South Node in Aries

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Intensive development and spiritual growth, deep study of yourself, your feelings. All knowledge is within you.

But the changes are scary, I really don’t want to move anywhere, even if all the doors are wide open.

For people like you, here are five tips to help you get to the North Node in Scorpio.

Your last life, and possibly several previous ones, were spent in accumulation and construction, love for art, sensual pleasures. You have strived to achieve everything in life at the expense of material well-being.

But from the standpoint of further development, it is not entirely correct to move in the same direction today.

South Node– Meaning

This is the syndrome of a shopaholic who cannot imagine life without daily shopping in order to get to a promotion or sale. He drags home everything he can buy, rejoicing at a good discount, but sometimes not knowing what to do with it. Stocks can and should be made, but hoarding should be reasonable.

It is clear that products are stored in the refrigerator for more than one day, but when they are bought simply because they are cheap, sooner or later they will deteriorate and they will have to be thrown away.

Likewise, with clothes that are already falling out of the closet, but no one is wearing them, with things that have turned the house into a warehouse of goods. A measure is needed in everything.

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If you have the South Node in Taurus, your intuition will always tell you how to please your body – it doesn’t matter, yours or someone else’s.

You are well versed in moisturizers and scented candles, love the touch of your hands on your body, even if it is just a massage therapist, not a lover.

Maybe you are attracted by nature, work in the garden or vegetable garden, which you inherited along with your country house or summer cottage.

There is nothing wrong. But if sexual pleasures drown out the voice of reason, and self-indulgence turns into licentiousness, then you are clearly dragged into an uncontrolled abyss of passion, which can end very badly.

In fact, fate presupposes your self-improvement, and pleasures are possible, but only to the extent that will not interfere with your spiritual growth.

Over the years, you have studied your tastes and habits, you have a measured, calm lifestyle in which you do not want to change anything.

But doesn’t this mean that you are moving along the usual track, not noticing what is happening around? In your case, the proverb would sound like this: “The quieter you go, the farther you will be from the place where you are going.”

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If a woman has a North Node in Scorpio, then perhaps it’s time to change something, but she stubbornly keeps in her usual way, not seeing an alternative that can become more effective for her than the experience gained over the years.

In addition, this incomprehensible persistence slows down the movement on the way to the North Node. Yes, it is not easy to change oneself, a new one can break the familiar world, deprive oneself of support and a sense of confidence. But conservatism may not turn out to be salvation, but simply stubbornness.

People with the Descending Node in Taurus are accustomed to a reliable, calm existence, everything around them is stable and adamant. That is why they are afraid of possible losses and worry about any reason. What if they cut me down? What if I can’t buy food? What if we don’t get married? What if the crisis unfolds?

Such questions sometimes have some basis under them, but this is still not a reason to scroll through the possible variants of events in your head and the chances to protect yourself from them.

When you change, relationships also change. Even if they gave you support and security, they are simply outdated and need to be torn apart. Or life will do it by itself, if you have outgrown them, and the old relationship no longer corresponds to you.

Aries – Meaning

Be sure that the feeling of stability and security is associated only with you, no external benefits will help you achieve this. Get rid of the excess. Give something as a gift, sell something else, or just take all unnecessary things from home to the trash can. Even if it was convenient for you to live with.

Do not be greedy, stop hoarding, let the money pass through you without delay. You are no longer Plyushkin, you are able not to turn the flow on yourself, but to regulate it, interacting with someone else’s energy and power, directing it in the right direction.

You will no longer be able to save for the sake of the process itself. But if money for you is a tool with which you achieve high-quality internal changes in yourself and the people around you, then it should work.

Do not become isolated in your life, leave your comfort zone more often, take risks, try alternative ways to achieve your goal, accept help from other people.

Those with the North Node in Scorpio and the South Node in Taurus will be generously rewarded if they move towards achieving their goals together, in one team. Don’t be afraid to get off the familiar path. You go to accept the changes that are taking place and listen to your intuition.

