Sun Conjunct North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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If the sun forms a sextile or a trine with other planets, then its creative powers are often expressed very harmoniously in life. Sextile and trine have a similar effect, both are constructive, positively effective angles.

The main difference is that sextiles need even more our own initiative in order to be lived and realized, while trigones, known to be the best angles, display a power that is at rest, which its owner is always present and can call up at any time.

The harmonious aspects of the sun make you self-confident and often indicate a strong life force.

Sun – Meaning and Info

The sun in the sextile to other planets or axes such as the ascendant and the MC, which is linked to our goals in life, basically promises happiness and an uninhibited free expression of creative powers, as long as the sun is not blocked by another planet such as Saturn at the same time.

These positive aspects of the sun become especially visible in our lives and find their expression when we are ready to take responsibility for our lives.

The more we trust in ourselves and do not wait for the help of others, the more the sun and its aspects come to the fore. To live one’s sun and its positive aspects means to be creative and to trust one’s inner divine guidance.

People with these aspects usually have a very balanced personality, because there is harmony between soul and spirit, will and feeling.

Therefore, these aspects usually give inner balance, great popularity and overall a very harmonious character.

These are also very favorable constellations for health and vitality. These people know how to harmoniously unite the male and female principles and so they usually lead a good marriage (unless other factors in the horoscope speak against it). She has a close feeling with her parents and family. Good financial circumstances and a lot of success in life in general.

Good aspects that give fearlessness, perseverance, courage, openness and tireless zest for action. Decisions are made quickly and reliably, which is why people with such constellations often make excellent leaders.

Full of self-confidence and ambition, they spare no effort and are happy to take on any challenge. Diplomacy and petitions are not so much their business.

They always say straight out what they want. Since these aspects also give a high level of energy and physical strength, these people often have a preference for sports and other physical activities.

North Node – Meaning and Info

The conjunction of both the Sun and the Moon with the nodes indicates that the birth took place in an eclipse. In this case, the following options are possible:

If Rahu unites with the luminaries, this gives a head start in life and leads to success. This configuration was in Karl Marx’s map. He was happily married and had many children. His work “Capital” made him famous and changed the history of mankind.

Interestingly, Friedrich Engels, who sponsored Charles during his philosophical research, had a Moon in the map at the north node.

If Ketu connects with the luminaries, it restrains, hinders, and complicates life.

However, in such a situation, a person can also become great, but he will spend much more effort in labor. This is the fate of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, who was born in a solar eclipse at the southern lunar node. As a child, he suffered a serious illness and partially lost his hearing.

I went to enroll in Moscow, but did not enter and took up self-education. Science captured him to oblivion. He married without love, believing that his beloved woman would distract him from his high destiny. He realized all the passion of his heart in his research work.

Fate sent him various trials: his labors burned out in a fire, drowned in floods, his family was tormented by poverty. But he did not abandon his mission as a pioneer scientist and became one, opening the way for mankind into space.

If Rahu is connected to one of the luminaries, and Ketu is connected to the other, the birth took place in a lunar eclipse. Here in one area of life there will be growth and success, and in another – difficulties and limitations.

In the lunar eclipse, Donald Trump was born – his Sun on Ketu, Moon on Rahu. He became president – and this suggests that he used the solar potential to the maximum.

The opposite position of the nodes of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, her Sun is connected with Ketu and the Moon with Rahu. You can analyze how the lunar nodes played out for her.

I would like to note that the conjunction of luminaries with lunar nodes, birth in a solar eclipse or birth in a lunar eclipse is always an increased fatality.

Such people belong to something greater than themselves. They are not free. Step to the right, step to the left – and the karmic boomerang will hit very hard. Wrong actions can greatly burden your karma.

This happened with Charles Manson, whose Moon connects to the North Node. Taking advantage of women, he created a totalitarian sect, whose members committed a number of brutal murders. Manson was sentenced to life in prison and is still in an American prison.

Trine and sextile of the luminaries to the nodes are close in action to conjunction with Rahu, the square is close in action to Ketu.

Sun Conjunct North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Analyzing the natal chart, I pay great attention to the position of the lunar nodes. These karmic marks can say a lot about the current destiny, and something about past incarnations.

Particularly important is the connection of nodes with the luminaries in the natal chart: with the Sun and the Moon.

