Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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If you recently met someone who aroused your interest, it is natural that you want to know as much as you can about that person.

The usual source of information in these situations is the person’s social profiles. Suddenly you catch yourself checking out on their statuses, pictures, and posts, and you try figuring out what type of personality are they.

Another, maybe even better means you can use to find out about someone’s personal traits, but also the way you two could get along together, is astrology.

Astrology compatibility analysis is made by comparing the planetary positions of your natal chart and the chart of the person you like, making a list of aspects between these planets and determining their meanings.

If the aspects are predominantly good, there is a great likelihood that the relationship between you two could be a good one. If the aspects are bad, the chances are that the relationship will be a short-lasting one and filled with conflicts.

By analyzing a person’s natal chart, you can also discover a lot about their personality and character traits. To make a natal chart, you will need the person’s birth info, i.e. their exact time of birth, as well as their date and place of birth.

If you don’t have their birth data, you can ask them about their horoscope sign, and use it instead.

Horoscope signs have general traits, which are shared among the people born under the same signs, with some differences between men and women.

By comparing these traits of two people you can determine whether these two could have a predominantly balanced and harmonious relationship or not.

You will also discover a lot about a person through their horoscope sign, although not in such details as for when you have their natal chart.

In this text, a comparison is made between the traits of a Scorpio man and a Pisces woman to discover how these two get along together.

Scorpio Man

A Scorpio man is determined and confident about himself and his abilities. This man usually knows what he wants and he acts accordingly, pursuing his goals. He has a methodical approach although his reactions are swift and energetic. These men have powerful personalities and enormous energy.

Their energy can almost be physically felt by the people around them.

They are very honest, straightforward, and direct. They can sometimes offend or hurt others with their honesty, but it is who they are. They don’t make excuses for their behavior and they demand the same treatment of others towards them. They demand that others are open and direct towards themselves.

These men often have almost magnetic attractiveness. People (mostly women) are drawn to their strong and decisive personalities. They have strong willpower, and they almost never retreat. They keep going towards their goal, regardless of the obstacles they might be facing.

Scorpio men have a talent for psychology, and they are good at reading people. They seem to know what others are thinking, and they are not easy lied to. These men have radars which detect lies, and if they catch you lying, that is not a good thing. Your relationship with them is at serious risk, and they might decide to end it because they cannot be close to someone they cannot trust.

If you care about this man, whether he is your friend or something more than that, then it is advisable to be careful about your behavior towards him because there are some things they just cannot tolerate or forgive.

These men respect people who are honest and straightforward like they are. If there’s something you are afraid of telling this man, it is better to overcome that fear and be honest, than keep it inside or decide to lie, and make matters worse. They consider such behavior as an insult to their intelligence and pride, and it takes a lot for them to get over such an episode and forgive you.

Scorpio men are very passionate about everything they do. They are motivated by success and challenges only inspire them to move forward. These men don’t give up easily. They are fearless and they pursue their dreams. If this man decides that he likes you, nothing can stop him from trying to conquer you, and he will most probably succeed. These men are almost irresistible.

They are very sexual beings, and physical contact plays an important part in their lives. They have a lot of options for dating women because they don’t have a problem approaching them.

Women are also very attracted to their magnetic personalities and openness of their emotions and they often openly approach these men. Having a lot of opportunities makes these men prone to multiple dating and changing partners.

They are not simply attractive machines, and they do search for emotional, and not only physical pleasure, and they wait for the right woman to feel such a connection with.

When a Scorpio man finds the woman who fits his desires, he becomes a loyal and devoted partner, and forgets about everything aside. They long for a deep emotional bond with a woman because they are deep down very emotional and easily vulnerable. They hide their vulnerability with a mask of indifference.

Hurt Scorpio men can demonstrate the dark side of his personality dramatically. Both Scorpio men and women often have a destructive or self-destructive side of them. They are capable for an act of terrible revenge to a person who has hurt them, but they can also be prone to behaving self-destructively and harming themselves, by indulging in addictions, such as drugs, alcohol, or even sex.

These men should not be provoked because they might have some unpredictable reactions, and they might even get violent at times. Not all Scorpio men are like that, but some have a violent side of their personality, which comes from the planet Mars, their ruler. Mars in general rules violence and war.

When this man is in love he becomes very tender and sweet towards his loved one. He would do anything to protect her from harm, and he tries to provide hers and his family’s needs.

Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman is a sensitive being, and usually very shy, although there are some Pisces who are the complete opposite. These women are usually very beautiful and possess an almost dream-like beauty. These often appear as mermaids rising from the deep waters.

They are not very communicative and appear mysterious. That is a part of their personality, but they can also use their silence as tactics, to get what they want. These women are adaptable and very intelligent. They are not like some fire signs women who try to go through walls.

These women have different tactics; they are patient and wait for the right chance to react.

Pisces women are usually not very ambitious (although some of them are very), and they desire a man who can be their support and guidance. Their attitude is a magnet for many men who want a woman they can take care of and protect. She is very feminine and appears fragile which inspire men to run for her rescue.

Some Pisces women can use these tactics to manipulate men, but many of them genuinely are like that.

These women can often be absentminded, and that is a trait you will probably need to get used to because they don’t change easily. They can appear to be listening to you, and they could be listening to you, but they don’t pay enough attention to remember your words. For many people, such behavior is insulting and disrespectful, but they usually don’t have a bad intention behind it. It is just who they are.

If there’s an important duty that a Pisces woman needs to perform, you better remind her more than once because there is a great chance that she might forget. Again, not all of Pisces women are like that, but many of them have these traits.

They are not very passionate and they prefer hugs and kisses to physical contact. Men who are very passionate should have patience with them and allow them to relax before getting into action. There are some Pisces women who are quite the opposite, and give the initiative for intimacy, but that usually isn’t the case.

These women are usually home types, and they don’t like to go out much. Some Pisces women (and usually the ones with a strong Aquarius or other air influence) are prone to adventures, but these women are mostly satisfied with the comfort of their homes preferably with their men and their children by their side.

They are good wives and mothers and take good care of their loved ones. They are nurturing and caring and enjoy pampering the ones they care about. They are also very patient and adjustable.

Pisces women usually don’t have leadership qualities. They are perfectly fine with their man organizing their lives and telling them what to do. They could have their say, but they don’t push their opinion. They avoid conflicts at any cost, and are willing to do anything to have peace in the house.

Love Compatibility

Scorpio man and a Pisces woman make a very good couple.

They complement each other and also enjoy each other’s company. They are both water signs and feel a deep emotional bond towards each other. They both have an understanding of each other’s flaws in character and are willing to work things out if there is an issue between them.

These two have similar interests and usually similar desires in life. If she is the woman that the Scorpio was looking for, he is willing to abandon his previous lifestyle and devote his life completely to the Pisces woman and their life together. For the Pisces woman, the Scorpio man appears as her ideal man, and she admires and respects his strength and confidence.

She is willing to listen to his advice and his guidance and let him organize their life together completely. Their relationship is more tender than a passionate one, but the Scorpio has a way of awakening the passion in every woman, and the Pisces woman is not an exception.

Theirs is a relationship with a tendency of being a lasting one, and usually leads to a marriage union. 

Marriage Compatibility

The Scorpio man and the Pisces woman are very good marriage material. These two have mutual understanding and love for each other, which keeps the bond between them. They get along well, and avoid potential conflicts, by patience, talk, and understanding.

The Scorpio man is the head of this union, and the Pisces woman willingly has the role of his follower. She enjoys being in that role because she admires this man’s strength and ability.

He is her guardian and protector and she feels good in that role. Even the most independent of the Pisces woman feels comfortable in the role of a woman who is protected by her man. He is the provider of the family and she is in charge of maintaining the household and taking care of her man and the kids.

These two have a tender relationship full of mutual love. This marriage is a lasting bond which can last a lifetime. 


A Scorpio man and a Pisces woman make excellent friends. These two have compassion for each other and understand each other very well.

They enjoy each other’s company and can spend a lot of time together without getting bored. 

Cool Facts

Both the Scorpio man and the Pisces woman are known to have some supernatural abilities.

They are both very intuitive and sense other people’s feelings and emotional states. They can sometimes communicate telepathically with one another, and that usually happens when their emotional bond is very strong. They often have some psychic gifts and are interested in otherworldly subjects.


To summarize: the Scorpio man and the Pisces woman are very good partners.

They are good in any kind of relationship and are bonded by mutual love and understanding for each other.

These two can last a lifetime together, unless there are some negative influences in their natal charts which might jeopardize their relationship.