Spiritual Meaning of Bees Landing On You

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Bees are flying insects with a significant role in nature and relations to humans in general.

They are related to ants and wasps. Bees produce honey and propolis, substances of great medicinal properties. They also have an important role in pollinating flowers, a very important process in nature.

Bees are worldly spread and they live in all places on the planet were insect-pollinated flowering plants exist.

Humans kept bees since ancient times. Due to their special abilities and qualities, bees have important symbolism, and the symbolism of the bee is extremely wide.

Bees are hard workers and they put in efforts for the benefits of others, and not just themselves.

They are obedient and respect the hierarchy in the beehive. They don’t complain about it, they obey it without question, and try to do the best possible work.

They symbolize the Divine Feminine and are related to the goddess Venus, due to their main work, which is fertilizing flowers, which are ruled by Venus.

In ancient Greek tradition, the Nine Muses, which were the patronesses of poetry and music, took on the form of bees.

The bee also symbolizes the gain of wisdom, because it collects pollen from many flowers, which symbolically represents knowledge. Their final product is honey, which symbolizes wisdom, a product of knowledge and experience.

Bees and their life in the beehive were often used as a symbol of community and human society as a whole.

Bees are depicted in art forms since antiquity, and the oldest depictions date more than 15,000 BC.

Spiritual Meaning of Bees Landing On You

Bees are usually a sign of good fortune and happiness. That is why one of the usual meanings of a bee landing on you is that is a sign of good luck and fortune awaiting you soon.

Bees on your hand or body could also indicate progress and success in your life, as well as prosperity and abundance.

The bee landing on you could be a confirmation about some idea or plan you have. The bee might be suggesting that it is time to begin putting in action into accomplishing your plans or the idea you have.

Everything you begin now is certain to be a success. The bee is asking you to believe that the ideas and plans you have are worth pursuing.

The bee landing somewhere on your body could be a confirmation that some project you are currently working on will be a success.

The bee is symbolically giving you a tap on the back with the message to continue your work because it will pay off for sure.

When a bee lands on you, that event could indicate a boost in your creativity and creating something you will be proud of. The bee is asking you to trust in your ability to create something amazing.

Sometimes a bee landing on you could indicate another kind of fertile period and actually indicates having a baby soon.

Sometimes a bee landing on you could be a sign of some knowledge you are about to gain. It might be a sign of using your wisdom to resolve some problems, or make important decisions, help someone, etc.

A bee landing on you could also indicate the need to organize your life more or to establish balance and order in some areas of your life.

When a bee lands on you it often announces family happiness and joy. It could also be a sign of big family gatherings and important celebrations. You might soon find yourself enjoying the company of your dearest.

It could also be a sign of spending pleasurable moments with your friends.

Sometimes a bee or bees landing on you could be a sign of some efforts and hard work you will need to put into achieving some desired goals, projects or endeavors. Be prepared to work hard but expect a reward in return.

Sometimes the bee landing on you is a sign that you have been overwhelming yourself with too many duties, and is reminding you that it is time to stop doing that. The bee might be reminding you to take some time off and relax.

If you have too many tasks, try to delegate some of them, and postpone some others, so you can find time for yourself and your needs.

The bee might be a reminder not to exhaust yourself with work, but take a balanced approach towards it.

In many cases, the bee lands on us when we are overwhelmed with things we need to do for other people. The bee could be asking us to reconsider our behavior and begin changing it.

Maybe you should start focusing on your needs first, and not doing things blindly for others, who might not appreciate the work and effort you put in for them.

Often a bee landing on us reminds us of the importance of having good relations with the people from our surroundings.

Maybe you should consider hanging out with them more and getting to know them better. Maybe you should become more open towards others and communicate more.

In some cases, a bee landing on you could avert your attention to your current state of emotions. You might be aggressive or overwhelmed because of something and not even be aware of that.

The reasons for your emotional state could be different. The cause can be some person from your surroundings you consider annoying and difficult to stand.

The reason could also be some circumstances you are currently encountering and having difficulties dealing with.

The bee’s message is to try figuring out the reasons for your feelings and find a solution as soon as you can.