South Node in Scorpio

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In the classic version of astrology, Rahu shows your mission, what you must do in this life. Realizing your full potential is the task of your embodiment.

Ketu shows your past lives. What you have already gained, what your soul knows and can do. Your karmic experience, who you were in your past life, what you did and what you didn’t finish.

Many people live according to the energies of the South Node of Ketu for years, as they are subconsciously familiar with it. The South Node in Scorpio says that a person is very fond of everything mystical, unusual, occult, studies a variety of techniques for personality transformation. Especially in the second half of life.

South Node – Meaning and Symbolism

And in the first half of life, Ketu in Scorpio gives a successful business, finances, opportunities for a dizzying career. And the person likes it.

But having fed up with the games of society, the native begins to want something else. But what? And here would be the time to turn on the North Node, but it’s scary, it’s easier to plunge into the South Node again, but from the other side.

Therefore, a person changes money and business for magic and astral. As if translates the energy of the South Node in Scorpio in a different direction.

Psychologically, the South Node in Scorpio – The South node in Scorpio speaks of childhood trauma associated with self-esteem and self-worth. Becoming adults, such people have a strong need to rise above others, to become better, but at the same time, the fear of the result, the fear of being underestimated again.

At the event level, people with the location of such Nodes often expect some magic kick from the world, a surprise, especially in terms of money. For example, women with Ketu in Scorpio are often waiting for a man who would fully provide for them. But in the end, they find only one who is greedy to disgrace.

Behind this lies the fear of money, the fear of matter, the fear of simple and easy success. And the most important thing is a complete disbelief that I can provide for myself that I can take care of myself.

Rahu in Taurus will be the key to the solution in this matter. So that there is no internal split, and the evolution of your life continues, you need to set material goals, see the spiritual meaning in money, in everything earthly.

For example, for many people who have worked out this position of the Nodes, money is a strong source of energy, resources for their spiritual wanderings and studies.

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The position in the South Node home indicates an area of ​​life where any remnant of the Scorpion battles must be overcome, while the position in the North Node house indicates an area of ​​life where a new awareness of trust and reliability can ultimately replace the battles below.

In the best case – the development of all planetary traits of character and their direction towards the solution of the karmic task: spiritual growth of the personality; systematic solid actions aimed at practical results, scrupulous recreation of material harmony on the basis of the initial ability to recognize chaos, dead obsolete structures.

In the worst case, the orientation of all planetary character traits towards the implementation of simple, initially obtained skills. Waste of innate abilities, spiritual stagnation and personality degradation. Failure to fulfill a karmic task.

You are guided by the desire for a calm and natural life of the senses, relying on its hidden possibilities. You should strive for moderation and reject the unconstructive: everything unnecessary can become a source of unnecessary anxiety.

In your past life, you have worked out the Scorpio program, that is, you have already gone through internal restructuring, through troubles, internal conflicts and protests, through self-destruction and recreation of the new.

Therefore, in this life you must abandon destruction, low passions, torment and self-torture, you must rely on self-knowledge, psychologist and occultism, that is, on the highest traits of Scorpio.

Walking the path of the Descending Node, that is, through risk and danger, through the indulgence of love for thrills, exciting dramatic conflicts, for sexual pleasures, you can only become a criminal or a sex maniac.

You must develop patience, humility, stability, endurance in yourself. You need to strive for harmony, for balance and tranquility, for equal relationships, in some cases – for family, for agriculture, in general – for earthly, lasting harmony.

You must be engaged in the accumulation of resources, health, and energy in order to prepare for the transition to another level, for a new movement, that is, the development of the best qualities of Taurus.

Scorpio – Meaning and Symbolism

Here the soul is confronted with some of the most difficult karmic lessons. Past lives were abundantly strewn with endings as Scorpio’s plutonian power worked out its transformation process. Now you are so frightened by the memory of the carpet constantly pulling out from under your feet that you are taking a defensive stance towards everyone who offers you advice on rebirth.

In past incarnations, you literally went through the fire of hell to burn your false values. Now, instead of referring to the remnants of Scorpio still within you, you must build through Taurus a new set of essential values ​​that you will live by.

Almost all people with this position of Nodes have at one time come into contact with the power of Witchcraft, so in this life there should be a sharp awakening in relation to any remaining remnant of the lower self.

In past incarnations, you also had to deal with a powerful sexual stimulus that kept throwing you off balance. As a result, you are used to looking for satisfaction in all kinds of relationships, which ultimately become destructive for the personal ego.

Then, embarrassed and embittered by the sight of everything that falls around you, you are almost glad to help destroy what is left.

Most of the conditions of this life are still controlled from your subconscious level, hidden far below the inquisitive gaze of society. You may seem outgoing and friendly, while in reality you are planning some mysterious risky intrigue.

