which represents everything that is opposite to us, whether it is a marital partner or a business, signifies marriage and the potential of all marriages, the public and the way we are accepted in public, politics, diplomacy, open enemies, clients, competition, grandmothers and grandfather.

Members of this sign have a refined taste striving to harmonize the external appearance and internal beauty to be in harmony. They have high requirements and criteria and therefore make selection in all segments of life. Falling in love is of primary importance in the life of every Libra.

Knowing that they are loved achieves emotional security. They are simply in love. In youth they are faithful and in marriage they are attached. Libra has a wide range of acquaintances and friends, they love their friends and most often they are people of the same sign, there are also Gemini and Aquarius with whom they have good mental communication.

Libra, along with Gemini and Aquarius, are the fastest people in the Zodiac. People of this sign adore food and along with Taurus and Cancer they are the greatest gourmands of the Zodiac. As they are very sociable, food is often an excuse for them to socialize.

At work, they prefer to work in society rather than alone and strive to make the work environment pleasing to the eye. At work, they ask for a certain freedom and do not like to be ordered.

From whose source several “geniuses” from all eras have drawn, people who have seen or heard something before everyone else and have left traces of their powerful creativity through masterpieces that have touched every artistic, musical, religious, political, scientific and literary fields.

According to the planets inside it, this last house of the zodiac, that is, the one that symbolically precedes the first house in the wheel, namely birth, allows us to trace the psychological state experienced by the mother during pregnancy.

In fact, the baby, in addition to assimilating through the umbilical cord the nutrients necessary for its growth, also captures, throughout the gestation period, even the most intimate emotions of its parent and, although no conscious memory will remain, these will still be impressed. In his psyche and will affect, for better or for worse, his future life.

There is a final topic related to this house which, in many ways, is the theory of metempsychosis “mysterious” and “spiritual”.

Many astrologers, in fact, consider it the house of “Karma”, that is, that sort of debt consisting of a series of negative behaviors implemented in the past and which can be definitively redeemed and paid only through multiple reincarnations, all aimed at achieving that perfection which will allow us to return to the source from which we come.


The twelfth house could give us an indication not only of the problems that we carry with us as baggage from the past but above all enlighten us on the most appropriate behaviors with which we intend to test ourselves in this life.