Scorpio Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Wondering if someone is a good match to us can be exhausting. We keep gathering all available info about the individual who interests us, and most of it comes from their social profiles, statuses, and pictures they post.

That alone isn’t enough to determine whether a person is compatible with us.

However, astrology can give us some precise insight into a person’s personality, as well as to describe almost in detail the relationship between two individuals.

That is done by comparing two person’s natal charts and determining the aspects between their planets, as well as their meanings.

If the meaning of these aspects is predominantly good, the relationship between them is likely to be a good one. If on the other side the meaning of their aspects is not beneficial, the relationship doesn’t have much chance of being a lasting one.

This compatibility analysis requires accurate birth data for yourself and the person who interests you.

That means that you need to possess both your exact time of birth, as well as the place and date of birth.

Because such data are not as easily acquired without exposing yourself to the risk of being considered weird by the person you like, often it is much safer to ask them for their horoscope sign, which can also be used in the similar analysis.

All horoscope signs have some specific traits, and people born under the same sign usually share similar traits. By comparing the traits of your horoscope sign and the other person horoscope sign, you can determine how compatible you two are.

You can also determine a lot of personality traits of the person you are interested in just by studying the meanings of their horoscope sign.

In this text, we will make an analysis of the traits of a male Scorpio and a female Leo, to see how these two get along in a relationship.

Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is bursting with energy. He possesses a magnetic personality, which draws people to him, especially women. This man knows how to approach women, and usually has a lot of options for dating. Scorpio men are usually very sexy, regardless of their physical appearance.

They have strong sexual energy, which is almost physically felt. They are very passionate, and their woman must be the same.

They usually don’t like shy women who are scared of physical contact. They don’t mind women who are open about their sexuality and openly express their desires, although such behavior might be an eliminating factor if they consider seriously dating that woman.

Some Scorpio men don’t mind women who have had their share with men, as long as they don’t continue such behavior after beginning a relationship with them.

These men often possess some supernatural gifts, and they can often read people’s minds. They have a natural talent for psychology, and they have a developed intuition as well. No one can lie to a Scorpio. These men are born detectives, and they hate lies. Lying to this man can seriously jeopardize your chances of getting serious with him.

He cannot imagine being with a woman he cannot trust. He also cannot tolerate betrayal of any kind, whether physical or some other kind.

These men are very honest and respect their word. They are also very direct and openly express their opinion about matters and people. If you are not strong enough, don’t even try to be in his life. If you can’t stand being told the truth, this man might seriously wound you.

He doesn’t do it intentionally. His brutal honesty is directed toward anyone, mostly towards himself.

He won’t sit and feel sorry for himself because of something bad he had experienced. Don’t expect him to feel sorry for you either. This man doesn’t allow circumstances to prevent his actions and jeopardize his mental state. He is mentally stable and always tries to keep his mind clear so he can act properly.

Scorpio men are actually motivated by difficulties and hardships. Some of them even enjoy a bit of drama happening in their lives because it pushes them into action and gives them the drive to fight and win.

Not much can take this man out of balance, and even if it does, he is quickly back on its feet.

Scorpio men have powerful personalities. They have strong determination to succeed and usually reach high positions in society. They are very confident and respect that in a person. They love women who have an attitude and know what they want.

They also love when a woman is a mystery to them, and when she cannot be easily read. That is not easy to achieve with these men because they have radars to sense people’s thoughts.

So, when a woman arouses their interest, and when they cannot be certain about her intentions and feelings, that is a special situation indeed.

One of their main negative traits is their tendency to destructive or self-destructive behavior, which can be provoked by different situations. This is something they need to work on getting rid of their character because it’s hurting them and others.

Scorpio men usually have a lot of experience with women, and they are prone to changing partners. These men love pleasures of life and women are one of their greatest challenges and pleasures. Although they have a tendency to indulge in various pleasures, when these men fall in love with a woman, their desire usually focuses on her.

She becomes the center of their world, and they focus their thoughts on their relationship.

They are deeply emotional and seek a deep emotional bond with a woman. When they experience that, they are willing to do anything to secure that bond.

These men have a traditional outlook on relationships and the traditional roles of the man and the woman in a relationship. This man cannot tolerate a woman who is loud and wants to be in charge of the household. That is a role he considers traditionally belongs to the male, which is him.