The conjunction of the Sun with the North Node is a gift from heaven. This position gives the owner excellent abilities and opportunities for development. His karma is to develop his creativity, to shine like the sun.

Circumstances will develop in favor of such a person and sooner or later he will achieve serious success and even be able to rise to the heights of fame.

The figure of the father in this case, as a rule, is strengthened, he provides assistance, and benefits also come through men.

A striking example of the connection of the Sun and Rahu is Alla Pugacheva – in her natal chart, the partial connection of the star with the node.

Aspect helped Alla Borisovna become a prima donna of the Russian stage and maintain this status throughout her life.

Another example is the connection of the North Node with the Sun – Philip Kirkorov – he was able not only to achieve the hand and heart of the Prima Donna and become the king of the Russian stage. You can treat Philip in different ways, but you cannot deny his success.

Conjunction of the Sun with the North node (Ketu). In the literature, they usually write that such a connection restricts its owner, makes it go into the shadows. This is really so: circumstances will require that a person muffle his I – he does not fully belong to himself.

But there is also something else: such a situation makes a person practically unsinkable. I came to the conclusion that the owners of this connection use the results of their efforts in past incarnations. This often allows them to get out of the water dry.

However, in the life of such people there is a kind of “loop” from which they cannot get out and all the time walk along the same paths.

Overcoming rigidity and the desire to live in the old way can either be a connection of another natal planet with Rahu, or a synastric connection with the North Node of the partner’s important planets.

People, in whose horoscope there is a conjunction of the Sun and the North node, there is a lack of vital energy, they will often be pushed out of the foreground, in life there will be tendencies towards isolation, exile, rejection from society, an unresolved conflict with the father is likely.

But such a connection also provides opportunities to achieve success, especially if you focus your efforts on creativity.

The conjunction of the Sun and Ketu is in the natal chart of director Roman Polanski. The director found himself in exile more than once during his life. His films are pessimistic, the main characters of his paintings are victims of circumstances or irrational forces.

Nevertheless, the director made a name for himself and is now a living classic of European cinema.

The connection of the Moon with the North lunar node – gives support from the mother, in this case benefits come through women. This position gives happiness in marriage, and in the profession – understanding among the female audience.

Artists and politicians are born with this position. Bearers of the Moon connected to Rahu are able to produce a hypnotic effect on the audience and easily find support from the audience. The popularity of such people will grow throughout their lives. In addition, this configuration gives a rich imagination and creativity.

The moon in conjunction with Rahu is owned by the artist Pablo Picasso. In his memoirs, he wrote that as a child, his mother, putting him to bed, always read him fairy tales, which she herself invented, using the emotions from the past day. It was these fairy tales that prompted him to create, using the same emotions of one day.

The Moon’s conjunction with the North node is a deterrent. As a rule, he gives a “mother complex” – a difficult relationship with the mother, although there may be a strong psychic connection with her.

As a result, relationships with women and children are problematic; for a man, this is an indication of a difficult marriage or the loss of a beloved woman.

It is not easy for people with the conjunction of the Moon and Ketu to get the support of others, so loneliness is their most frequent companion. Various phobias and fears, inability to cope with emotions, self-harm are possible.

This situation is found in the natal chart of Vincent Van Gogh. The family remembered Vincent as a wayward, difficult and boring child with “strange manners”, which was the reason for his frequent punishments.

According to the governess, there was something strange about him that distinguished him from others: of all the children, Vincent was the least pleasant to her, and she did not believe that something worthwhile could come out of him. Vincent’s personal life was also a series of dramatic coincidences.

The first beloved did not accept his advances, after which the artist decided to abandon the idea of ​​arranging personal happiness.

But he himself violated his decision – driven by compassion, he married a pregnant street woman Christina.

However, she turned out to be a difficult character, and soon the family life of Van Gogh turned into a nightmare – the marriage broke up.

After that, he devoted all of himself to painting, but the public did not want to take his pictures. Vincent committed suicide at age 37 on the exact return of the lunar nodes.


The conjunction of the Sun and Ketu is in the natal chart of director Roman Polanski.

The director found himself in exile more than once during his life. His films are pessimistic, the main characters of his paintings are victims of circumstances or irrational forces.

Nevertheless, the director made a name for himself and is now a living classic of European cinema.