South Node in Cancer

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Cancer rules the fourth house in the natural horoscope, and it refers to ancestors, the beginning and end of life, home.

This is also the first occult house. Cancer is ruled by “female” (passive, receptive) light – the Moon, so we can freely say that both female and male members of this sign have a certain dose of femininity.

If that femininity is not visible at first glance, in physical appearance, it is certainly present in some form, in the otherwise complicated psychology of Cancer.

South Node– Meaning

And then comes dissatisfaction, outbursts of anger that frighten others (and you, in secret, too). Why? Because behind the armor of control and material wealth, you are hiding from your little secret: as a legacy from the descending node in Capricorn, you also inherited awkwardness and embarrassment in front of your own feelings.

While this mystery may now seem like an Achilles’ heel to you, in fact, as we will see, it is a seed that can germinate and help you move north towards the ascending node.

This will help you stop trading closeness with people for the life of a lone wolf, also because you are afraid of hurting yourself or others are afraid that you might hurt them. In this life, the time has come to water this seed and see what happens.

Now we know that we are looking at the qualities of the descending node from a negative angle, but this does not mean that we should abandon the best ones.

The trick is to collect the best – organization and management skills, the ability to focus on purpose and manage resources efficiently and rationally, moving towards success – into your karmic backpack as resources for your journey north to the ascending node.

Let’s get a feel for our destination. Walk for half a day today. Only half a day. So turn off your computer, call work and tell them that you can’t come to the patent and trademark meeting because you didn’t feel well, because you did that at school.

We’re going to the beach! It doesn’t matter if it’s the ocean, or the narrow footpath along the river mouth in your town’s public park, or the backwater in the bay of a mountain lake. Just get to where real natural water awaits you.

This will not be difficult, unless, of course, you are in the desert on a hill (in which case you will have to seek permission to leave the hotel or theme park). And do not take your mobile phone or diary with you – leave them in your desk drawer. This is a mandatory requirement.

Cancer – Meaning

Excessive emotionality and variability are certainly the most pronounced features of all “Moon children”.

The oscillations of emotions, from undefined sadness, the experience of “worldly pain”, through irritability to exalted happiness, are very close to these people.

It is not a rare case that the whole scale of the most diverse emotions is experienced in just one day. This type of variability leads Cancers to inevitable problems with the environment in which they live.

Namely, it is difficult to understand the reasons for the tears of someone who cries inconsolably all afternoon, and this morning he was happy and full of life.

The hardest thing is to get into the unreasonable sadness of Cancers, because they are able to “flood” everything around them with it.

As they spontaneously radiate all their emotions, it is difficult to help them with common sense advice. You need to hug them and go through everything with them unreservedly, or let them somehow cope with the swollen feelings on their own.

They should not be criticized at all, because they react to even the most innocuous criticism with incredible stubbornness and “dark-skinned” behavior.

Every attempt to reason with the “grieving” Cancer is already misplaced at the beginning. If you are not able to be honest with him, just let him go and everything will pass.

The consciousness of transience is deeply ingrained in the deepest foundations of the being of these childish dreamers; that is why the shadow of sorrow passes over their faces even in moments of true happiness. They know in advance that happiness passes.

Emotionality implies empathy, so it will be difficult to find someone who will intuitively better understand the life problems of other people than Cancer.

In addition to feeling, they sympathize. When support is needed, they are there.

The ability of Cancers to extract the last atom of strength from themselves when it comes to the lives of those they love is amazing.

Regardless of the fact that they are otherwise timid, so they struggle a lot with their own problems, they do not leave people in trouble.

If life circumstances force them to do so, they will have unbearable worries of conscience and it is almost inconceivable that they will ever forgive themselves for that.

When in the positive phase, Cancer is very fun, cheerful, and above all witty. As a cardinal sign, he likes to dominate, although this tendency is not noticeable at first glance, as in Aries. He is too subtle to aggressively impose his own ideas, but he is able to defend them unwaveringly.

He is prone to exaggeration, he does not tolerate rudeness, he absorbs the vibrations of the environment, he reacts even to an unpleasant look, and an open attack must make him sick.

He remembers insults for a long time, so he can be an unpleasant enemy. He tends to persistently return to long-gone events that mostly everyone has forgotten, unnecessarily wasting energy on a strategy of revenge.

Childhood is a golden period in the life of a typical Cancer, so it usually comes back to him. Idealized memories of his mother, the home he came from, his childhood friends, follow him until he is very old.