Before giving an accurate interpretation, it is necessary to carefully study the map to see how far the soul has come out of Scorpio. Those who are already closer to Taurus, purposefully avoid the furious churning of Scorpio.

For those who have just barely emerged from Scorpio, internal upheavals are still continuing. The planets forming a connection with any of the Nodes will pull you to this Node and literally make you experience it in your current life.

For all people with such a position of Knots, the past coup was so intense that there will certainly be consequences in relations with family members and close loved ones.

Each day, apparently, will be filled with new unforeseen events, until one crisis, layering on another, leads you to the struggle for existence. You have not yet learned gentleness and restraint according to Taurus, you do not know how to take things at face value, because you still believe that other people always have ulterior motives.

You feel like you have to constantly run away from punishment, and in your escape you leave behind you the tornado-like destruction of everything that you once thought was dear.

At times you see others suddenly change their attitude towards you, but rarely stop long enough to realize that you are the cause of this. Whether you are practicing past incarnations in Scorpio or progressing through Taurus, your fixed stubbornness represents a large part of your deeply ingrained way of doing things.

You will achieve great growth when you can see the actions of others as a reflection of your own subconscious mind!

Sexual desire must be transformed into Divine Love. All bitter conditions from past incarnations must be thrown out of consciousness until a new seed of peace is discovered. The South Node in Scorpio must burn the bridges of the past and make a decision for the good, based on the lessons of “Never Look Back!”

Through the South node in Scorpio, you must learn not to waste or waste your energy. Your greatest accomplishments in this life come when, having come to love the land on which you live, you appreciate a source of constant nourishment and support.

Throughout lifetimes you have misused your energies, urges and desires, feeling lonely in the midst of all the oppression and adversity that affects humanity. Now, through the sensitive impressions of your South node in Scorpio, you should become aware that the wealth in the universe is so great that you will always have what you need.

You must learn to distinguish between what you want and what you need, because, although you do not always have the opportunity to realize what you want, you are at every moment surrounded by everything you need!

South Node in Scorpio – Meaning and Symbolism

This is a strong and, at the same time, difficult for life position of the Lunar Nodes. There are almost no politicians here, but a lot of artists and poets. This is due to the fact that such people have a rich imagination, they have an innate psychologist and the ability to see the hidden factors behind ordinary phenomena.

Such people have an interest in the secret sciences and mysticism. They are interested in things beyond, otherworldly, intuitively feel that the world is not only material.

The position of the South (Descending) Node of the Moon in Scorpio indicates that a person in past incarnations had to suffer a lot, go through extreme, emergency situations, face death, trials, often – with magic. They have a rich experience of inner life, which now serves as a good material for creativity.

A person with such knots constantly hesitates between the desire to accumulate values ​​and give them up for the sake of spiritual riches. Internally, he feels himself initiated into intimate secrets, he is attracted by a sense of danger and sudden changes.

He is characterized by pessimism and, often, suspicion. He has the ability to deeply and mystically delve into any life problems.

Since childhood, he is attracted by the mysterious, he may have premonitions of events, an intuitive foresight of the future. He possesses sensitivity, magical abilities to one degree or another. He has borderline states, he feels death as a reality.

He suffers and suffers, as a rule, through his own fault. Family life for him is an area of ​​risk. Feelings of guilt, anxiety and dissatisfaction are a frequent visitor. His life can be overshadowed by heightened self-esteem, depression and bad habits.

In addition, it is difficult for him to balance sexual and emotional energies. He knows how to take risks and face danger. He has inner magnetism, passion, jealousy, the ability to destroy emotional ties. He is afraid of it and, nevertheless, is subject to it. A lot of energy goes into fighting oneself.

The Scorpio experience accumulated in the past helped him develop perseverance, constancy, inner strength, courage, the ability to fight, resist pressure, realize the depths of life, taught him to challenge difficulties, cross the limits of his capabilities.

One must strive to preserve these qualities, but at the same time such a person must eliminate the negative traits of Scorpio in himself:

the need to constantly test their fate, take risks for no reason, looking for dramatic experiences, provoking others, creating chaos around, destroying peace and tranquility, encouraging their belligerence.

Scorpio professions are all occupations related to risk and war: policeman, soldier, and military man, pilot.

Also extrasensory perception, mantle, fortune telling.

However, such a person should not get carried away with these things and exaggerate the importance of these areas.

It will be difficult for him to move on to the daily joys of life, but this is his task.


In past incarnations, you are accustomed to such a state that, in the absence of a way out, turns into anger. You have deep scars from resentment, and now, like a wounded animal, you can be merciless to anyone who poses the slightest threat.

At the lower levels of consciousness, people with such a Node position can pursue their victim, carrying out personal blood feud.

Then, when the fragments disintegrate, they appear as innocent victims, while in fact they are carefully planning victory.