This life will be filled with passion, vivid feelings, energy. Your magnetism and sexuality will grow, but at the same time sex will cease to occupy a dominant place, gradually passing into an almost spiritual state, which allows you to look at the surrounding reality in a different way.

It is impossible to interact with the inner energy of a partner without his trust, and this requires complete frankness. Knowing that change is inevitable, you learn to be empathetic to each other.

Connectivity can be strengthened by being more flexible and moving together along the path of change and further development.

When a person has a north node in Scorpio and a south node in Taurus, this characterizes him from a practical point of view.

If women in the natal chart have the North Node in Scorpio, then they see in the process of self-digging, immersion in themselves extraordinary beauty and meaning – try you and organize this process.

Occult sciences, shamanism, white and black magic, tarot cards, psychoanalysis, tantric games are tools with which you can study the inner energy of Scorpio and gain knowledge of the Universe.

South Node in Aries – Meaning

When a person has a north node in Scorpio and a south node in Taurus, this characterizes him from a practical point of view.

This is the syndrome of a shopaholic who cannot imagine life without daily shopping in order to get to a promotion or sale. He drags home everything he can buy, rejoicing at a good discount, but sometimes not knowing what to do with it. Stocks can and should be made, but hoarding should be reasonable.

Such people are solid, unhurried, know how to save money and dispose of it correctly. Quite good qualities, isn’t it? This is so, if you do not cross the line – to become greedy, materialistic and lazy.

So that this does not happen, and this is what the stars promise, you need to develop tactics of behavior.

For example, feelings of greed can be avoided by sharing your wealth, and over-practicality can be avoided by cluttering the house and thoughts. In general, there is work to do.

Ready for risk, following intuition, distrustful, attractive, persistent, decisive, secretive, solid, calm, passionate, patient, assiduous, brave, emotional. The location of the lunar nodes affects what you want from the world you came to.

The location of the lunar nodes affects what you want from the world you came to. If your North lunar node (Rahu) is in Scorpio, and your South (Ketu) is in Taurus, then you are waiting for stability and constancy, appreciating what you can save both in terms of money and property.

But at the initial stage of the life cycle, all changes will be perceived extremely negatively, as indicated by the location of the axis between the nodes.

Subsequently, you will conduct a reassessment of values, getting rid of a lot of unnecessary things. The priority will not be reliability and stability, but spiritual growth and work with internal energy.

If you are the owner of the Descending (South) lunar node in the sign of Taurus, then in a past life your karma was filled with pleasures.

Therefore, you came to this world with a talent in the field of art, good taste and style, giving preference to comfortable conditions, money and sexual pleasure. Chances are, you were rich, enjoyed good food and had fun.

All this wealth could come to you after hard and many years of work, or it could be the result of, for example, career growth.

Surrounding yourself with luxury and comfort, you have found a strong dependence on your financial situation. You were attracted to a variety of pleasures, but the presence of an artist’s talent was not excluded.

Today your task is to learn to live not only by the acquired benefits, but to turn to your spiritual world, make it cleaner and richer, consciously preferring serious changes in your life.

The position of the North Node in Scorpio pushes you to plunge into an ocean of vivid feelings.

You came to this world to understand the cosmic phases, to strengthen your willpower, overcoming crisis situations.

If you are not characterized by a feeling of envy of the wealth of others, you understand that you can buy far from everything in this world, then you are going in the right direction.

Life consists of interactions – personal, business, family … Knowing the zodiac sign of a partner, you can identify his subconscious attitudes, strengths and weaknesses in interaction with others and build harmonious relationships.

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The position of the lunar nodes is cyclical, the return period is approximately 18.5 years.

Therefore, it is easy to calculate the years of the karmic exam when the transit nodal axis enters into a meaningful relationship with its natal position.

The second knot return occurs at 37.5, the third opposition at 46.5 and the third knot return at 56 years.