From the roughness of life, he withdraws into the spiritual world, drawing from it the strength necessary to face real, earthly life.

Despite the fact that hypersensitivity is perhaps his biggest enemy when it comes to his own manifestation, it should be emphasized that Cancer conquers positions with his enormous persistence.

That is why he usually has a successful career. If the business starts badly, he does not give up, or, if he gives up, he necessarily returns, exhausting all possibilities that lead to the imagined goal.

He is a concrete, albeit complicated collaborator. He does not neglect his obligations, he fulfills his promises, he just needs to be given time. The ability to make money is a bit at odds with this type of sensibility, but Cancer always finds a way to secure it.

South Node in Cancer – Meaning

From childhood, the achievements of the South Node are very noticeable – some isolation in the child, the ability to systematic work, indifference to social status, the ability to hide, wait, not go ahead of others.

Since childhood, they do not tolerate criticism, sometimes they pretend that they do not listen to advice, but in fact they are only touched by those advice that contributes to their social adaptation. The material side of life is very strong.

Cancer problem. A person should switch to his family, but he has been secretive since childhood, is good at hiding his own shortcomings and very well at revealing the shortcomings of others. And often, she does not know how to forgive. Demanding to others, keeps a distance.

A person is responsible, does not allow himself to be weak. For about 30 years, he has a possible crisis situation, at this time he has a choice of priorities. He understands that he needs to create a family, be reverent and show his love at least in such a local education as a family.

But switching from social to family aspirations can be difficult. But if he starts a family, his career will go well. He should not disappear at work, it is important to switch to the family.

Purpose – to organize a reliable secured home, to create a family, protected from the vicissitudes of fate. Find a job that does not interfere with home life. Achievement of this goal will be helped not only by physical but also spiritual unions, spiritual closeness in marriage, and maintaining contacts with parents.

One should appreciate the traditions of the family, clan, country. At the forefront should be the knowledge of your own emotional needs and the needs of your children, your marriage partner. He has to learn reality through emotional close connections.

It is not an easy task to try to preserve your ambitions, the persistent and successful heritage of the descending knot, without retreating willy-nilly, unconsciously, to the behavior and personal qualities of the “immature” Capricorn.

Some warning signals can help here. Remember, we are looking at the behavior and qualities of the downstream node from a negative perspective, so as not to get bogged down in such a convenient “was there, did that” node.

Also remember that for many people the descending node is in Capricorn, so it is not at all necessary to relate yourself to every situation or detail described.

From birth you have a need to be responsible for something or someone. You adamantly, unconsciously strive to set a goal for yourself (the more ambitious, the better) and do everything in your power (and even more) to achieve it.

To rise in the international financial market, where billions of dollars are revolving, starting from scratch, as an errand boy in accounting? No problem. Become an Olympic athletics champion after a horrific car accident?

Just give free rein! The goal is never impossible, and the bar is too high. As necessary as air, it is the legacy of the descending knot in Capricorn. And thanks to your karmic past, you have everything at your disposal to complete any business.

Craving for critically hard work (in fact – admit it – even, probably, a tendency to complicate it beyond all norms). World-class organization and planning skills. Ability to act without breaking the rules of the game.

Self-discipline and willingness to do whatever is required, where the extreme is to use the weaknesses of others for their own purposes.

You are the one who could successfully bring the planet back to life after a worldwide natural disaster, but in a dream rather than acting in real time. Why? Because it concerns “where I was and what I did.” It is a lesson that someone else has to learn, a quality that someone else has to develop in himself.

For you, this endless race for ruthlessly difficult goals is practically a step back, allowing you to take your mind off the real things in this life, not to mention the fact that it brings you back to loneliness. At the top of Everest you can’t get hold of it.

Choose for yourself: they are one and the same. Capricorn is the archetype of Father, Boss, and Teacher (the one who knows that you did not do your homework).

In the karmic past, people with a descending knot in Capricorn learned the rules of the game and learned how to succeed in the mundane life of this planet, and they can enter this life cycle with the firm belief that it is their responsibility to teach others and ensure that these rules are followed.


There are rules that force you to control your needs (how else to ensure focus on the goal?) And feelings (how else to be sure that emotions and passions do not harm p strategic planning and organization?).

There are rules that govern behavior (how else to feel safe?) And rules that govern what is good and what is bad (how else to enforce all these other rules?).