Saturn in 7th House

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Astrology is a very important means of information about people and situations and cannot be ignored. Astrology gives us information we otherwise wouldn’t be able to discover.

It can inform us about people’s personalities, their goals and interests, preferences, obstacles they could encounter as well as the outcome of various situations or relationships, and give answers to many other questions we have.

The natal chart is the image of the sky in the moment when the chart was cast. The planets in that moment are placed inside the 12 houses of the chart, and the interpretation of their positions and their meanings gives the astrologer information about every question they have.

Planets in houses – individual charts and synastry meaning

The making of the natal chart is the beginning of astrology interpretation. In the past, this took a lot of time and knowledge; the results were often inaccurate.

During time the process of calculating natal carts and doing other astrology calculations became easier; when astrology computer programs were made it became a work which lasts only seconds. Everyone can make their natal chart nowadays. The analysis of the chart still needs skills and knowledge.

As we mentioned, the natal chart has 12 houses. They all have specific meanings and areas of rulership. The planet ruler of the sign on the top of the house is very significant for the analysis.

Also, the planets inside the house give additional importance to the house and the areas it rules; they color the meaning of the house with their energy and meaning.

Houses with planets are the most significant ones; they give insight about the focus of attention as well as the areas where there is most action. These houses give additional details about personal traits as well as about possible life events.

In general, the astrologer interprets the natal chart by analyzing the meaning of the chart rulers (those are the planets rulers of the Ascendant and Sun sign), the house rulers (the planets ruling the sign on the top of the house), the planets in houses, the planets in signs, the aspects between planets, transits, progressions, etc.

The analysis depends on the knowledge and experience of the astrologer, and the type of question asked.

By analyzing the houses in the natal chart, as well as the planets inside some of the houses, the astrologer can find out many details about someone, for example, their behavior, appearance, beliefs, attitude, interests, family and family members, parents, siblings, children, ancestors, education, profession, career, work, coworkers, social life, friends, communication skills, enemies, neighbors, health and physical condition, finances, travels, etc.

Saturn – Basic Qualities

The planet Saturn is a giant planet and only the planet Jupiter is bigger than it; it has a system of rings, made of ice and rocky debris.

Saturn also has 82 moons and the largest moon is called Titan. Like many other planets, Saturn doesn’t have a solid ground.

The god Saturn was a much respected deity in ancient Roman times. This deity ruled agriculture, soil, crops, and all matters concerning earth.

In astrology, Saturn also rules agriculture and soil; it is also the ruler of hard work, discipline, organization, precision, patience, order, authority, tradition, traditional values, perseverance, endurance, determination, career, business, responsibility, duties, stability, destiny, chronic states, illness, financial issues and poverty.

The house of the natal chart where Saturn is placed shows the areas which require order and organization, patience, endurance, responsibility, taking care of someone, duties, etc.

The house with Saturn shows the areas where we will most likely encounter difficulties and obstacles, which will most likely be forced to overcome through events of Saturn nature that will put our patience and will to the test.

People influenced by this planet are usually very serious and stable. They aren’t easily distracted by life’s difficulties and surprises.

These people are living their lives with their feet on the ground, and obstacles don’t discourage them. They are aware of their situation in every moment and are firmly determined to achieve their goals; they are not afraid of hard work and they are usually very patient.

Their lives are rarely fun and games, and they often encounter problems and obstacles. They need to put in a lot of effort to achieve their goals, much more than some other signs.

Because of that, these people have a strong personality and never complain. They can endure many hardships without saying a word. These people often possess leadership qualities and end up as managers or in other position where they organize others.

The planet Saturn takes 29.5 years to circle the Sun. The moment when Saturn returns to the natal position is referred to as “the Saturn’s return”.

During this time, the person evaluates their life achievements and decides whether they are satisfied with them or not.

The events of Saturn nature often happen during progressions and transits which trigger the person’s natal Saturn. These are the times where the person learns major life lessons.

Seventh House Meaning

The seventh house is the ruler of partnerships and the relationships in our life, not just the romantic ones and marriage; it rules the long-term relationships in our life as well as marriage.

This house describes our long-term relationship partner or spouse. It reveals how our ideal long-term mate should look like.

This house also describes the nature of our long-term partnerships and reveals the possible issues we could encounter in these areas of our life.

The seventh house is the ruler of our enemies. It is ruled by Venus and corresponds to the sign of Libra.

The sign on the top of the house, its ruler, and the planets inside this house give the astrologer details about the matters of the seventh house. It reveals whether the person likes being in committed relationships or prefer being single.

The 7th house shows the possibility of the person being satisfied with their married life and long-term commitments or they are likely to be filled with arguments and conflicts.

This house being the house of our enemies, can give information to whether the person is likely to experience attacks from enemies or they don’t have any enemies.

The details of this house and the planets inside could give us information about the areas of life from where their enemies are likely to appear.

Planets inside the 7th house give additional details about the personalities of our long-term romantic partners and spouses, as well as the nature of our relationship with them.

This house is the house of our first marriage and describes the circumstances around this first marriage showing the astrologer whether it is likely to be lasting or not. It can describe the personal qualities, appearance, and other traits of the ideal spouse.

The sign on the cusp of 7th house is often the Sun or Ascendant sign of the significant other.

The personal planets of the spouse or long-term romantic partner often fall on the cusp of the 7th house or make significant aspects to this point.

The seventh house is also the house ruler of our business partners and other non-romantic partnerships. It shows our relationship with them and its quality.

