Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Our lives are a part of a mysterious universe, written in the heavens above our heads.

Since the dawn of civilization, people have tried to unravel the mystery of the sky, connecting forces of the universe with our own earthly lives.

Astrology is one of the oldest disciplines to deal with matters of individual human lives as seen in connection with heavens.

Although not a modern, official science, astrology has all qualities of one.

When someone asks you about horoscope, you probably answer by giving him or her information about your native zodiac sign. You say you are a Taurus, for example.

However, that is only a base of your horoscope.

Other signs also affect your personality and destiny, as well as planets and other astrological elements. A good astrologer could comprehend the whole image your natal chart offers.

A natal chart features all elements important to understand one’s astrological destiny. The planets there speak for themselves.

All aspects and elements of a natal chart create a unique image that is your personality and life.

However, they are actually your potentials and it depends on you how all of them would perform in real life.

There are many elements to consider and personal planets play an important role. The first two of them are the Luminaries, the Sun and the Moon.

Astronomically not actual planets, they are regarded as planets on astrology. They have special properties and play a determining role in shaping up your personality, in terms of a natal horoscope.

Sun Sign

The Sun is the center of the Solar system. Since Western astrology is based upon the Solar system, the Sun represents the core of natal astrological chart. It is the first of personal planets, which are closely related to one’s most intimate personality traits, temperament and character.

The Sun determines the base of your personality. It is your active self; it represents the part of your personality that manifests in reality.

We could say the Sun is what your personal maximum should be. The Sun always represents vitality, life, health, motivation, the will for life in general. It makes you act, do things, pursue your goals.

The Sun is personal strength and attitude towards life and everything it has to offer. It is about your Ego, your need to achieve things and the need these things become acknowledged.

As seen in a natal chart, the Sun determines the field of life in which you should prove your qualities. The house the Sun sits in is the sphere of life predisposed for you to shine in, but also the one that brings the greatest challenges.

The sign the Sun matches determines your manifesting nature; the way you act, the channel through which your creative energy flows.

Sun in Taurus

People born with the Sun in Taurus are steady, calm personalities, oriented towards finding stability in materialistic world. These people do not think in abstract, but in practical terms.

They never wander a lot. Abstract and non-materialistic ideas rarely attract them. They have amazing sense for everything of natural beauty. They love to create things by their own hands.

They are people of routine and tradition. Taurus people are strong, non-flexible and generally laid back. They usually keep to themselves, but remain of strong integrity. They enjoy things they could see and touch; they are not imaginative and dreamy.

Taurus people need something to move them forwards, but they are determined, persistent and patient, once they are moved.

Taurus Sun people know what they want in life, precisely and they focus on their goals. However, they see to achieve it in slow pace.

It could happen they miss out opportunities because of their lack of action.

They are not risky people and they do not rush. Foolish, impulsive and hasty decisions are out of their world.

Moon Sign

The Moon symbolizes emotions. It is related to the element of Water and, thus, considered changeable. The Moon’s nature is mutable and transformative. It makes us flexible and adaptable.

The Moon represents our emotional and intuitive side. It is also closely related to our dreams and imagination. The Moon is everything we feel about life and about ourselves.

It affects the way we react to certain situations and people in life. It helps us dive deeper into our personality, far beyond our logic and reason.

Our rational self needs our emotional self; keeping the two in balance is the hardest thing to do and a great wisdom. Some people have astrological predisposition to keep them in harmony.

It depends on both your Moon sign and your Sun sign. The Moon sign affects the way you are going emotionally to develop.

If the sign is favorable, as well as aspects found in your natal chart, your emotional self will flourish. If not, you could experience emotional turbulence, instability and else.

Let us find out what it means to have the Moon in Aquarius, the windy, wandering sign.

Moon in Aquarius

Moon Aquarius is in interesting combination, because it puts one’s emotional self to another level. Moon Aquarius people have more compassion for a collective, than for an individual person.

They have tremendous energy in defending the cause they deem right and are most passionate about it. These people are great humanitarians and philanthropists. They are guided by ideals; visions of a better world for all people.

People with the Moon in Aquarius feel great joy in helping people. It emotionally fills their personality. They often see themselves as defenders and protectors.

A Moon Aquarius will always stand up for weak and helpless.

They are individualistic people with amazing charisma. Moon Aquarius people often come up with futuristic ideas, out of our time. They have noble hearts and the will to change the world.

They are often emotionally distant from people in their closest environment, because all of their emotional potential is channeled towards some bigger cause.

Aquarius Moon need freedom and understanding from close ones; they do not like being put in cages and restricted. They love exploring both the physical world and the world of ideas.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon Personality

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon features the best of both signs, if aspects are favorable. These people are the most assertive of all.

They are stable, non-aggressive and sociable ones. They have sense for everything material, but are guided by ideals. They combine rational, down-to-earth approach of a Taurus, with idealistic, free-spirited and revolutionary nature of Aquarius.

They are optimistic and practical. We could call them realistic-idealistic people; perhaps, one of the best combinations to have. It means they have big plans and dreams, but they stay within limits of their capabilities, thus using the best of their potential in a practical way.

They are driven more than a typical Taurus and less idealistic than typical Aquarius.

They like to engage with different people. They are warm and friendly, but they know when to keep their distance.

They still strive to find stability in material sphere, but they often explore other ideas and areas. They are artistic, in love with nature’s beauty and humanitarian. They are focused on their goals and persistent.

Good Traits

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon people use their qualities for practical goals oriented towards humanitarian causes.

They are creative and often come up with rather ingenious ideas about how such work could be performed so that it brings them profit and yet help great number of other people.

They are naturally generous and supportive people. They differentiate pure empathy from philanthropic ideas, which makes them effective in humanitarian work.

Bad Traits

If there are too many bad aspects in a natal chart, one Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon becomes undisciplined.

This is a strange thing, unexpected from a native Taurus, but revolutionary Aquarius might make them rebellious.

They might develop strong need to put themselves out of social structures. They want to make the world a different place, but it does not mean all their ideas are applicable or that their vision actually suits the whole humanity.

Sometimes they think in too great terms and their objectivism turns into fanatic idealism, crossing the limits of rational thinking.

Rebellious ideas might consume them. In addition, bad aspects could make them distant from close people and block their emotional channels, so that they cannot express their emotions towards close people very well.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon in Love and Marriage

This combination makes one flexible and tolerant. Taurus is a sign of habit, laid back and generally tolerant, if things do not mess with his or hers own routine.

Aquarius is free spirited, open minded and independent one.

These two together make for a person who is capable of understanding others’ habits and accepting a person with all of his or hers qualities and flaws.

They are loving and caring people who show affection through deeds and physical closeness. They do not like to be tied down, though and require personal space. They would see to provide for their loved ones the best they can.

Overall, they could find balance between their need for physical closeness and the need for freedom. It makes a relationship comfortable and relaxed for both partners.

Best Match for Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon

These people are dedicated and loyal lovers, no matter if they need certain degree of freedom.

They still want stability in love. They may need long time until they settle down, but the nature of their relationship is stable and fixed.

They need a partner to understand both of their sides. It is someone who would support their ideas, someone they find trustworthy and stable.


Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon people combine their philanthropic nature with practical work.

They have a strong need to be productive. Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon may not be that open in expressing their true feelings, while they are generally sociable and friendly.

They are objective in thinking, but they never see themselves as a part of the crowd.

Nevertheless, they are generous, reliable and kind towards people.