Spiritual Meaning of Finding Pennies

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If you suddenly begin finding coins, such as pennies everywhere, you should be aware that these events usually have an important spiritual significance for you.

These events might have different meanings, and it is up to you to realize their message for you in particular.

Finding coins has often been considered a special sign and there are many beliefs and meanings related to such events in different cultures.

Beliefs and Meanings Related to Finding Coins

Finding coins on the street is usually considered a sign of good fortune and foretells something good happening soon in the life of the finder. The belief maybe has its origin in the beliefs coming from China.

The Chinese people consider finding coins and money in general signifies good luck. Due to this belief, many people consider coins as their good luck charms and believe that they bring them luck in various life situations.

The way you feel when you find a coin could tell you a lot about the message it brings you.

If you felt lonely and abandoned at the moment you found a coin, that could be a sure sign of consolation and support from the Spirit asking you to trust that you are never alone.

They are asking you not to worry because you always have the love and support of your spirit protectors.

If you had financial concerns and the coin popped up in front of you, that is a sure sign from the Spirit realms that you don’t need to be worried about finances and that all your financial difficulties will be resolved soon.

Stop worrying and have faith. Help will come to you in the most unusual way. You need to be patient and expect the best to happen.

If you were in a hurry when you found a coin, that could be the way the Spirit uses to tell you that is time to find some time for yourself and relax.

Delegate your duties to someone or do something else to ease the burden and the pressure off of your shoulders. Trust that all your duties will be performed in a divine manner and right on time.

The number on the coin and its meaning is also important for deciphering its appearance in your life.

For example, a coin with number 2 on it is a sign regarding your relationships with others, communication and partnerships in general.

The number 5 is a sign of potential changes you could soon experience, but it also indicates resourcefulness, happiness, progress and health you will soon encounter.

The number 10 on a coin is a very important symbol and indicates the end of some important cycles in your life and the beginning of new ones. Something needs to end to create the space for new things to come. The number 10 on a coin is a sign of great spiritual advancement and confirms that you are being guided by the Spirit realm.

Fengshui, the ancient Chinese technique of using the power of energy to harmonize our environment and create balance in our lives so we can accomplish all our desire, considers coins a very important symbol in the process.

According to Fengshui, coins are considered a symbol of prosperity and wealth. In the art of Fengshui, animal figurines carrying coins are used to enhance the energy of some space, which in turn will help attract an increase of finances and prosperity in a person’s life.

Frogs, turtles, dragons, elephants, and other animals are used for such purposes.

You can make your own treasure chest; just fill some bowl with coins, crystals, jewelry, or whatever you consider precious and put it in an appropriate space to do the work of attracting wealth in your life.

For money and prosperity traditional Fengshui recommends the southeast area of some space. Wood is the element used to attract wealth and money into a person’s life.

Chinese also have special coins with holes inside. They use them to attract prosperity in their lives. They are used in different variations to attract different things in a person’s life.

For example, three coins tied with a red ribbon are carried in your wallet or purse for attracting wealth into your life.

Six tied coins are placed in your car if you are a frequent traveler for business purposes.

Nine coins are tied over the entrance door to provide prosperity and wealth for the home.

There is a wide variety of options you can choose from; you only need to know what your desire is.

Spiritual Meaning of Finding Pennies

Finding pennies often is usually a sign that you cannot ignore. There are several possible explanations to these occurrences. The most common one is that coins are a sign from a departed loved one sending you their love and support.

Our loved ones often try communicating with us after their crossing over, and they do that by using various symbols to attract our attention.

They often choose symbols which will make you undoubtedly certain of their presence, but sometimes they use general symbols, such as repetitive number sequences, feathers, coins, appear in the form of birds or animals, appear in our dreams, cause the light to flicker, etc.

If you keep finding pennies after a loved one of yours dies, know that it well may be a message from them, sending you their love.

Not only our past-away loved ones communicate with us by putting pennies on our path; our guardian angels and spirit guides do that as well, as a sign of their presence in our lives and the fact that they are watching and protecting us.

Our deceased loved ones, our guardian angels, our spirit guides and protectors from the Spirit realm, usually appear in important moments of our lives, with the intention of showing us their love and support and wanting to make us sure that everything will be all right.

They sometimes use these symbols to direct you in a certain direction so you can achieve what you desire.

Our passed away loved ones, angels and spirit guides are made of energy and symbols are the only way they can communicate with us.

Pennies on your way can have many spiritual meanings. The most common are:

Value. Coins are a symbol that will attract your attention. They represent the means of payment which we use to acquire some valuables. One of the messages that the spirit world is trying to convey to you by making you find pennies is the need to realize the fact that you are of high value and you need to realize that.

This message is asking you to begin respecting and valuing yourself more.

Oneness, uniqueness and individuality. Pennies have an important spiritual message for us. The number one has a significant meaning, and is related to the concept of Oneness. Oneness here has the meaning of the unity of God, Spirit and the Body, as well as the unity of the human body and spirit in the same being.

The number one symbolizes individuality and uniqueness. Having this in mind, we can consider pennies as a confirmation of the ever present unity in this life and the one which comes after.

The penny could also be a confirmation of your bond and unity with your deceased loved one.

By sending you pennies, your spirit guides and departed loved ones, might be sending you a message to appreciate your uniqueness and individuality more. You are one and only, and no copies of you exist in the world.

Love. If your deceased loved ones or your angels and spirit guides decide to send you a symbolic message using a penny you find in an unusual place and circumstances, they probably want you to know that you are deeply loved by them.

Comfort. Pennies on your path can also be a sign of comfort from your departed or your spirit guides and angels during difficult times. If you are going through some rough times in your life and you don’t know how to handle things, and you happen to find a penny on your path, know that there’s no need to worry about anything.

They are watching over you and will guide you to make the right steps to get yourself out of the situation you are in. They are giving you comfort in your difficult moments with the idea that all your problems will soon be resolved.

Pennies on our path are rarely a coincidence. So be happy the next time you see one.

It means that someone up above watches over you and loves you very much.