This house is also ruling endings and breakups. It is the house of marriage but also the house of divorce.

The seventh house is the house of public and the relationship we have with the public.

The 7th house can show the astrologer the person’s attitude in their relationships. When there are malefic planets in the seventh house, this is often an indication of issues and problems with relationships and partners.

These planets could indicate betrayal, endings, divorce, suffer, violent partners, etc.

The astrologer should analyze every planet placed inside this house thoroughly to warn the person of possible issues they could prevent or resolve.

The aspects the planets from the seventh house make with other planets of the natal chart are also very important for deciphering the possible scenarios of the person’s love life.

When Uranus is in the 7th house it could be a sign of divorce or frequent change of romantic partners and short-lived marriages and partnerships.

Uranus in seventh house could also be a sign of the person be prone to entering marriages impulsively, without knowing the person much. These people usually end up divorced or marrying more than one spouse.

Jupiter in this house could be a sign of a spouse who has an adventurous nature and is prone to taking risks. This placement is usually a sign that the person seeks someone with Jupiter qualities.

Often this is a sign of a partner who is from different cultural background or someone who lives abroad or is a stranger.

Saturn in Seventh House Meaning in Individual Charts

The planet Saturn in seventh house usually indicates Saturn types of long-term romantic partners or spouses; it often indicates relationships with older partners or marrying later in life.

The person with Saturn in 7th house is someone who is attracted to older and reliable partners, materially situated and stable, someone who might provide them with financial and emotional security.

This can be a sign of a marriage or long-term commitment with someone who is wealthy but is not very emotional.

The person with Saturn in 7th house often encounters difficulties in establishing long-term partnerships and marrying. This can be due to past karma which burdens their present love life.

They might have a difficulty relaxing and trusting that they can be loved and cared for. They might have issues with fears of abandonment, which are often subconscious, but end-up being self-foretelling.

The person ends up experiencing series of abandonments from their partners in relationships with apparently no problems.

Saturn in seventh house is often a sign of feeling that love and commitment are somehow out of reach.

The person often encounters romantic disappointments which in time creates blocks and inability to express their true feelings. They might end up retreating completely from seeking romantic satisfaction and relationship that will last, choosing to live their life alone.

Saturn in 7th doesn’t have to be as bad, and in some cases, if there is support from other beneficial planets it can give the person a lot of emotional satisfaction with the partner they choose.

Sometimes, Saturn in seventh house could be an indication of issues with their partner’s or spouse’s health and the need for the person to take care of them.

In some cases, when Saturn is in the seventh house the partner or spouse might be someone with very difficult nature and grumpy, and the person might need to put up with their moodiness and seriousness.

Because the seventh is the house of enemies, when Saturn is there, it might indicate hidden and powerful enemies, who wait their opportunity to harm them or revenge them for something they hold against them. This can be an indication of enemies of Saturn type. 

Saturn in Seventh House Meaning in Synastry

When Saturn of one person is in the seventh house of another person, the Saturn person might act as a teacher or protector of the seventh house person.

This usually creates a serious relationship, but is also a sign of relationship based on responsibility and some kind of suffer. Saturn contacts are often not easy, and they imply some obstacles that should be surpassed.

The seventh house person might perceive the Saturn person as overly serious and in some cases boring.

They might get annoyed by Saturn’s temptation to impose their opinion and organize their lives. They can also be bothered by their nagging to perform their duties and responsibilities’ on time.

The relationship between these two people is usually not an exciting one, unless there are some other influences which neutralize this placement.

If Saturn is making beneficial aspects with other planets in the natal chart, the 7th house person might perceive the seventh house person as someone reliable and stable, and someone who might provide for them in the future.

This relationship is based on mutual support and respect and unless there are some other influences that prove otherwise, it is not a very emotional one.

If the relationship between these two i s business-related, it might require a heightened level of responsibility and effort, especially on Saturn’s side. If Saturn is afflicted, this might cause issues and disagreements related to the partners’ mutual responsibilities.

They might accuse one another of not fulfilling their responsibilities or putting insufficient efforts.

This could also refer to romantic partnerships and marriages with this placement as well.


Saturn in 7th house is often a sign of difficulties and obstacles related to the matters ruled by the seventh house.

The seventh house rules long-term commitments and marriage, and the person could have problems establishing and maintaining this unions. They often attract or they are attracted to Saturn types of partners.

If Saturn is well-aspected with other planets of the chart, the person could choose older and reliable partners, who might help them deal with their own insecurities and issues. There is equal respect, loyalty and understanding in such relationships.

If Saturn is afflicted, this could be an indication of issues with long-term partnerships, marriage, business partner, enemies, etc.

This is a sign of obstacles the person needs to overcome in these areas. Saturn can indicate issues with responsibilities and other Saturn areas.

With Saturn in seventh, there is often a tendency of marrying or being in relationship with someone who is more mature or serious or someone much older. The person has the need for seriousness in their partnerships and this is one of the main traits, they seek in a partner.

This placement of Saturn is sometimes a sign of a person who decides to remain single, due to many relationship disappointments.

When Saturn is in the seventh house in synastry, this is usually a sign of a serious relationship between two people, based on responsibility and often some kind of sacrifice.

The seventh house person might perceive the Saturn person as a burden or they might find them as a stabilizing factor in their life, and that all depends on Saturn aspects, and the interchanged aspects between their planets.

This is often a sign of a long-term commitment, but often with some suffering involved.