Aquarius Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Looking for information about someone we have a crush on can be exhausting and often disappointing. The main fact is that the data you can collect from their social media can be very deceiving and make you come to wrong conclusions about that person and their life.

Another way to discover a lot about some person, as well as to discover how compatible you two are is an astrology analysis.

There are several ways to do such an analysis, but the most accurate one is the analysis done by using your natal birth charts. To make these astrology charts, you need to have precise birth data for both of you, i.e., the exact time of birth, place and date of birth.

You do this analysis by comparing the planetary placements from both charts and determining the aspects your planets are making.

If your planets make a lot of good planets, the situation is favorable and that indicates the possibility of a long and harmonious relationship. If the planets are making a lot of bad aspects, the news is bad, and you two probably won’t be able to establish and maintain a lasting and harmonious relationship.

In this case, your relationship is bound to be filled with conflicts and arguments.

If you don’t have the data to do the natal charts, you can also use your horoscope signs to make a comparison of your signs general traits.

It sounds impossible, but this analysis can give you a lot of valuable insight into the person’s character, and it can describe the potential of a relationship with them.

In this article, we are making a comparison of the general traits of an Aquarius man and a Scorpio woman to determine their compatibility.

Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man is an interesting guy, although it can appear eccentric and weird at times. These men are very intelligent and often different from others because of their “ahead of time” outlook on the world and the future.

These men can appear timid and reserved, but that is often a defense mechanism they use until they get to know someone. These men are also known for their unpredictable reactions with which they surprise and often shock people.

They have some unorthodox beliefs and ideas which most people cannot accept and understand. Because of that many of these men often tend to feel isolated, lonely, and misunderstood.

Aquarius men are easy-going and adaptable. They don’t pay much attention to the material aspect of life, and instead focus on the things that are important to them. They are often absentminded and distant, occupied with their thoughts and making plans on how to materialize their ideas into reality.

These men are often genius and often create works of great benefit to humans and the world in general.

They are humanitarians with big hearts, although they don’t appear like that. An Aquarius man will help anyone in need, selflessly and not expecting anything in return.

They are loyal to their friends and manage to maintain their friendships for a lifetime. They often have a lot of acquaintances they spend their time with, but have several true friends which they can trust completely. These men are sociable and loners at the same time.

Although they love interacting with people, they need to spend time alone with their thoughts.

They are attracted to smart and independent women who know where they are going. Clinginess, nagging and criticism, are traits they cannot tolerate, and they quickly ran away from such women.

They also cannot stand jealousy and pressure of any kind. These men are very tolerant, but they have their boundaries and their boundaries cannot be broken. They value their freedom and independence much, and they desire to maintain some kind of independence even when they are in a relationship or married.

If the woman is constantly checking out on them and asking where they are, they can get furious.

Lack of trust and jealousy are things he can’t forgive a woman. If he chooses to be in a relationship or to get married, that decision is a result of a long time thought process. He has willingly decided to be exclusive with a woman and that usually happens when he is deeply in love with her.

Aquarius men are usually not cheating types and are loyal and devoted when they are in a relationship. If the woman he has chosen to be with demonstrates that she doesn’t trust him, he will get offended.

Such behavior is a sure way to get this man out of your life, so have that in mind if you are dating him or have a desire to do that.

The Aquarius man is often an adrenaline addict. These men love extreme activities and extreme sports and are often actively doing some. They often choose a profession which involves a high dose of risk and danger, such as pilot, astronomer, test driver, etc.

They don’t like women who are weak and always complaining. Their woman needs to be strong and enduring. They would love to have a partner who can follow them in these activities.

These men are usually optimistic and tend to look in the future expecting better things. They don’t like negative people and people who only talk about bad things. They don’t have a problem avoiding such people, and they often don’t hide the fact that they are avoiding them.

These people behave the way they feel at the moment. They don’t need to pretend because of the existing social norms. They are uninhibited by people’s expectations of them and they don’t care what others think about them; only people who accept them as they are, without the need to change them can be in their lives.

They are usually not very emotional and have a problem when they need to demonstrate their emotions. They tend to do it with their gestures, rather than words or actions. 

Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman is a confident person with both feet on the ground. The sign of Taurus, like the sign of Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. This planet gives these women (and Taurus men to some extent) a great love and respect for beauty in different forms.

These women are very creative and artistic and enjoy creating beauty themselves.

Taurus women are usually very beautiful but they often have issues with their weight. The main reason is their love for food, which is often the cause of many diets and food restrictions these women go through during their lives.

Not only that they enjoy eating, but they also enjoy preparing food, and are excellent cooks.

These women are usually not very active types, and prefer the comfort of their home. Because they tend to spend most of their leisure time at home, these women make sure their homes are beautifully decorated places where they can both enjoy and relax.

Taurus women are not very social, but they love to entertain their friends in their house. They are wonderful hosts, and people feel pleasant in their company.

A Taurus woman knows what she wants and doesn’t have a problem asking for it. These women are very direct when they need to speak the truth, and people have great respect for them.

They value themselves much and they don’t allow people to cross their boundaries. They respect others and ask to be respected in return. That goes for everyone they encounter.

These women desire to have a strong and capable man by their side.

They are also ambitious and able to provide more than a decent living for themselves, but they expect their man to be equally capable if not more capable than them. They respect the traditional roles of men and women in a relationship and marriage, and try to do their feminine role the best way they can. In return, they expect their man to do the same with his masculine role.

According to these women, their man is the leader in their relationship and marriage.

Although they don’t desire to follow his decisions blindly, and want to be asked their opinion, these women don’t have a problem following their man’s lead and organization.

These women usually have a feminine and elegant personal style, which many women admire and envy. They care a lot about the way they appear in public because they care much about their reputation.

The Taurus woman loves to enjoy, and loves the pleasures in life. They are passionate women and seek for a passionate man who can have an adequate response to their desires.

These women love to be pampered by their men, but they also enjoy taking care of their men and pleasing them. These women are very sensual but also very emotional and enjoy expressing their emotions openly.

They also want their man to express their devotion and feelings freely.

They are loyal and devoted when they are in a relationship. They can also be very possessive and jealous of their man, sometimes up to the point of smothering them. They need to work on getting rid of these traits because they are often considered as a lack of trust and insecurity.

Taurus women don’t forgive cheating. That is something men who want to be with them or date them should know. They consider being cheated on as the strongest proof that they are not loved by the man who has done that to them.

These women are very organized and manage to finish all their tasks on time. They are good wives and moms, and take good care of their loved ones.

Love Compatibility

The Aquarius man and the Taurus woman are not a compatible combination.

These two have some traits in their characters which are bound to create conflicts and disagreements which could strongly jeopardize the relationship.

The Taurus woman is too strict and demanding for the Aquarius man who doesn’t like to be pressured. She often wants to know everything “right at this moment” and that is something that he cannot handle and accept.

He can be overly rebellious and unpredictable for her taste.

These two have different visions of their future. She envisions a stable family life, while he imagines an active and dynamic life with a woman who has similar preferences.

Their relationship is not likely to last, unless they have some other connecting influences in their natal charts.

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between an Aquarius man and a Taurus woman is also not a good idea. These two have different characters and different interests.

She will try to change him, but she won’t succeed.

If they have children, they might decide to stay together for their sake, but they will both be dissatisfied in this relationship because their basic needs and desires in a partner won’t be met by the other.

This marriage often occurs while these two are young. When they are older, these two would probably not notice each other because they are very different.

This marriage is not likely to last if it is not supported by some other stronger planetary bonds between their charts. 


The friendship between an Aquarius woman and the Taurus woman is also not a good idea, and is not likely to start.

These two have different interests and activities, and most likely they won’t have a chance to consider becoming friends. They both might get annoyed by their mutual attitude and beliefs.

If they have some other bonding aspects, this friendship could be a lasting one.

Cool Facts

The Aquarius man is always in some action, and almost never stops, while the Taurus woman loves to enjoy and rest a lot.

She doesn’t like to have many activities and tends to make a lot of breaks in between, while he is usually in constant motion. 


The Aquarius man and the Taurus woman are not a good match, and it is likely that their relationships, whatever the type, won’t be lasting.

They have many differences and it would take a lot of time and effort on both sides to put up with them because they cannot be resolved.

It is better that they don’t begin a relationship in the first place.