Such a woman cannot be in his life. He is not a tyrant, and he respects his woman, but she needs to show respect to him, by accepting his lead in their relationship. Most women are quite satisfied with such a role because it comes naturally to them.

Scorpio men are good providers, and usually loyal and devoted husbands, and good parents. They are reliable and supportive and make a woman feel secure by their side.

Leo Woman

Leo women usually have very powerful personalities and are driven by success and progress.

These women are very ambitious and don’t let anyone stand in the way of their success.

They usually climb high on the social ladder, and they manage to stay there. Their success is usually followed by a financial gain. They usually manage to provide financial security which will enable them a luxurious lifestyle they desire.

These women are self-sufficient, and they don’t need a man to provide for them. They usually expect their man to be at least equally successful as they are, and progress through time. Men who are not ambitious and not confident usually don’t catch their eye. These women seek success in everything and men are not excluded.

Their self-centeredness can sometimes cause them issues in relations with other people, especially men. Many men consider these women egotistical and not easy to deal with, and they rather skip messing with them. They are often loud and behave aggressively, which irritates many people.

The other side of their personality is their openness about their desires. These women openly express their sexuality, and they often dress and behave provocatively. Their behavior often causes men to consider them inappropriate for a long-term commitment. Not all Leo women are like that, but the ones that are, often wonder why men don’t want to have a serious relationship with them.

They are very passionate and desire a man with an adequate response.

Leo women often suffer from a superiority complex and have a high opinion about themselves and their qualities. Many of them consider themselves better than others, which is something like royalty among the rest of the plain people. They often expect and desire the best for themselves and they usually receive exactly what they desire.

Not all of these women have such heavy personalities. The other type of a Leo woman is a true buddy, open-hearted, and always ready to help. Readiness to help is characteristic for almost all Leo women (and Leo men). They will help anyone, from their loved one to a complete stranger.

Another one of their traits is their need to show off. They love luxury items and luxury in general, and enjoy bragging about what they have or what they have experienced to other people. Some people find these traits irritating, and some find them interesting. These women often consider their men a prize possession and love to brag to others about their trophy.

They expect their men to provide them with a lifestyle they believe they deserve. It sounds cruel, but these women often mix love and material things (not all of them of course) and they look through people (men especially) through their financial status.

That might be one of the deciding factors when making a decision whether to be with a man or not.

These women love glitz, and often have exaggerated taste in clothing, and personal style. Leo women are often not very emotional (unless there are some other influences in their charts) and some of them approach to their role as a mother and a wife from the point of duty, rather than a great pleasure.

Love Compatibility

A relationship between a Scorpio man and a Leo woman is usually not one with a bright future. Even if it is a lasting one, it won’t be to their mutual satisfaction. These two are bonded by strong physical attraction and they usually get along great in bed.

Other than that, they don’t have many bonding elements.

She can attract this man by her strong personality, but she is usually to blunt and open for him.

There’s no mystery with a Leo woman, and Scorpio men adore mysteries. When the passion begins to fade these two might begin experiencing conflicts and arguments which will eventually lead to a break-up. 

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between a Scorpio man and a Leo woman usually happens as a result of a temporary attraction and infatuation with one another. These two are sexually very attracted to each other and often confuse attraction with love.

That is how they end up in a marriage, and when they realize that there are no actual feelings between them, and the size of differences in their characters, they decide to split.

The problem is when they have children together, in which case they could be pulled in long and exhausting battles for custody and child support, which is a big price to pay for a temporary attraction.

These two should consider well the motives for getting married, and if they realize that there isn’t a solid ground for building a union, they should skip this commitment for both sides sake.

Sometimes this union can be a lasting one, which happens when they are both connected with some beneficial planetary influences in their natal charts. 


A Scorpio man and a Leo woman don’t make good friends. They usually won’t notice each other, unless there is a physical attraction between them.

These two are different energies and they could easily get into conflict if they begin spending a lot of time together.

She will get on his nerves, and she will consider him weird and uninteresting. 

Cool Facts

The Scorpio man and the Leo woman both possess strong energy and have powerful personalities.

Although they share this similarity, their energies can be irritating to each other and causing conflicts between them.

The reason for that is the fact that their energy is focused on different areas of interest and these two don’t have much in common to establish a lasting partnership.


A relationship between a Scorpio man and a Leo woman is not a likely one.

These two can have a satisfying sexual relationship, but if they don’t have some other bonding elements in their chart, this relationship is not likely to last.